International Scientists Appeal To U.N. To Protect Humans And Wildlife From EMFs And Wireless

“Today 190 scientists from 39 nations submitted an appeal to the United Nations, UN member states and the World Health Organization (WHO) requesting they adopt more protective exposure guidelines for electromagnetic fields (EMF) and wireless technology in the face of increasing evidence of risk. These exposures are a rapidly growing form of environmental pollution worldwide.

The “International EMF Scientist Appeal” asks the Secretary General and UN affiliated bodies to encourage precautionary measures, to limit EMF exposures, and to educate the public about health risks, particularly to children and pregnant women.

The Appeal highlights WHO’s conflicting positions about EMF risk. WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer classified Radiofrequency radiation as a Group 2B “Possible Carcinogen” in 2011, and Extremely Low Frequency fields in 2001. Nonetheless, WHO continues to ignore its own agency’s recommendations and favors guidelines recommended by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP). These guidelines, developed by a self-selected group of industry insiders, have long been criticized as non-protective.

EMF scientist appealThe Appeal calls on the UN to strengthen its advisories on EMF risk for humans and to assess the potential impact on wildlife and other living organisms under the auspices of the UN Environmental Programme, in line with the science demonstrating risk, thereby resolving this inconsistency.

Martin Blank, PhD, of Columbia University, says, “International exposure guidelines for electromagnetic fields must be strengthened to reflect the reality of their impact on our bodies, especially on our DNA. The time to deal with the harmful biological and health effects is long overdue. We must reduce exposure by establishing more protective guidelines.”

Joel Moskowitz, PhD, of University of California, Berkeley, says, “ICNIRP guidelines set exposure standards for high-intensity, short-term, tissue-heating thresholds. These do not protect us from the low-intensity, chronic exposures common today. Scientists signing the Appeal request that the UN and member nations protect the global human population and wildlife from EMF exposures.

International EMF Scientist Appeal:

To go to the appeal page click here.

Video Statement (3 min.) by Martin Blank, PhD

Update September 2019: Dr. Blanks video has been taken down from Youtube but I am keeping this post up so you can read the transcript of the video below.

Transcript of Dr. Blank's presentation: “I'm here with disturbing news about our favorite gadgets: cell phones, tablets, wi-fi, etc.
Putting it bluntly, they are damaging the living cells in our bodies and killing many of us prematurely.

I'm Dr. Martin Blank, from the Department of Physiology and Cellular Biophysics at Columbia University.

It is distressing for me, and more than 160 colleagues, who today are petitioning the United Nations requesting that they address this problem.

We are scientists and engineers, and I am here to tell you – we have created something that is harming us, and it is getting out of control!

Before Edison's lightbulb, there was very little electromagnetic radiation in our environment.
The levels today are very many times higher than natural background levels and are growing rapidly because of all the new devices that emit this radiation.

An example that a lot of us have in our pockets right now is the cell phone. One study shows that as cell phone usage has spread widely, the incidence of fatal brain cancer in younger people has more than tripled.

We are putting cellular antennas on residential buildings, and on top of hospitals, where people are trying to get well.

Wireless utility meters, and cell towers, are blanketing our neighborhoods with radiation.

It's particularly frightening that radiation from our telecommunication and powerline technology is damaging the DNA in our cells. It is clear to many biologists that this can account for the rising cancer rates.

Future generations – OUR CHILDREN – ARE AT RISK.

These biologists and scientists are not being heard on the committees that set safety standards. The BIOLOGICAL facts are being ignored, and as a result, the safety limits are much too high. THEY ARE NOT PROTECTIVE!

More protection will probably result from full disclosure of possible conflicts of interest between regulators and industry.

Rising exposure to electromagnetic radiation is a GLOBAL problem. The World Health Organization and international standard setting bodies are not acting to protect the public's health and well-being.

International exposure guidelines for electromagnetic fields must be strengthened to reflect the reality of their impact on our bodies, and in particular, on our DNA.

Although we are still in the midst of a great technological transformation, the time to deal with the harmful biological and health effects is long overdue.

We are really all part of a large biological experiment, without our informed consent.

To protect our children, ourselves, and our ecosystem, we must reduce exposure by establishing more protective guidelines.

And so, today, scientists from around the world are submitting an Appeal to the United Nations, its member states and the World Health Organization, to provide leadership in dealing with this emerging public health crisis.”

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  • Lynn said,

    I have forwarded this video to all my friends already.
    It is important that the tide is turning and honest people with clout are uncovering the lies, this is really amazing. Well done scientists, they are risking a lot so we do appreciate what they are doing.

  • keini said,

    Thank you Lloyd for this news and all the work you are doing to educate us on the negative effects of emfs and what to do about them. Thank you again.I am passing your info. to others.

  • Dave Ashton said,

    This is fantastic news, and it is long overdue.

    What a tragedy though that the mainstream media (in the UK, this includes the BBC, Sky and the papers) all choose to ignore this Appeal.

    I would have imagined that 190 (now 205) eminent scientists writing to the WHO, the UN, and all the member states, to raise the issue of the health effects of electromagnetic radiation, and wireless technologies in particular, was a “newsworthy” item – and yet, this is apparently not so.

    On a linked subject, there was an excellent article in the UK Telegraph recently called “Is Wi-Fi making your child ill?”, and featuring the excellent Dr Erica Mallery-Blythe.

    This article was widely disseminated, and appeared on at least 8 Canadian news websites. Shortly after, the article was pulled from all of these websites.

    It’s probably no coincidence that the Canadian Safety Code 6, which sets limits on how much radiation Canadians can be exposed to, is under investigation by a parliamentary committee following some recent tweaks.

    The wireless industry (“Big Wireless”) obviously feels itself to be under threat, the science showing harm is becoming unanswerable, and it is pulling out all the stops to gag the media on this issue, as part of its product defence strategy – in exactly the same way that Big Tobacco did.

  • pete said,

    Cell Phones – Cell Towers – Haarp. An EMF Triple Threat

    To understand how damaging cell phone electromagnetic radiation is to us, recall that we operate at 10 hertz. 100 hertz equal 1 kilohertz. 100 kilohertz equal 1 megahertz. The average EMF emitted by cell phones is 1900 megahertz, with a market shift toward (currently in use) 2500 megahertz phones (5). Essentially, we are being saturated 24/7 with many, many thousands times stronger radiation fields than our body is equipped to deal with. Our failure to deal with this onslaught is manifesting in the form of stress and sleep disorders, birth defects, cancer and Alzheimer’s. We are being silently culled, and footing the bill to make it happen! By paying your cell bill, you simply ensure the continuity of a product that is killing, and will kill, millions and millions of people. There is a coming wave of brain tumors that will decimate a percentage of our population. Sixty years ago, autism was 1:50,000. Today it’s 1:50. Vaccines are the primary cause of autism, but cell towers and a constant bathing in radioactive electromagnetic frequencies are playing their part as well (Graph – 6).

  • Paula said,


    THANKS for sharing this appeal by international scientists who are not money hungry businesses or uninformed individuals blinding putting more and more of us, especially the more vulnerable children, infirm and elderly at higher and higher health risk from these ever increasing EMFs.
    May God richly bless your continuing efforts to bring these important truths to us and may we spread these truthful words. May these truthful facts be heard and understood by more and more so this technological madness can be curbed!
    Paula in Texas, USA

  • Pete said,

    I released this study 2 days ago, cept there is no way to easlily post it here

  • Pete said,

    Dear Petes Farm,

    More decision-makers are realizing that the liability and risks caused by ‘smart’ meters far outweigh the supposed benefits.

    In Indiana, the Utility Regulatory Commission regulators have rejected Duke Energy’s $1.9B plan to deploy smart meters.

    In Tasmania, the government is providing a free opt-out, but they are still withholding the facts of harm.

    Somehow, many public servants and executives have become convinced that they have the authority to violate people’s rights; that putting money, control, and personal gain before basic respect is somehow acceptable. This delusion must now dissolve.

    Our challenge is to envision and reach a tipping point in the near future in which all ‘smart’ meter deployments are stopped, and all utilities remove these harmful devices. This means changing the motivations of decision-makers.

    Lessons From History

    When we (as a society) found out that thalidomide kills babies, we changed course. When we found out that inhaling asbestos is slowly fatal, we changed course.
    When we recognized that negotiation or asking nicely would not stop Nazi Germany, we changed course.

    It is now clear that so-called ‘smart’ meters, being deployed in the name of “climate action”, are a slow kill to our rights, property and biology. And it is now time we change course.

    It does not matter if those causing the harm find it inconvenient.

    If utilities and governments can spend billions on deploying this problem, they can spend a fraction of that on the solution: returning to safe analog metering systems which are accurate, economical, and durable; and which do not spy, catch fire, explode, make your home hackable, emit pulsed microwave radiation, facilitate extortion, waste billions, and charge you double for using energy when you want.

    As a side note, is it not insane that any governing body would still dare to back the ‘smart’ fiasco? Insane yes, but they have been propagandized, perhaps paid off, and most do not yet fully perceive the extent of their personal liability and the risk involved.

    Those causing or complicit in harm need two things: 1) to be made aware of the facts, and 2) to be held liable. Let us keep spreading truth and the message within Take Back Your Power, and let us hold their feet to the fire.

    Vigilantibus non dormientibus aequitas subvenit.
    Justice aids the vigilant, not those who sleep on their rights.

    * * *

    The Turning Of Industry

    Speaking of correcting the lies, the latest issue of Metering & Smart Energy International asked experts from within the industry, “Are smart meters living up to their promise?” The results indicate a big shift in perspective.

    Some of the industry expert quotes:
    • “There simply is no real benefit to the domestic consumer.”
    • “The hype has been driven by manufacturers and commentators…”
    • “33% associate smart metering with higher customer bills, invasion of privacy and health concerns…”
    • “The second very real and growing issue is that of privacy. This is exacerbated by the major internet players’ use and misuse of data gathered…”

    So, enough with industry propaganda touting “benefits to the consumer”. Do not accept lies.

    See the magazine pages here and KT Weaver’s commentary here.

    * * *

    Flammable ‘smart’ Meters To Be Moved 3M Away From Propane Tanks

    Hydro Quebec has thoughtfully taken it upon themselves to make sure your propane tank doesn’t blow up when your ‘smart’ meter catches fire. How sweet of them.

    Be sure to check out their press release to see how chuffed they are with their inspiring mission’s progress.

    Utilities KNOW that fires are an issue but have been able to sidestep it, thus far. Therefore it is up to everyone who is aware to hold them accountable and liable.

    * * *

    Wireless Radiation & Your Health

    1) 200+ scientists from 38 nations have submitted the International EMF Scientist Appeal to the United Nations, UN member states and the World Health Organization (WHO) requesting they adopt more protective exposure guidelines, since the evidence of harm is now overwhelming. (See also: Dr. Martin Blank’s video.) Will this initiative effect change, or will more forceful measures be required?

    2) Two weeks ago, the Canadian Medical Association Journal covered the emerging scandal involving Health Canada’s Safety Code 6 and its industry-controlled “experts”.

    3) Last week, The Telegraph (UK) profiled Dr. Erica Mallory-Blythe’s compelling research and video on wireless & health. (Predictably, it was followed by this industry propaganda.)

    4) In April, The Daily Telegraph (Australia) featured the growing phenomenon of Wi-Fi causing illness at school, and parents pulling their children from wireless classrooms.

    5) Congrats to ‪the City of Berkeley‬ (California) in unanimously requiring cellphone retailers to label potential health risks. (See also Kevin Kunze’s short film on this proceeding, last Tuesday.)

    6) On June 22, the Commonwealth Club (San Francisco, CA) will host another seminal event: Cell Phones & Wireless Technologies: Should Safety Guidelines Be Strengthened?

    7) Meanwhile, the CTIA FCC is actually recommending ingestible wireless transmitters. In a post called, “Using Broadband to Get Healthy and Stay Well”. Beyond insane.
    this from Wend

  • Kathleen Egbert said,

    May we add some zeros to Pete’s post:
    1000 (1 thousand) Hertz equal 1 Kilohertz;
    1,000,000 (1 million Hertz) equals 1 Megahertz.
    (1000 Kilohertz equals 1 Megahertz.)
    Hertz is a measure of frequency, i.e. speed of vibration. It is not a measure of power, which is measured in watts.
    But the message is the post is correct: these frequencies interfere with biological functioning.

  • Lienke katz said,

    Thanks Lloyd, for spreading the word because it is very much needed. I wonder if you know/are aware of the five companies (Google and Facebook are two of these companies) that are gearing up to provide high speed global WiFi coverage from space in the next three to four years. There is an organization “Global Union Against Radiation Deployment from Space” (GUARDS) that is fighting this deployment which if realized will destroy the ozone layer and do massive harm to the planet and life. Anyway you can find the info on the “” website. It has been scaring the living daylights out of me as more and more reports of damage to life on earth are unfolding. I just received a newsletter from the Institute for Science in Society that the oxygen saturation levels are declining globally. Another newsletter reported the 40% collapse of bee colonies this past year. It truly troubles me what is happening everywhere and it is people like you Lloyd who providing an incredible service to all of us.
    Thanks again!!! Lienke

  • Lee in S.F. said,

    Thanks for this update to you, Lloyd, and to those who alerted you to this initiative. Most especially, thank God for scientists with scruples! It is not at all an over-statement to say that scientists with integrity are, and will be, the pivotal factors regarding whether this planet will be able to avert dire long-term prospects (and by dire, I am talking about discussions among concerned scientists where the word “extinction” is included as one of the possibilities). I second your appreciation, Lynn.

    As many here know, science has been increasingly corrupted by corporate interests, such that the global population is deceived, both convincingly and repeatedly. Harvard’s Dr. Marcia Angell, past editor of The New England Journal of Medicine, acknowledged the emptiness of what often passes for medical science, when she wrote an article for The New York Review of Books. “It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor of The New England Journal of Medicine.”

    This issue of corrupted science is particularly relevant to those of us with EHS issues. Too often, those around us avoid the actuality of EMF dangers by claiming that “there is no proof.” In direct rebuttal to this denial, however, Dr. Blank and the other signatories are publicly staking their reputations and their welfare behind their declaration that there is sufficient–legitimate–science for the UN to seriously reconsider its current stance on safe exposure levels.

    If you are EMS, surely you will be heartened by the scientists’ additional requests to the UN, such that:
    1. children and pregnant women be protected;
    2. guidelines and regulatory standards be strengthened;
    3. manufacturers be encouraged to develop safer technology;
    4. utilities responsible for the generation, transmission, distribution, and monitoring of electricity maintain adequate power quality and ensure proper electrical wiring to minimize harmful ground current;
    5. the public be fully informed about the potential health risks from electromagnetic energy and taught harm reduction strategies;
    6. medical professionals be educated about the biological effects of electromagnetic energy and be provided training on treatment of patients with electromagnetic sensitivity;
    7. governments fund training and research on electromagnetic fields and health that is independent of industry and mandate industry cooperation with researchers;
    8. media disclose experts’ financial relationships with industry when citing their opinions regarding health and safety aspects of EMF-emitting technologies; and
    9. white-zones (radiation-free areas) be established.

    Granted, I am no expert, but after reflecting on each item, I could think of nothing I might like to add to their list. Can you? (OK, it did cross my mind that it’d be lovely if one of the scientists could call my 30-something son to let him know that EHS isn’t all in my head, but….)

    I tend to be rather conservative about what I publicly endorse, but I will say that for this, if an online petition existed which supported this U.N. appeal, I’d sign it. For now, however, to convey my support, I am submitting a copy of this post to the sponsoring committee, by way of this link,

    Regarding bringing such a petition into being, I’d like to issue an appeal to others more tech savvy than I, who also support these scientists’ efforts. Would you consider creating such a petition? If so, it would be helpful if you make could the location of it known through this forum (if Lloyd regarded that as acceptable), so that those interested, could sign and publicize it.

    The strength of the UN appeal clearly revolves around its backing in science, so I don’t know if public petitions would mean anything to the UN or not. Even so, however, a petition supporting this appeal could help further inform the public, and getting the public on board is imperative. Because this site has an international readership, petitions of support could be launched from all over the planet. That would be a good thing! As this appeal signifies, important work remains in making the public aware, and in supplying public pressure for safety improvements, given the hazards of living in an EMF global swamp which is becoming increasingly, and alarmingly, dense.

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