EMF Stories – I’ve Been ES Since 1969

I always wonder how many people are electrically sensitive and don't even know it.

So when people share their EMF stories I'm more than happy to give them a platform on my website.

It helps others join the dots on what’s going on in their lives.

And the more people that come forward and tell their story the more chance we have of being heard and being a force for change.

Yesterday I received this message from George.

Hi Lloyd, I just received your email in regards to non-receipt of my submission to your survey. Sadly, I didn’t receive your survey as I have many problems with non-delivery of incoming and outgoing mail.

I am one of the most extreme sufferers of ES/EHS, and have been suffering since 1969 as I worked most of my working life in the electromagnetic field. Over the past four decades my illness became worse and I was diagnosed ME (1984), CFS (1994), and FMS (2004), but as soon as I mentioned ES/EHS and wireless technology I am now Schizophrenic (delusional and paranoid) (2007).

There is one part of your book that you need to research is “Covert Targeting”, as many extreme ES/EHS sufferers are the result of individual targeting, referred to as “TI”, by unknown sources.

I have discovered through my electronic knowledge and understanding that any form of conductive element placed in a person’s mouth will produce an electromagnetic field of a micro-current (mA) and micro-voltage (mV) from an electro motive force (Emf), such as EMR/EMF of electronic and electrical devices and equipments.

This voltaic affect will cause the release of metal into a person’s blood and tissue from those conductive materials and will become a walking antenna. I recommend to all sufferers to have all amalgam and metal-based fillings; root canals; and metal-based dental caps (fixed to a metal bridge) removed ASAP, and replaced with pure ceramic implants, making sure the replacements ARE NOT metal-based ceramics, that their dentist is honourable and trustworthy.

The dental fraternity have been implanting micro-microchips into dentistry repairs and replacements, and is another reason why many experience the metallic taste in their mouth, and the explosion of another undiagnosable syndrome referred to as burning mouth syndrome (BMS), and cancer of the mouth, tongue and throat. Also, pancreatic and liver cancer is another affect of wireless technology.

A good chelating detox to release those metals and a liver detox is the order of the day to give some relief, particularly when you cannot escape this torment and torture and have to stand and submit to the selfish onslaught. The floodgates are open, and the torrent will not be able to be stopped. Just think how long it had taken to stop asbestos and passive cigarette smoking; and sadly TPTB soon stopped that ever happening again as they tampered with the safety regulations.


Grounding allows EMFs to be discharged to the earth, but what if the earth point is so out of balance and what is in the ground is in fact coming back into your house via the very grounding line that is suppose to help.

I am experiencing such ever since I used “YShield” paint, the house wiring has become a radiating medium for all form of electro fields in the ground, when the ground is so negative.

I’ve tried the DE filters, and the DE in my house is so extreme that I would end up with at least five filters on all power points, but the ELF from the power point will increase. For an example, if the power point read 800DE/5mg, then place a filter at the point it would read 700DE/10mg, then another filter 600DE/15mg, then another filter 500DE/20mg, then another filter 400DE/25mg, then another filter 300DE/30mg, then another filter 200DE/35mg.

I gather the ELF has increased as the capacitor of the filters are energising, but if there is any “earthing” problems within the home of the power grid network within your area then filters will be a waste of money and time.

Earthing problems are very common today due to poor workmanship and metal contamination from insidious aerial spraying, known as “Chemical Trails”. Much of the underground electrical power source is leaking, and to find a good earth you need to go down over 12 metres.

EMF Placebo Gimmicks

Ceramic, Scalar, or Orgone pendants or whatever is a placebo gimmick. There is nothing that will produce a natural frequency, because a natural frequency isn’t constant, because it will vary to overcome and conquer an unnatural frequency. Natural is perfect, and unnatural is imperfect, therefore these gimmicks are imperfect, because they are trying to replicate GOD!

Today, the whole earth suffers from evil, insidious negatively charged environment, which isn’t going to change. The floodgates have been opened, and the world population, which is increasing to staggering figures, will not survive as the environment becomes more negatively charged, but there will be survivors and the weak will fall by the wayside.

Scalar wave is an oxymoron, and there is no such thing, so people need to realise that.

The bending of anything through some unknown force is much more beyond the comprehension of most people who view it in the natural, and if they are not aware of the unnatural, that is, the supernatural then they will be deceived.

There is the natural and supernatural, the physical and the spiritual, and the explanation of the video of bending. People need to realise that ancient culture knowledge of such things isn’t superstition. You dabble with the unnatural (supernatural) and you will get what you desire.

Water divining is a very good example. Just get two wire coat hangers and cut them into the straight lengths of 300mm, and bend one end at right angles to fit the hand and walk across any ground with the two lengths held in separate hands and the wire will move outwards and cross over as you walk over the ground. Real magic, and from that they say you can find water. The water is found by unnatural, supernatural forces.

Those video tests by Marilyn Lane have been conducted by many and all failed. As I said you dabble with the unnatural, supernatural and you will receive the desires you desire.

EMFs Everywhere

Lloyd, there is another thing that most don’t consider is the electronics and electrics of our cars. I suffer extremely from them, and it’s strange but sometimes it’s worse than other days. It’s like as though something else is going on in the frequency spectrum at the time and amplifies the problem. HAARP is one such thing that makes life hard for many extreme EHS sufferers.

As Lloyd said: “How close is close”, and sad state of affairs is when we are in a “Catch 22” there is no escape from closeness, and the only solution is change to change the environment we live in.

Box fans are a real problem, and including ceiling fans. I test my fans using a Trifield Metre. Now if you are sleeping with your box fans running all the time, then that is a long-term period. Even if the fans are not turned ON they will still emanate some form of ELF/EMF, which doesn’t register.

Do you wear a digital watch? If so ditch it, because if you put your metre on the back of the watch you may find that 1-3mg is being pumped into your body 24/7. Digital watches are another causation factor of CFS, ME, and FMS.

I am so sorry to hear about you being bed-ridden, and the KJV narration would be great meditation, particularly Proverbs and Psalms. But it does say in the KJV that the enemy walks around like a roaring lion seeking whom he can devour. It also says to Stand, be Sober, and Submit, submitting to our Lord and not the devil.

Your pillow speaking would be radiating you as well, and if you use I phone and Wireless internet, then the enemy has already devoured you.

To overcome the humid climate you need to place air vents in the rooms at each ceiling corner and at ground level of the walls. So what humid climate do you live in?

Why can’t you replace all of your electronic hardware with cable connection and throw your wireless out. If you did that you will most probably improve in health, and let our Lord begin to heal you. Just putting the stuff in another room isn’t going to stop the emitted waves from penetrating your body. If the wave has to travel 40kms to the nearest receiver, then it will be bouncing off everything around you and through every organ in your body before it hit the antenna on the receiving mobile/Wi Fi tower, and of course pass through your next door neighbour on the way to the receiver.

Any electric massage chair will emit ELF.

Yes, we have to do things for ourself to make ourself well, but when it’s impossible then we have to bear the consequences of our situation. Amalgams (sliver and mercury) are the same as the positive and negative terminal on a batter in a car. Once an electro motive force is brought to bear upon those terminals a voltaic action is produce in the electrolyte (saliva in your mouth), and the action is production of current and voltage. If you were to place a multi-metre probes in your mouth on either side of your tongue and teeth you will get a milliamp and millivolts reading.

You need to start a detox and drink alkalising mineral drink to change the pH in your body. I would say you would be extreme acidity.

Yes, those nano-particles are found in most pharmaceutical drugs, sometime called nano-chips, which are further complimented by all the metal contaminations in “Chemical Trails”, and then agitated by HAARP.

It’s time your life changed, even though you may seem it’s impossible, I was diagnosed ME, CFS, and FMS, which is nothing more than ES/EHS.

Start changing, bit by bit, as there is no QUICK FIX.

Many thanks to George for his insights, comments are welcome below.

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  • Yvonne said,

    Hi there George
    I have been reading your letter here with great interest as I am a sufferer from EMF?/s and all waves you have mentioned!
    I have been writing here on Lloyds site here about the problems I have been suffering
    due to the Masts, and the amount of dirty electricity pounding into my home. I feel like a walking Antenna and feel if I were plugged in I could supply the whole town with power!! The dental issue you have covered here is of interest as I have a bridge and several metal based crowns, and I suppose I could say that the problem has got worse since I have had them put in .But saying that the problem has increased in the past few years and grown to being a daily torment for me, and is now beginning to have a drastic effect on my daily life, perhaps because the town where I live has upped its Masts and wireless supply to everyone here who seem to have no idea as to how this might affect them .We have now Wi-max/ WI-FI filling the airways ,given away free from the local shops free being (80 Euros to get the connection) who have full charge of this deadly ray gun, and no real idea how to use it properly .I have stopped all wireless from my end ,but that is not stopping the hackers who are attacking my Computers day, and night, and sharing my private property as they wish with their wireless. The noise I have been hearing is abnormal, so loud as to beggar belief!!!
    I really am beginning to believe that someone is trying to wipe my husband, and myself out, as no one else could hear what I could, and still can hear. My head is constantly in pain, loud ringing noises in my ears day and night .We have both been in hospital with what appears to be Stroke like symptoms the doctors here say “not so” we had some form of electrical disturbances. That was a relief anyway .Your remark about “Covert Targeting” from unknown sources would make a lot of sense to me, as I have had the feeling I have a stalker for several years and this form of attack would be right up his street. Very interesting indeed. I will read more of your article as I find it is right on the money as they say, I hope Lloyd can allow you to see my email to you, or perhaps print a reply to your email, best wishes ,

  • Paul Von said,

    Hello Yvonne and George. Like George, I worked in the electronics business for many years, and was exposed to unusually high levels of EM radiation on a daily basis. I experienced near constant headaches, fatigue, and fibromyalgia like symptoms for over 35 years. I used to go through 100’s of aspirin every month. Much like the doctors I would occasionally consult, I knew nothing about EM sensitivity, and never connected the dots. I was finally forced to stop working due to seizures, muscle spasms, chronic fatigue, and all the rest. I can barely type a letter without spell-check, and brain fog has become a constant. There is nowhere to hide from EM radiation in America.

    After many thousands of pages of research, I can only conclude we are all being intentionally done away with. This is a malicious agenda to reduce world populations, and to make room for the insane and cruel individuals who are sponsoring this technology.

    The majority of EM radiation studies done by PlosOne and the CDC prior to 2006 were funded by industrial agencies that held a vested interest in continuing the lies regarding biological safety of the AC (alternating current) grid. With each additional layer of pulsed EM radiation from digital and wireless communications, the number of affected people and living beings on Earth becomes more and more threatened.

    Baring a large scale citizen’s revolt, which demands the total physical destruction of these communications systems, the electronic revolution will prove to be the final nail in Earths coffin. If you have done your homework, you know this is no “conspiracy theory” or cavalier statement. Best of luck to you.

  • Kathryn said,

    Best of luck to us all, I guess. I know I often feel just about done in…and not a dollar to spare to do anything about it.

    Honestly, between the pesticides, the herbicides, the GMOs, the trashy manufactured food-like offerings at the grocery store…and now I connect the dots and find this info…

    I daresay I’ve been suffering sensitivity for a very long time. My health was worse before I revamped my diet, but in my ill-health-inspired-poverty, I’m now renting a room where, as it turns out, the smart meter is against a perpendicular wall to mine and just a couple of feet away from my room. (It’s against the wall of the kitchen where the stove and counters are, so there’s no shielding anything even if my landlords had an interest in this concern.)

    I find that I’m losing the ability to organize and follow routines…devastating to someone who is already ill and depending on routines to get by. While I was away in May the Internet modem (my room has the cable and so it’s located here) was replaced with one that has WiFi integrated. I found this website because I’ve been trying to figure out why I’m feeling so dreadful since I got home…not at all recovering from the fatigue of the trip like I expected to and getting even worse in the brain fog department.

    I like this house…it’s deep rural location means no street light in my bedroom window and the distance of the house from the road means no noise from passing cars and trucks…lots of animal noises but that’s not at all distressing. So now I find that my remotely located room is actually hurting me? So discouraged tonight. Really.

    Tomorrow I’m going to see if I can rig something in the way of an aluminum foil shield to put between me and the modem. Ditto for something down the door next to it, through the window of which I can see the smart meter. If I impair any other house member’s Internet connection my efforts will be vetoed, I’m afraid.

    A friend with whom I’m planning to share water kefir grains is looking into the cheapest way I can rig something up with Himalayan pink salt. Does it have to be a salt block with a light bulb in it, or is there some way I can produce whatever benefits such a lamp provides using less expensive methods? From what I’ve seen, a lamp at it’s least expensive would be at least $30 plus shipping. Open to any suggestions… Please.

    Peace and blessings…I have God to turn to, but I’m doing what I can in my own weakness, as well.

  • Paul Von said,

    Hello Kathryn. I am very sorry to hear you’ve become ill with EM exposures. I can certainly relate to the brain fog and fatigue issues. There is a fairly low cost way to reduce the dumb meter exposure using grounded aluminum screening, cooking foil, and a short length of wire which you can get at a hardware supply. I’ve experimented with this, and though it isn’t as effective as Giron or MuMetal magnetic shielding, it cuts the effective radiation by over 2/3’s. Lloyd has a good page on magnetic shielding materials, and this link introduces the reader to the sheilding concepts. http://www.lessemf.com/mag-shld.html

    Also wondering what country or area you are living in? If you are interseted in instructions on how to constuct my “budget” sheild, perhaps it would be better to join the reader forum on this site. I don’t wish to bore other readers with a bunch of text. Best regards.

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Paul/Kathryn
    Yes I’d appreciate it if you could have this discussion in the forum – thanks.

  • Paul Von said,

    10/4 on that Lloyd. I am hoping that your readers can be encouraged to correspond through your forum, rather than do what I usually do with too lengthy of a text. 😉
    Sorry about that. I digress all the time.
    Best regards,
    Paul Von

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