Laptop Magnetic Shield For Keyboard

(Part. #NET735-kit)

WrapTop™ Complete Kit
  • WrapTop™ Complete Kit
  • (Part. #NET735-kit)
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WrapTop slips under the base of the laptop and wraps around the front and top to reduce magnetic field emissions and protect your body. It reduces the field by 90%. Sides are left open so you can plug in a remote keyboard and mouse for access. Simple but effective design incorporates two different magnetic shielding alloys. Measures 15 inches wide x 9 inches front to back so it fits most laptops. Just slip it on. No tools nor assembly required.

This kit gives you everything you might need to use the WrapTop on your laptop computer. Kit includes:

  • WrapTop
  • Mini Keyboard with USB connection
  • Ball Mouse
  • Mouse adapter (PS2 to USB)

This setup allows the user to enjoy all of the shielding benefit of WrapTop, sit further away from the laptop, and still have all the functions of a full keyboard and mouse. Bundled together like this saves $10 over buying items individually. Not for use with MAC!

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