Electricity And Life

He was a wiry man in his forties.

Between puffs on his pipe, he told me in a businesslike way, about his experiments involving animal magnetism and electric currents in the brain and in bone.

He said his goal was the regeneration of missing limbs.

“When people lose an arm or a leg,” he said, “I want to be able to treat them so they grow a new one.”

“Is that possible?” I asked.

“Why not? If you grew an arm the first time, why not a second time?”

The following Sunday there was an article about him in the newspaper. The headline said, “Human transistors – A Medical Adventure,” and the photos showed him measuring the voltage from a salamander and doing other scientific things.

The article said that he and Dr. Bachman worked on “a journey into hitherto unknown areas involving the electric fields within living organisms.”

According to the article, they had discovered that “billions of tiny transistors operate in our bodies’ bones and nerves to flash out signals for growth,” which was a “discovery that could have unprecedented implications for curing human ailments.”

Electrons, Nerves And Voltage

In his first publication he had described the similarity between the neuroanatomy of salamanders and the pattern of voltages that he measured on their skin.

His next paper had reported on experiments in which he amputated salamanders’ limbs and measured the voltage at the amputation sites; there was a big change immediately after he cut off the limb, but the voltage returned to normal as the limbs regrew.

For comparison purposes, he had also amputated the limbs of frogs, which don’t regenerate their limbs, and found the pattern of voltage change was quite different from that in the salamander.

He had concluded that the nervous system of the salamander somehow regulated limb regeneration, and that the frog didn’t regenerate because its nervous system couldn’t make the proper electrical signal.

In a paper published in Science, he had presented evidence that a flow of electrons in nerves gave rise to the voltage that controlled the regeneration.

In a paper in Nature he had concluded that the brain was like a battery and the nerves were like wires; some types of nerve cells carried the current away from the brain and other types formed a return path to the brain.

In a second paper in Science……..he reported that bone emitted electrical signals when it was bent or squeezed…….

I asked him, “How did you get the idea that magnetic fields and electricity have anything to do with nerves and bone?”

The Body Knows How To Heal Itself

He said, “The thing that impressed me most was that the body knew how to heal itself……..but nobody knew how that happened, and nobody was even studying it.

What the biochemists did was cut out tissue, dissolve it, and then study the chemicals it contained.

They didn’t seem to realize that they had destroyed the organization of the tissue, which was something really important.

Human limb regeneration seemed so impossible that everyone considered it unscientific to even discuss the subject. Then, the year I finished my residency the Russians launched Sputnik.

Do you remember Sputnik, about 10 years ago?”

“I sure do.”

“Well, after Sputnik suddenly there was a lot of money available for science. One of the things the government did was to start translating Russian science journals. One day a truck drove up here and deposited a load of them at our library.

I came across an article that described the use of electricity to make tomato plants grow faster. That started me thinking about electricity and life.”

The above is an excerpt (with permission) from Andrew Marino's book, Going Somewhere: Truth About a Life in Science.

The wiry man in question is Nobel Prize Nominee Dr. Robert O. Becker.

Sadly Dr. Becker, considered by many to be a pioneer on the subject of EMFs and health, is no longer with us.

But there are other brilliant minds following in his footsteps.

Electrical engineers, physicists, cellular biologists, neuroscientists, epidemiologists researchers and the like.

These brilliant minds have a lot to share and there's nothing quite like hearing it straight from the horse's mouth.

That's why for the last 6 months I've been interviewing them.

I've had lots of emails from people asking to listen to these interview recordings.

So I've compiled an archive of the interviews.

This archive contains the interview recordings and full transcripts of the interviews so that you can download and then listen and/or read them in your own time.

This new resource will soon be on-line.

Watch your inbox for details on getting access to the archive of my interviews.

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  • Bonnie Twiss said,

    fascinating…who are you talking about?? identify the subject person. thanks

  • Rafael L San Miguel said,

    What Dr. Robert O. Becker posited makes a lot of sense to me as a physicist. But mine is a narrow-minded point of view. Dr. Becker pointed the way to a new frontier open to multi-disciplined investigators working as a team with focused goals.

  • Paul H said,

    Nice work Lloyd! The lie is being exposed as the truth shows itself. The points made in this article are backed by the 2013 Nobel Prize Winners.

  • david said,

    Looking forward to the interviews. Good Work !!

  • Paul Vonharnish said,

    For readers who are unfamiliar with his work, I highly recommend referral to studies completed by Dr. Andrew Marino. Dr. Marino was one of the first researchers to discover the “non-linear” characteristics of biological response to electromagnetic induction. The discovery of this nonlinear mechanism changed the very basis of subsequent investigative studies by many persons involved in the biological sciences. His work also made it clear that most “linear dose” methods provided by industry were irrelevant and/or patently bogus.

    Dr. Marino’s research often includes effective collaborations with other notable scientists. This paper is a seminal piece with good references to earlier methods.

    Magnetosensory Function in Rats: Localization Using Positron Emission Tomography

    SYNAPSE 63:421–428 (2009)


  • Giselle said,

    Raymond Rife has already done all this research and proved he could cure any illness with vibration alone. The USA destroyed all his work and vilified him.

  • Ian Haldane said,

    Then you too should look at the work of the Russians with Scenar used in the space exploration prgorgamme now routinely by the military and emergency hosptials in Russia. And more particularly at the work of Dr Jerry Tennant in the US who has taken the Scenar work into another dimension. All based on energetic medicine and the power of the body to naturally heal itself if given the right raw materials.

  • Lisa said,

    Thanx Lloyd. This is a great idea. Will look forward to hearing those ones I missed.

  • Roslyn said,

    Bravo! Thank you Lloyd for making this invaluable body of candid, thought-provoking and often cutting-edge research, thinking and opinion available to all.

  • Tino said,

    I know someone who knew Becker personally….towards the end he was almost blind, and sad. But he had manged to regrow an amputated adult finger!!!!

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