Smart Meter Shield

(Part. #NET208)

Economy Exterior Smart Meter Shield Kit
  • Economy Exterior Smart Meter Shield Kit
  • (Part. #NET208)
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Smart Meters typically emit radio frequency microwave radiation in all directions. To protect your loved ones from these emissions, your shield must be placed between the source of emissions and the people. That usually means on the interior of the wall where the smart meter is attached. But what if you need to shield an outdoor patio? Or an area to the side of the smart meter?

Now you can. The Economy Exterior Smart Meter Shield Kit includes everything you need and requires no tools (except a scissors) to install. Installation takes only seconds. Corrosion-immune, soft Stainless Steel Mesh is wrapped around the glass part of the smart meter and is held in place by weather resistant, adhesive Velcro®-type hook and loop. Simply trim any excess with your scissors. Couldn’t be easier! Shielding performance reduces sideways signal measurably, but still allows enough to get back to the utility for proper meter readings. Dimensions: 20 inches x 6 inches approx.

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