Generation Zapped – This Filmmaker & Mother Of 3 Kids Needs Your Help

Sabine lives in Los Angeles.

She's a mother of 3 children.

She’s also a filmmaker, not without some success.

She marked her debut as a writer-director with Niloofar, produced by Jean Bréhat and Rachid Bouchareb (Days of Glory, Out of the law, Oscar nominations for Best Foreign Film).

Her focus is now on socially conscious issues. To be more specific ‘Generation Zapped'.

That’s the name of her latest project.

Who Are ‘Generation Zapped'?

generation zapped emfsIt’s people like you and me.

But it’s especially our children.

Because, whether they like it or not our kids are now born into this world of electromagnetic ignorance.

Sabine is on a mission to bring awareness to the world about the harmful effects of cell phones radiation and wireless technologies on children’s health.

She says, “in less than a generation, widespread access to the Internet has revolutionized virtually every aspect of life, connecting people with previously unimaginable information and opportunities.

But in the rush to embrace the convenience and affordability of cell phones and WiFi, few have paused to question the possible consequences of their ubiquitous use.”

Generation Zapped

Sabine has been working on this project for the last 2 years.

And she needs your help.

She’s interviewed dozens of scientists, researchers, medical doctors, building biologists and other experts.

Including Professor Magda Havas, Dr. Martin Blank, David Carpenter M.D., Lawrence Gust BBEC, Professor Olle Johansson, Joel Moskowitz PhD……

She’s got over 30 hours of film footage which now needs, condensing, editing and finishing.

Here's the trailer for Generation Zapped:

Her goal is to complete for January 2017 so that she can submit to various film festivals and win some recognition.

The more recognition she can get for her film, the more she can get her message out, the more people she can help.

I’ve decided to help her.

Why I'm Helping Sabine

Because it's a worthy project. I watched the trailer and was impressed.

I get approached by different people from time to time to promote similar projects, this is the first time I'm promoting a film in this way.

Sabine didn't approach me. I contacted her, last night. I said I wanted to help.

I know how much effort it takes to get a project like this off the ground.

Sabine's so close to the finishing line on this one, the potential for such a film to change people's lives for the better is huge.

It would be a travesty if she couldn't see it through.

Also, I like her approach. Since 2012 when I wrote my book my focus has been on solutions.

This is Sabine's focus too.

How I Am Helping

She needs funds to complete her film.

I'm putting my money where my mouth is.

I’ve made a donation.

Also, I'm speaking to you.

How You Can Help

There are two ways you can help.

The most important way is to make a donation.

It can be a large or a small donation of just a few dollars.

Sabine's created a campaign on Kickstarter, a global crowdfunding platform which help's bring creative projects to life.

It's very transparent. You can see exactly how much funding she's got and how much she needs.

At the time of writing Sabine needs just under $30,000 to reach her target and finish her film.

And by the way if you pledge money and Sabine doesn’t reach her target then you get your money back.

Besides giving money the other thing you can do is share this message widely.

Share it with your friends.

Getting this message out and protecting our children is such a worthy cause.

*****For information on the Kickstarter project click here*****


Thursday, 20th October at 1:00 p.m. EST (10 AM PST or 5 PM GMT) I conducted a LIVE interview with Sabine El Gemayel.

Sabine El Gemayel is the writer and producer of Generation Zapped.

We discussed:

  • her experience with electrical sensitivity and why she's making this film
  • what the film's about
  • why the choice to make a solution-oriented film and not just an exposé?
  • how her children have been impacted by her work
  • her tips for low EMF computing
  • and much more

Here's the replay of my interview:

***** Here's the link to make your donation



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  • Tonantzin said,

    The trailor for Generation Zapped does not show up in this email link…there’s an empty space just below the statement:

    Here’s the trailer for Generation Zapped:

    and no video link, just empty space…looking forward to seeing it!

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Apologies Tonantzin. I wrote the email a bit too quickly. The link does appear in the article above.

  • Jennifer said,

    I just donated to the kickstarter for Generation Zapped. Being someone who is EHS and trying to protect my six year old from the negative effects of EMF…this information is crucial to get out to the masses. Thanks to the film maker and also, thanks for sharing your wisdom Lloyd!

  • Brenda Crozier said,

    I am having problems with my neighbor next door we have a real tree down the property line and at night she turns on a high frequency to keep the birds a way so the birds won’t mess on her water fountain I would like to know is this legal because we don’t get along as Neighbors and I would like to know is it legal for a person to do this and is it alright to do this because I would like to know is there any place you can direct me to for this for this a problem because I went to the city and she just goes from one thing to another so if you can direct me to the on who to call or what equipment I need to do thank you Brenda Crozier

  • Marj said,

    Generation Zapped is already out and can be purchased on multiple websites for the past few months. My company who has patented products to help with EMF has screened it many times and it is a great tool to inform others of the dangers.

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