How To Create A Healthy Living Space

Anne first studied EMFs as part of her public health teachings (she’s a public health inspector).

But the research she was given access to showed the health effects were not conclusive.

In 2003 she took the Building Biology training.

Through this training she heard more of the case studies and people telling their stories so she got more interested.

Despite doing EMF mitigation work with clients who were symptomatic she still wasn’t totally convinced that EMFs could affect everybody.

Then she started seeing more and more clients with issues, real issues like not being able to go out, go to the grocery store, to do certain things.

She began to wonder if some of her own chemical intolerance's were also electrical intolerances.

She didn’t consider herself electrically sensitive but if she went to a place where there were high-powered distribution lines she felt strange and her hair stood up on its ends.

One time out with a group of friends canoeing under some power lines she says, “all of a sudden, I felt terrible. I’m telling my friends, “okay, let’s paddle fast! We have to get out of here!” And then I did start experiencing problems myself.”

In 2010 she got a new cell phone.

When the phone was receiving a signal or she had it turned on she began to experience symptoms.

She felt tingling in her arms and her fingers would spasm – causing her to drop the phone.

Within a few days of buying the phone she could not longer hold it.

My fingers just would not let me hold it.”

She returned the phone and immediately went out and bought an older type cell phone.

She says “after that point I was convinced that this affects everybody”.


Thursday, 18th January at 1:00 p.m. EST (10 AM PST or 6 PM GMT) I’m interviewing Building Biologist Anne Stewart.

healthy living spaceAnne Stewart is a certified professional member of the Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors.

She’s an educator, ecologist and entrepreneur. Her passion is helping people find practical solutions to create healthier living spaces so that people can improve their health.

She offers holistic assessments of homes and businesses consulting and education design services. For the past 30 years, Anne’s work has involved assessing electromagnetic fields, chemical off-gassing, indoor air quality, mold, gas and water issues, to name a few.

Our theme for this interview is: how to create a healthy living space.

One of my own challenges in striving to live a low EMF life is how to look after myself and my family, and ALSO the planet – we'll be talking about how to rise to this challenge.

For this interview EMFs are taking the side-lines but if you are EMF sensitive don't make the mistake of thinking you're not being affected by chemical exposures.

The experts I've talked to on this subject have said to me that many people who are electrically sensitive do much better once they’ve controlled some of the chemical things in their life.

Listen to my interview with Anne Stewart and learn:

  • Anne’s top three tips for creating a healthy living space – interestingly none of these involve dealing with EMFs
  • how to read labels on products when you are doing your shopping (there are certain chemicals you MUST avoid) – she shares a quick and easy way to do this effectively without having to remember long and complicated chemical terms
  • how to avoid chemical cleaning supplies which can create serious skin issues, dermatitis, and lung issues – what to look for in a detergent, she also shares 2 chemical free alternative cleaning products that allow you to cut through grease and clean naturally
  • a safe non-chemical way of doing your laundry – she also shares a little known natural mineral you can add to your wash which acts as a deodorizer and scrub
  • a zero chemical and very low cost way of sanitizing (reducing the number of harmful bacteria and other things) and how to keep your cloths totally sanitized – your granny probably used this
  • a natural way to sanitize your sheets, eliminate bedbugs and mold using using ultraviolet – the best thing about is it’s totally free
  • many clothes we buy in stores are now polluted with petroleum products – learn a neat inexpensive way for decontaminating these exposures
  • about the ‘forgotten’ EMF & Anne's tips for reducing these exposures – how with an inexpensive meter you can measure your exposures to answer the question “is it really bad?”
  • and much more

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  • Judith said,

    This is a good site. Few are being warned about the real dangers. Thank you. Judith

  • ellie said,

    I’m looking forward to this interview. Many people with electrical hyper-sensitiity (EHS) also have multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS). The nervous system goes ’tilt’! The wholistic approach to living a healthy life is becoming essential. Everything we breathe, drink, eat, think and surround ourselves with contributes to good health or to dis-ease.

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