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Is Cell Phone Radiation Bad For Your Eyes?

Posted by Lloyd Burrell on October 14, 2010 under Cell phone radiation danger | 21 Comments to Read

Our eyes are one of our most important assets.  For many of us a significant part of the information our brains receive comes through our eyes.

Can electromagnetic field exposures (EMFs) from cell phones and the like cause damage to our eyes?

cell phone radiation eye cancerYes they can. The use of cell phones has been linked to cancer of the eye by a German study.  Another study has shown that these microwave exposures can cause cataracts.

Besides the development of eye cancer, cell phone radiation can also be responsible for the formation of cataracts.  Burning of the eyes, pain behind the eyes, ‘floaters’ (actually little bits of gel that detach themselves from the inside of the eye and float around), and a general deterioration of the vision are all hallmarks of damage caused by cell phone radiation.

Tips To Reduce Cell Phone Radiation Exposure To Your Eyes

1. Try whenever possible, to use a land line phone instead of a cell phone.  This will be easiest when you are at home, only using a cell phone when absolutely necessary will cut back on your exposure to this damaging radiation. Click here for my tips on reducing your exposure to cell phone radiation.

2. There are herbal products that offer protection from the effects of cell phone radiation and keep your eyes healthy.  Both bilberry and ginko biloba are powerful antioxidants.  These herbs are especially good at preventing and healing damage to the eyes, and bilberry can help to increase blood flow to the eye’s capillaries, which will help to heal any damage caused by radiation.  The ability to perform as an antioxidant is also important in cleaning up any abnormal cells that may result from cell phone use.

3. If you wear eyeglasses like me, make sure that the frames are plastic rather than wire, the metal in the wire frame can act as an antenna.  Like a radio or television antenna, this antenna can direct the cell phone radiation into your eyes and brain.

4. The mineral zinc has many beneficial uses for the body in general and can be particularly helpful in maintaining high levels of antioxidants in the eyes.  I don’t advocate taking supplements on a long term basis, but taking zinc can be beneficial.

5. Increase your melatonin levels. You can take melatonin supplements but better still, help your body create the conditions so a natural supply of melatonin is assured.

There are those that advocate using EMF “chips”, “neutralizers” and “harmonizers” to gain protection from EMF radiation.  Some of these devices are meant to be worn others you plug into your electrical supply, to supposedly protect yourself from cell phone radiation and other forms of EMF pollution. I DO NOT view these kinds of devices as a solution – some of them can be dangerous.

Take the necessary action to protect you and your family against the devastating effects of cell phone radiation and other EMFs on your eyes.  Everyone, even if you do not personally use a cell phone, is exposed to EMFs whether it be from computer screens, wifi, cell phone towers, electrical wiring etc.

Take action now, protect your eyes from EMFs.

  • Bren said,

    I believe that my vision has been deteriorating over the past three years since I first got my iPhone 3Gs. Because of my nearsightedness, reading in bed at night without my lenses, I enjoyed being able to hold the phone close to my face and read small type in pages in the web browser. I believe doing so has caused the mild tolerable floaters I had been tolerating to become so severe that they interfere with my ability to read. The prescription for my left eye, which had been stable at around -6.00 changed to -8.00 in my latest prescription, and that is still not strong enough. I came to this story searching for information about my condition and, I decided to post my experience as a caution to others to turn others to turn off the radios in the phone when reading with the phone held close to the face.

  • Lloyd said,

    Also relevant in your case is the fact that you were exposing yourself to these EMFs in the evening. Any kind of EMF exposure, even bright light, in the evening can perturb your hormal functions and particularly the secretion of melatonin, this alone can have a significant impact on your health in the long term, see
    Thank you for sharing your story.

  • Bren said,

    I saw my optometrist, and he was vehement that there is no connection between cell phone radiation and any problems with the eyes. He “gets all the studies” and has never seen anything to suggest a problem. He said my vision problems are just from aging. Now that I’ve stopped reading with the phone near my eyes, if my vision stops getting worse, or even improves, I think I’ll have a better case for their being a problem with cell phones.

  • Lloyd said,

    There are studies that show a relationship between EMF exposures and adverse effects on the eyes (like the one referenced above), but more research does need to be done…independant research. When you take what we already know about the adverse biological effects of EMFs, the thousands of studies (see its difficult to see that eyesight would not be affected.

  • Shai said,

    Hi all.
    I believe last week I have experienced
    a phenomena related to EMF exposure.
    I was in a middle of a voice lesson
    inside a basement, as I got a call in
    my S-3 smartphone. I did not answer that call,
    but a few minutes later I recalled to hear
    the voice message.
    Just a few seconds after the recall, a huge number
    of eye floaters came up in my left eye !!!
    I had small retinal tears a few months ago
    caused accidently by a medium feast, and followed
    by mild floaters that almost vanished a few
    weeks later.

    Any additional “wisdom” about this subject ?


  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Shai
    Given all that we already know about the profound effects of EMF exposures its difficult to image how these exposures couldn’t be detrimental to our eyes. As the recently published BioInitiative Report 2012 says “If the blood-brain barrier is vulnerable to serious and on-going damage from wireless exposures, then we should perhaps also be looking at the blood-ocular barrier (that protects the eyes)”

  • Kathy said,

    I have very healthy eyes and great vision UNTIL recently! Two years ago I purchased a cell phone. I just purchased reading glasses to put in key rooms in my house. I have GREAT difficulty reading small print, now! I even wear my glasses to use the computer. In addition, my left eye feels like there is a grain of sand (boulder) on the iris. Every time I blink it is irritating my eyelid. After reading this, I realize my left eye is reacting from the EMF’s from my cell phone, which I ALWAYS hold to my LEFT ear so I can write, cook, drive with my right hand. THANK YOU for this valuable information!!!!!!

  • Lee said,

    Lloyd, your willingness to educate the public on EMF dangers is marvelous and needed! Thank you.

    In regard to eye health, you’ve mentioned some great anti-oxidents. I’d like to add another: astaxanthin.
    I first learned about astaxanthin in this video of Dr. Mercola interviewing an astaxanthin grower who has published literature on its anti-oxident efficacy.

    Additionally, this article from the Mercola site discusses astaxanthin as helping to protect from some forms of radiation damage:

    It’s true that Dr. Mercola sells astaxanthin, but the information presented appears to be scientific. After seeing the video interview, I researched the grower featured in it, and ended up purchasing astaxanthin from his site. My floater issues have diminished significantly since I began taking a daily dose of 12 mg. around 90 days ago.

  • Tantra Bensko said,

    I’d imagine that using a laptop all day long, close up to the face, would have effects on the eyes too, maybe even more than cell phones?

    Horrible to realize that about the wire in glasses, but of course it makes sense. Thank you as always for your astute observations and clear, unbiased recommendations.

  • hector quevedo said,

    Lloyd, I feel very proud about your concern of telling people of the dangers of electromagnetic radiation.

  • Tony said,

    It’s interesting that just about three weeks ago, I was reacting to some electrical exposure (there are numerous cell towers around my area) and something happened in my right eye then I immediately saw what looked like lightning streaks out of the side of that eye every time I turned my eyes to the left or right quickly. It continued throughout the night and diminished over the next two days but my vision is now blurry in that eye and I see floaters, confirmed by my Opthamologist. Everything has a smokey haze now through that eye. I swore it was the exposure which caused it and this article confirms that. Also of note, I was stressing out about the reaction to the exposure when this happened. Thanks again Lloyd for bringing this information to my attention.

  • Mickey said,

    For 5 years I used to use a wired earbud exclusively in my right ear. A couple years ago I reduced by cell useage significantly and went to speaker phone. 9 months ago I developed a lump behind my right ear lobe. Benign tumor of the parotid gland. Doctor said that we couldn’t prove it was the cell useage, nor could we prove that it wasn’t. Coincidence? My phone is OFF…..Leave me a voice mail or text. I check my phone 2-3 times a day.

  • rere said,

    Lloyd,thanks for these information

  • Eman said,

    This is absolutely right. Emf does affect the eye. I had always healthy eyes until I began watching a lot on the computer and staying up all night watching in a room with a router device. I began having sharp migraines behind my left eye and no drug can help getting rid of it. I monitored myself and saw that I get this headache whenever I stay behind a screen for more then 4 hours. I also used a cell phone but rarely and always put it on my left ear. It was a habit. No ophthalmologist knew why I had that sharp pain behind my left eye. I did many tests too. 10 Months ago I had tones of floaters appear in my left eye and the migraine comes too 3 times a month. When it happens I feel like my eye is trying to get out of my face. The doctors are useless so I stopped going to see them. I searched myself and found out that these radiations are a very highly suspect. Yesterday they installed a smart meter on my house even though I didn’t want, I wasn’t able to convince my husband that they’re bad . he said that all the neighbors got one so we will be affected anyway. I am very angry and trying to find a way to block the waves not for myself but for the kids. Our neighbor has one too and it is in front on ours so we are affected now by 2 meters close to our living room. They even put a cell tower in the park near our home. The worst happened too. My son lives watching . he is addicted. I try to stop him many times but he just can’t stop. He is only 9 years old and is seeing floaters too. Doctors are all liars. They tell u that watching a lot specially on a computer screen is not the cause and it s big fat lie. Why would a kid get a degerating eye gel. He s still very young. Floaters normally comes to older people . I don’t trust doctors, pharmacist, the government, utility companies, etc.

  • keagan said,

    Can excessive use of cell phone can cause eye floaters to largen or can it cause strain in eye

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    I don’t know of any studies which talk of eye floaters or eye strain…..cataracts at the back of the eye have been linked to RF exposures (Dr. Zaret).

  • William said,

    Thanks for the information everyone. after prolonged smartphone use in a dark room, I experienced a circle whirlpool effect in the corner of my left eye! now ive been left with a circle shadow in the vision of the eye. again the optician tested me and said all was fine with my eye test and the phone wouldn’t be the cause and referred me to an eye doctor. ive been really worried but glad I came across this article so thanks again. p.s has anyone else experienced this type of symptom?

  • Alex said,

    I also want to add my personal experience with floaters and cellphone usage..just like the user Bren. I started to develop mild floaters after using my iphone 4g, since im also very nearsighted i used to look at the cellphone tiny screen without glasses during bedtime, stared a lot and after a while i started to notice an alarming increased rate of floaters (I always had them but not so badly).

    Went to doc and ofc, they said thats natural part of aging and nothing is wrong, but im 100% sure that cellphone played a major role in my worsening floaters.


  • Beverley Thompson said,

    My eyes are bad im worried is it cell phone damage

  • Beverley Thompson said,

    I have been to the eye hospital and been told all ok but i still have symptoms i am sure is to do with emf…can you advice me on this please.

  • Jessy said,

    I am 27 and had floaters half a year ago. I went to doctor and they were not able to ask me do anything. What I realized that all the opthomologist and optician are still using beep machine instead of advanced device like Iphone.

    This floater happened half year after I purchased this iphone and used it quite often to check work emails.

    I would suggest regulator to set a high bar for this kind of device especially there are proven record that it does damage human being’s eyes.

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