Body Voltage Meter

(Part. #NET183N)

Body Voltage Meter

Any external electric field in proximity to where you are will induce an electric field within your body.  Our biological processes (for instance, brain function and heart muscle contraction) are susceptible to these EMFs.

You can use the Body Voltage Meter to quickly and easily measure your AC body voltage. Hold the sensor handle and notice how your body voltage varies as you move about the room according to what EMFs you move through.

The Body Voltage Meter is also a good way to test the effectiveness of your static discharge (ESD) devices and can be used to measure the AC voltage build up on static producing surfaces. The large digital readout is easy to see and sensitive down to 1 mV. It will help you detect voltage sources which may not otherwise be obvious.  Uses 1 9V battery (not included). Calibrated for 40-500 Hz.

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