High Performance EMF Shielding Fabric

(Part. #NET1222)

High Performance Silver Mesh Fabric
  • High Performance Silver Mesh Fabric
  • (Part. #NET1222)
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**** Price shown is per linear foot**** 

The High Performance EMF Shielding Fabric is a silver coated nylon fabric which effectively shields radiofrequency microwave radiation coming out of your electronic devices. Shielding performance >50dB from 30 MHz to 3 GHz. When grounded, it will shield electric-fields also. 

RF shielding mesh

Pros: 1/ Handle and strech it around just the way you want it! 

2/ Soft, comfortable and very light. 

Cons: 1/ Highly conductive. DO NOT put in contact with electric wires, outlets or switches.

2/ Carefuly wash by hand (under 40°c/DO NOT bleach/DO NOT Dry clean) and hang dry.

Product features: 

  • Can be used from - 30° to 90°C 
  • Shielding effectiveness of >50 dB from 30 MHz - 3 GHz

  • Silver & Nylon (Silver color)

  • 0.0045 inch thick, weighs 40 grams/m². 58 inches wide. 

  • ideal to make draperies, tents, garments, mobile phone shields, and more.


**** Price shown is per linear foot**** 

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