Study Finds Link Between Breast Cancer In Women and Mobile Phone Exposures

A recently published case report at Hindawi – Case Reports in Medicine examines the effects of prolonged contact between breasts and cell phones in women with multifocal breast cancer. Data published in case studies concerning the effects of cellular phone usage and proximity to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) was collected and analyzed. The results of the analysis show that:

  • EMFs are a possible human carcinogen.
  • When stored in the bras of women, cell phones may lead to more cases of breast cancer.
  • Those with the longest exposure to EMFs had the highest risks and instances of cancer.
  • Prolonged exposure is especially dangerous to prepubescent females before age 20.
  • Those in the highest risk groups are most likely to use mobile devices heavily.
  • Smartphones are more likely to emit higher levels of EMFs due to more frequent data transmissions.
  • Cumulative EMF exposure is largely unstudied.

Click here to read the full study.

For my tips on safe cell phone use click here.

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  • Jachan said,

    Hi Lloyd,

    Thanks so much for your work and for getting all this important info out to us in an accessible way.

    I’m having to upgrade to my first smart phone, and I’ve been reading up on practices and pong cases and such for emf protection. I have a couple of questions for you, if you have a moment please?

    1) Where does the pong case actually redirect the radiation, ie, from what part of the phone (top of back? bottom of back? large or small area?) and in what direction (up, out, down)?

    2) I heard a rumor that pong cases direct the radiation out the back of the phone- which makes me nervous about holding the phone while dialing, etc. Especially if the radiation is thus more concentrated out the back than it would be otherwise. Is this a valid concern ? (I realize radiation to the head is mich worse than to other parts of the body, but I never hold my phone to my head or carry it on my body, so I’m wondering if a pong case is a worthwhile investment for me, and/or if it might even increase the radiation my hands are exposed to?)

    3) I was also wondering about using the phone in the car. I used to use my flip phone w bluetooth a LOT while driving, so maybe this is just wishful thinking, after reading what you’ve written about this! But, IF the pong case directs the radiation out the back of the phone, and IF one were to use one of the dashboard mounts for the phone, would that possibly be a way to avoid the farraday cage effect, since the radiation would be directed out the front windshield, rather than towards any of the metal sides, floor, or roof of the car?

    4) I’ve been interested in the Samsung Galaxy 4 phone, bc of it’s low SAR rating. How can I find out if this is also an “efficient” phone? (This is relative to your comment that phones with low SAR that are inefficient can be as bad or worse than a high SAR phone that is more efficient.)

    Thanks very much!


  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Jachan
    See my detailed review of the Pong case –

  • Grace said,

    On 11 May Dr. Martin Blunt representing 190 scientists worldwide made an appeal to the UN and the World Health Organisation to stop exposing humans to microwave technology. “The time to deal with the harmful biological and health effects is long overdue. To protect our children, ourselves and our ecosystem, we must reduce exposure by establishing more protective guidelines.”

    A ground-breaking article ‘Is Wifi making your child ill?’has been published by the Daily Telegraph (Saturday 9 May) and must also be mentioned here:

    Heartfelt thanks goes to Dr.s Martin Blunt of Columbia University and Dr. Erica Mallery-Blythe for their tremendous success in broadcasting the truth about the dangers of microwave radiation to human health. We await a reaction from the United Nations and the World Health Organisation.
    Meanwhile the best way to protect humans is to simply stop exposure to microwaves.

  • Grace said,

    Apologies! I meant of course Martin Blank!

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