High Performance Mesh Style Shielding Fabric – VeilShield™

(Part. #NET1270)


Our personal devices are often significant sources of radio frequency radiation and emit in our houses 24h/7. Simply by shielding them with this mesh fabric, you will reduce the danger for everyone living around them.  


  • High performance - 40 dB or better
  • Very fine, so very transparent - 70% light transmission, you can even shield screen
  • Washable
  • Corrosion resistant


  • Only available in black - Woven 132/inch mesh polyester fibers coated with Zinc-blackened Nickel over Copper
  • Not suitable for prolonged skin contact if you are allergic to Nickel


Thickness .057 mm  Width 58 inch  Weight 40 g/m² 
Resistivity 0.1 Ohm/sq Base Polyester Conductor Zinc/Nickel/Copper plated



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