The Strength Of Sensitivity

Kyra got her degree in psychology.

She was young and jumped into that career.

She’d always known she was a sensitive person but she didn’t really know what that meant or why things seem to make her uncomfortable.

“I have traversed through extreme chemical sensitivities such that I could barely walk through a superstore past the laundry and cleaning product aisles.”

She'd get brain fog, a headache and nausea just from being in that section of the store.

“I experienced times when I was massively uncomfortable using my cell phone. I could feel the EMFs, it felt like radioactive poison to my cellular structure.”

It was when she started working as a psychologist that she began to realize the depth of what that sensitivity really meant.

For Kyra, it was being empathic and being able to pick up what was going on with her clients.

It led her down a path to investigate what sensitivity really is.

“I had to understand energetically, spiritually, on this mind body spirit kind of level, what sensitivity really was.”

She ended up dedicating her life and career to working with sensitive people.

“We all have physical sensitivities, whether they’re food or EMFs… or chemical sensitivities. We all have emotional sensitivities. That’s usually what it is that really make sensitive people feel like they don’t fit in.”

But there’s another layer to what our sensitivity is and that’s the energetic spiritual empathic layer of sensitivity.

“I do think it is embroiled in those really delicate energies such as EMF that some people don’t even notice at all.”


Thursday, 21st March at 1 PM EST (10 AM PST or 5 PM GMT) I’m interviewing Dr Kyra Mesich.

Kyra Mesich EMFs

Dr. Kyra Mesich, is the author of The Strength of Sensitivity. She is dedicated to teaching sensitive, empathic people how to create a life of vitality, peace of mind, and lighthearted fun. Dr Kyra has been a leader in the burgeoning field of holistic emotional wellbeing for the past 20 years.

She received her doctoral degree in clinical psychology in 1995 and has studied extensively in the field of holistic health including meditation, hypnotherapy, flower essence therapy, yoga, and indigenous healing traditions.

Listen to my interview with Dr. Kyra Mesich and discover:

  • why we need to validate our own experiences, whether it's feeling awful when you use a cell phone, or chemical sensitivity no matter how bizarre it may seem to others
  • how being able to feel the emotional energy of another person is the same process as when you’re feeling the electrical current or radiation that’s coming from a device
  • how being sensitive is actually being more quantum – it’s recognizing that ‘I’m not separate' and living more truthfully
  • how EMFs affect everybody – but people living modern day lifestyles cannot feel EMFs because ‘they're already making themselves feel weird in any number of ways'
  • why it's important to understand energetically, spiritually, on a mind body spirit level, what sensitivity really is – often it means our body is trying to tell us something
  • how releasing old belief systems can help turn down physical sensitivities and make you feel healthier
  • how to recognize ‘never ending sensitivity syndrome' when one sensitivity crops up and another, and another, and you feel completely incapacitated – and how to overcome it
  • the wonderful healing properties of flower essences – she shares a flower remedy that was developed in response to Chernobyl that can help with EMF sensitivity
  • the importance of physically grounding for sensitive people – Kyra shares her favorite way to ground
  • how to use mindfulness in everyday situations to calm down your nervous system and leave you feeling more in peace

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  • ellie said,

    The article above has a typo. It states Kyra was emphatic. I think you meant to type empathic. I’ve met many ‘sensitives’ with EHS and MCS who are also empathic, we call ourselves EPS , Extremely Perceptive Souls. EHS and MCS, for me, has been a ‘soul’ journey, Yes, maddening at times, but I’ve learned to see the blessing in the curse of being a canary. I’ve developed self-awareness and self-compassion, and have become a voice for others, especially children.

    Looking forward to this broadcast!

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Ellie, this was a typo. Apologies. I’ve now corrected it on the page. Thanks for pointing this out.

  • Maggie Percy said,

    Great presentation! it’s wonderful to see people are beginning to see the truly big picture and include not only physical therapies but energetic ones for healing. Thanks for sharing this.

  • Shelley said,

    Is there a way to listen to this after the time it aired?

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Shelley, all my interviews are available here

  • Annemarie Wilson said,

    I am subscribed to your newsletter but did not receive an email with a link to see this interview.

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Annemarie
    I noticed you have a Hotmail email address. A lot of people are reporting delivery issues with hotmail emails – either they aren’t receiving emails or they are receiving them late. It’s not just my emails. This is a general Internet issue with Hotmail. I suggest you register for a free email account with another email provider then email sarah(at) she will send you the replay.