Sleeping With the Enemy: 65% of Americans Sleep With Their Cell Phones On

What could possibly be the connection between cell phones and the 1990s movie “Sleeping with the enemy” with the gorgeous Julia Roberts. Nothing whatsoever, but when I heard that a staggering 65% of American adults  sleep with their cell phone on or right next to their bed, this statistic for some reason brought to mind the title of this film in my crazy brain.

Cell phone use has skyrocketed since the late 1990s as costs associated with them has fallen.  They seem to have almost become a form of cult object that 100s of millions of people around the world cannot do without, day or night. Yes I did say day or night.

These people live on a very different planet to me.

As you have probably realized, I am pretty immersed in my electricsense world. I do find it difficult to comprehend that regardless of the many serious health problems which have been traced to electromagnetic fields and cell phone use particularly; most people refuse to even contemplate restricting their use. They will even provide them to their young children, who are even more vulnerable to microwave radiation damage than adults, as you know.

I suppose it’s because microwaves make no sound and cannot be felt, the dangers that they pose generally go undetected until they are serious.  And yet microwave radiation from cell phone use has been linked to 100s of different conditions and symptoms; brain cancer, infertility, leukemia, disturbance of sleep, autism, and DNA damage among other problems.  More ‘benign’ symptoms might be irritability, headaches, and eye irritation.  As landline phones seem to be seen as somewhat passe, cell phones have taken over all household telephone needs, and are often left on during the night.  Even if a landline telephone connection is present, I do hear of people still keeping the cell phone  near the bed!?

What many people don’t realize is that keeping the still active cell phone by the bed or right on the pillow may well expose the user to a potentially greater amount of microwave radiation than might be absorbed during the day.  You see, during the day the cell phone might be stashed in a pocket or purse, and will be some distance from the head most of the time, but during the night, the user’s head (and brain) will be in close proximity to the cell phone for however long the person stays in bed.

But perhaps even more importantly, if you keep your cell phone next to your bed the cell phone radiation will cause the normal sleep patterns to be disturbed, depriving you of the healing and rest needed after the stressful events of the day.  As sleep patterns are disrupted by microwaves, you will find yourself as tired upon getting up as when retiring for the night.  On the one hand are the dangers to physical health, such as cancers and blood disorders, but cell phones can also cause anxiety and tension. Hyperactivity has been noted in children exposed to these mobile phones.

Sleep should be a time for renewal and rest.  Calm and quiet help the body and mind to restore themselves, if you sleep with your cell phone switched on, the tension that comes from leaving the cell phone on while sleeping can cause you serious disruptions.  Allowing microwaves to wash over you during the entire sleep cycle is hardly wise, is it?

I’m sure I am preaching to the converted but while we are waiting for the health community to come to a decision about the safety of cell phones, it certainly makes sense to turn them off for the night, at the very least….

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