The Russians love their children too…….

Yes, that line is from a song by Sting. And I don't really know if it's true although it probably is.

What I do know to be true is that the Russians are doing far more than we are to protect their children from the dangers of cell phone radiation and electromagnetic pollution.

In the first part of this article I'm going to give a quick overview of the Russians new recommendations with regard to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and children and in the second part I am going to share with you a news item covering the tragic death of seven year old Cassie McConnell from a brain tumor.

I want you to realize that these are not just ideas being thrown around. Ignoring this issue is already causing the deaths of countless children. Of particular interest are the comments of preeminent neurosurgeon Dr Charlie Teo as to the dangers of cell phones.

Cell Phones And Children – The Scandal

Speaking as someone who is electrosensitive I think it is an absolute scandal that so little is being done to protect our children from the dangers of the EMFs and cell phones when it is so blatantly obvious that it is such a massive health threat.

What is reassuring is that the Russians are taking a much firmer stance than we currently are.

A few weeks ago the Russian National Committee on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection announced the following principal recommendations (the italics afterwards are my comments):

  1. That it should be clearly marked on cell phones and in the user's guide that they are a source of radio frequency radiation – like in San Francisco but without the SAR
  2. That children under the age of 18 or pregnant women should not use a cell phone – I have been saying this for a long time
  3. That school syllabuses should include coverage of the cell phone issue in their educational program – well of course they should, every kids got a cell phone and yet they are clueless as to the potential dangers
  4. That there should be a ban on all types of advertising for mobile telecommunications for children under the age of 18 – just like in the tobacco industry
  5. That legislation should be introduced to protect children and their developing organisms and the bioelectric processes –that’s a good start. If they say we need legislation then one day there will be legislation.
  6. That a national study should be funded to determine the possible health effects of chronic EMF exposure on the developing brain – yes, its high time this was done.

Click here to read the Russian EMF report in full.

The Dangers of Cell Phone Radiation to Children

Television announcer: “Fact, brain tumors now claim more young lives than any other form of cancer. The tumor rate has increased by a staggering 21% in just a decade and leading scientists are worried about the possible link with the growing use of mobile phones and other electrical equipment. Cassie McConnell was only 7 years old when the family doctor thought she had a fever, within weeks Cassie was dead from a brain tumor. Cassie’s family watched as she lost the abilities to talk, to walk, to move, one by one. Her left hand would be paralyzed one day and the next day she would wake up and she wouldn’t be able to move her leg. The type of tumor that Cassie had in her brain stem was in the worst possible place you could have a brain tumor.

Electromagnetic Radiation And Children

You are exposed to EMR, electromagnetic radiation that you are not even aware of. The wires in the walls of your home emit EMR of a certain frequency that could be dangerous. The electrical appliances, not only computers, but all electrical appliances like electric blankets and bed side clocks, mobile phones and certainly the high tensile electrical wires emit EMR. Ependymomas in particular seems to be increasing in incidence in children. Charlie Teo, a preeminent neurosurgeon, specializes in children's brains and Charlie is at the cutting edge, literally, of a 21% increase in children's brain tumors, he states:

“I think that EMR, mobile phones, and other electrical appliances may have something to do with the increased incidence that we are seeing.” Charlie is still upset that his 12 year old daughter just got a mobile phone at that very vulnerable age when her brain is still developing.

Dr Charlie Teo and other scientists are not saying that mobile phones or electric wires or TV towers will kill you. They are not saying that yet, what they are saying is that some people for some reason are more susceptible than others and that all children are at risk. There is now so much electromagnetic radiation in our daily lives that we just have to be careful, just in case somewhere down the track we discover that EMRs have in fact been killing us.

Brain Tumors Biggest Cause Of Death Amongst Children

Senator Lean Alison spent a year listening to the scientists and trying to find out what the risks are. What she discovered is that there is good reason to worry. We are a bit awash now in radio frequency and radio waves generally, she says, and we are not all together sure what effect that has on us. She does not think that the industry can give a guarantee and certainly scientists are not prepared to do that. She is not surprised that brain tumors have taken over from leukemia as the biggest cause of death amongst children. This is consistence of with findings in Europe and the UK where there has been a 40% increase across the board of brain tumors over the last 20 years.

Jeff and Denise are still coming to terms with the loss the Cassie. Denise searched hospital and medical records compiling the report that found brain tumors are now the biggest cancer killer of children. They say they would be very uncomfortable living next to a telecom tower, or a mobile phone tower and certainly heavy duty electrical wires. Since there’s nothing that really indicates a direct relationship, and there’s just a lot of guesses and these guesses cover such a broad range of areas their main advice is to try and control your environment because you just do not know what it is. The one lesson Jeff and Denise have learnt is that there is nothing they will ever face in their lives harder than holding your daughter as she dies and that nothing compares to actually looking at your daughter as she breaths her last breath.

Brain Tumors On The Same Side Of The Skull As Cell Phone

Scientists say the thickness of the skull in children makes a difference. It is quite thin compared with adults. With children there is more brain fluid and the radio frequencies can travel through the brain more easily. Dr Charlie Teo adds that when patients come with a brain cancer he often say to them “you know your cancer is on the right side of your brain, it is in the area just above your ear, can you tell me if you feel like you have had more exposure than most people to mobile phones?” He is surprised that most people say yes, with some adding, “I have used my phone continuously for the last 7 years and it is always stuck to my ear on this side.” And this is where the tumor usually is. Unfortunately cancer is a very cruel disease that affects people in all age groups and Dr Charlie thinks we need to be aware of it and start putting some more effort into it.”

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  • Jamie Lewis said,

    Every people and every country loves their children. We should love them because they are the hope of our country.

    I agree that cellphone is not a safe gadget for children. Not only for children but to all people. Cellphone has can cause bad to our health because of it’s radiation. Not only the radiation, many people nowadays is under the text maniac which is not good also for the children.

  • AngryMan said,

    Russia is less brainwashed than the west. England, Israel, and especially North America, you will not find a more conditioned populace. Everyone is an atheist in the west. No body believes in the soul. They look down on “backwards” Russia for having healers and witches and consider EVERYTHING true a “conspiracy theory”. Coincidentally these countries add sodium fluoride to their water and get all their views from the electric-Zionist (aka the TV)

  • syed khalid jamil shah said,

    required information,reports,article,scientific reports, courts orders etc.against cell phone towers is dangerous for our health.Thanks.

  • jeff carter said,

    Hi Lloyd. Did you Know Richard Branson sold Virgin Mobile Because Mobile Phones Cause Brain Tumors.??

  • Tammie said,

    I’m pregnant and in my first trimester. I’m trying to be safe and learn the safe level of EMF exposure. I work in a hospital and want to know what changes I need to make in my office to reduce my exposure. I just bought a meter.

    Thank you

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Tammie, you do need to be particularly vigilant about not just your cell phone radiation exposures but also your EMF exposures generally. For specific information and recommendations for pregnant women see this article, which covers the Pediatric Academic Societies guidelines.

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