WiFi Protection Cover Large

(Part. #NET220-L)

Signal Tamerâ„¢ Large

Most WIFI Routers are significantly overpowered, they send out enough radiation to allow you and your neighbors to surf the Internet. Often you need only 1/10th or even 1/100th of the radiation signal they produce. So why radiate yourself with unnecessary radiation?

The WiFi Protection Cover is a special shielded fabric mesh pouch will reduces the radiation coming out of your wifi router up to 95% without  necessarily losing speed.

Pros: 1/ Easy to install. (few seconds) 2/ No need to disconnect your router to install.

Cons: 1/ Reduces the range by about half (which is what it's supposed to do!)

Product features: 

  • Opening adjustable - it will to adjust the amount of signal "leakage"
  • Special fabric that allows plenty of air flow 
  • 16x16 inches

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