Electrical Cut-Off Switch

(Part. #NET487)

Remote Circuit Cut-Off Switch
  • Remote Circuit Cut-Off Switch
  • (Part. #NET487)
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This Remote Circuit Cut-Off Switch shuts the electricity AT THE FUSE BOX. No power to the wires means no electric fields and no magnetic fields. This is a simple yet 100% effective method of eliminating electric fields emitted from any circuits you want. The simple push of a button on the included remote restores power to this circuit for normal operation. Naturally, circuits supplying other rooms in the house can be controlled as well. Why have all the power on in the kitchen, family room, or study… even when you don’t need it? You can connect up to 4 separate circuits up to this unit, and all will go on and off with the press of one button. So much easier than running to the breaker box! In addition, you can add up to 3 additional Contactors (with up to 4 circuits each), each of which can be controlled independently. So, whether you want to control power to one room, or the whole floor, or any combination of circuits, the choice is yours! The main unit installs near your circuit breaker box. Two remote controls are supplied which can be used anywhere in the house.

  • Installation must be done by a licensed electrician according to the electrical code for each State / Province (USA / Canada).
  • North American style only.
  • Warning stickers for breaker panel and receptacles are supplied and must be installed.


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