High-Performance Window RF Shielding with Adhesive

(Part. #NET76215-36-1)

RadioTint – RF Window Film
  • RadioTint – RF Window Film
  • (Part. #NET76215-36-1)
  • $12 per lin ft
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Upgrade your living or working space with our RF Shielding Window Film for EMF, offering comprehensive protection from cellphone radiation. Engineered to reduce RF radiation by 20+ dB up to 40 GHz, this film enhances safety while ensuring comfortable indoor temperatures year-round.

Width: 36-inch


  1. Effectively cuts RF radiation by 20+ dB up to 40 GHz
  2. Blocks 98% of harmful UV light, reducing sun damage
  3. Diminishes glare, improving visibility of screens and monitors


  1. May slightly reduce natural sunlight entry, affecting indoor brightness
  2. Requires proper cleaning and maintenance to ensure long-term effectiveness
  3. Available in a standard 36-inch width, may require trimming for custom fit

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