The Technology of Joy: 101 Best Apps, Gadgets, Tools & Supplements For Feeling More Delight In Your Life

I want to talk about something that is an essential part of living a healthy life.

One of the reasons I want to talk about it is because it's something I had overlooked for a long time in my life.

I guess I’m a fairly driven person. I like to achieve.

And this always seemed a bit frivolous.

When I became sensitized to EMFs it’s something that became increasingly absent.

I now realize that it's absence only served to acerbate my symptoms further.

More importantly – I believe that the symptoms of any ‘dis-ease’ can be greatly relieved by bringing more of this into your life – there are studies to back this up.

So what am I talking about?

I’m talking about joy – pure unadulterated joy.

Sure you need to work on the EMF protection stuff.

But this does not/should not preclude you from bringing joy into your life.

You might be thinking that’s all well and good but I’m really sensitive to EMFs! How can this possibly help me?

Well bringing joy into your life can help everyone – ESPECIALLY if you are suffering from a dis-ease.

Science now tells us that there is a way of overriding the highly charged primitive emotions like fear, anxiety and sadness, that are feeding into and fueling your symptoms.

You see on the the one hand you've got the EMFs which are potentially extremely harmful and then you've got how your body, your nervous system reacts to these EMFs – you have more control over this then you realize.

But, whether you've got symptoms or not, feeling fantastic is a very worthy thing to pursue.

Research shows that happy people live longer than unhappy people. They make $750,000 more over their lifetime than other folks, and are less selfish and more productive. In addition, truly joyous people raise happier kids and have a lower rate of divorce. As you find new ways to feel great, you’ll likely find that your health improves, and you’ll become a better partner, parent, and employee as well.’

These facts are gleaned from a new book entitled The Technology of Joy: The 101 Best Apps, Gadgets, Tools and Supplements for Feeling More Joy in Your Life, written by Jonathan Robinson.

What's In The Book?

The Technology of Joy: The 101 Best Apps, Gadgets, Tools and Supplements for Feeling More Delight in Your LifeThe title gives it away really. 101 different things to give you joy. Jonathan has set out to provide a window on the newest resources that can help us effectively deal with stress, negative self-talk, depression and boredom. He is on a mission to entertain and inform at the same time.

Jonathan admits that he loves gadgets. So he does review lots of gadgets.

There is recliner chair that puts you into a stay of blissful oblivion. There is the trans-cranial stimulation device, the Thync, which has been shown to have real effects on learning, mental sharpness, and mood. Then there are all the body gadgets.

There is a whole chapter on high tech tools. A device that can play with your brainwaves, the Ifocusband. Another that can create virtual reality, the stimulation of the real world with a computer world – not my thing.

But this is not just a book about gadgets.

Not Just Gadgets

Jonathan defines technology as “the application of tools and methods for achieving a specified result more efficiently.” It's the non-gadget stuff that I was particularly interested in.

Jonathan explores herbal and natural ways to relax and also psychological techniques. There's chapters on the ‘spiritual intimacy experience' and the ‘gratitude visit', which I particularly liked.

EMFs And Shielding

There's a chapter on EMFs and shielding. And there's even reference to ElectricSense in there – this was a discovery for me.

Jonathan admits to thinking that ‘people who claimed they were feeling electromagnetic fields (EMF’s) were on a par with the people who said they were abducted by aliens‘. Until a friend who is sensitive to EMFs proved that he was mistaken. She could consistently tell him if his smartphone or Wi-Fi router were turned on or not. When they were on, she felt weak. When they were turned off, she felt fine.

What I Liked/ Didn't Like

At the end of each chapter Jonathan summarizes the app/gadget/tool/supplement in terms of:

  • what it's best suited for
  • it's best features
  • it's possible shortcomings

So he doesn't automatically like everything he includes in his book. He gives honest advice.

This also makes it a book that's very easy to dip in and out of, and come away having learned something.

On the downside, there are quite a few apps and supplements in there – things I'd never use in a million years. But I know that everyone is not sensitive like me and to be fair he does point out the risk of negative side effects in the shortcomings in the end of chapter summary.

Where Can You Buy The Book?

You can buy the book on Amazon.


Thursday, 11th August at 1:00 p.m. EST (10 AM PST or 5 PM GMT) I’m conducting a LIVE interview with Jonathan Robinson.

Jonathan RobinsonJonathan Robinson is one of the world’s leading experts on happiness and how to get there. A psychotherapist, bestselling author of 10 books, and a professional speaker who consistently presents to Fortune 500 companies, he has reached more than 100 million people around the world with his practical methods.

Jonathan has made numerous appearances on such shows as Oprah, CNN, and the leading morning shows, and been featured in Newsweek, USA TODAY, and the Los Angeles Times. He has spent more than forty years studying the most practical and powerful methods for achieving a state of personal life satisfaction and happiness and has even interviewed the Dalai Lama.

In this interview we will be talking about the technology of joy, and specifically:

  • the role of joy in dealing with ‘dis-ease'
  • the link between joy, spirituality and wellness
  • the role of meditation in well-being and what tools can help meditation
  • best tools for sensitives/electrically sensitive
  • and much more

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  • Bklynebeth said,

    I had a similar experience to Jonathan’s while visiting a friend for tea. In the middle of explaining EHS to her in the living room, I stopped about 25 minutes into the visit and said, “Is your wifi router in the corner over there behind the piano?” She exclaimed it was, how did I know? “I can feel the right side of my face burning.” This amazed her because she then observed the side of my face closest to the router was bright red while the other was normal.