EMF Stories – Getting On The Right Path

Electrical sensitivity affects different people in different ways.

Many different ways.

But as much as the symptoms may change from one person to the next, there are so many similarities between different people's personal histories and experiences.

That's why its important to hear other people's stories because this often shed's light on your own.

Here Steve, one of my readers, shares his eye-opening story:

Now I can see after lots of research, that it started way back in comprehensive/high school. Around the age of puberty, I began to have many spots and bad skin accompanied by a flaky scalp. I went to the Dr's where you supposedly go to “get well” and they gave me a range of different tar products to get rid of the flaky scalp. Some worked temporarily but then the problem always recurred.

Then the skin problem worsened and started to appear on my face also either side of my nose. This was a very trying time at that age when you are highly bodily conscious.

Towards the end of primary school and the beginning of comprehensive school I had in total x10 amalgam fillings which again, going to the dentist to “get well” thought was a good idea at the time and thought nothing of it as there were no safety warnings about putting highly toxic mercury in the mouth to be chewed on so that the vapour can happily and slowly poison your system. Like the frog in a pot, if you put it straight into boiling water it will jump straight out but when you boil the water with him in it, he will boil to death.

Also around this time I had the usual vaccinations except for the MMR thank God!! Over the years from then on I suffered in and out of depression, not really understanding the cause.

I don’t know the exact year when I had my first mobile phone but this was also in my late teens sometime and I have always been a heavy user of both mobile phones and wi fi lap tops, not knowing the dangers and high levels of radiation that they expose you too, magnified when you have amalgam fillings causing an electric current in your mouth unnaturally.

Fast forward to now, I have found myself in a chronically ill state not able to be around any source of wi fi/ RF radiation without feeling nausea and sickness with thumping headaches (the usual EHS symptoms) which gradually get worse with stomach aches and bloating ending usually being agitated and sometimes even to the point of depression. This all started over 4yrs ago when I began to have my amalgam fillings removed (x8 in total with only x2 left) unfortunately by a conventional private dentist and not a holistic dentist!

I have been serving for the past two and a half years as a Hare Krishna monk full time volunteering and recently had to give that up too because of my health. Many people have ridiculed me and if not ridiculed simply looked at me as if I have x2 heads! :-)… This has been frustrating to say the least with the first x3 Doctors refusing to accept it as a disease and something that is psychological and in my head only.

Now for the good news, I have found that having EHS has actually made me search into alternative therapies like I have never done before, even though I have always had a keen interest and used to do energy healing and spiritual counselling with people suffering from phobias/depression/weight problems etc (after receiving a bachelors in metaphysical science and working as a detox therapist in London).

One of the first things I came across to help with EHS was grounding technology that I have used and found to be of some help but not getting to the root of the problem and only a temporal improvement. I now use them to drain any excess electricity or static from the body if I have been on the computer or just before bed which I find useful.

Then, came Lloyds book “Beating Electrical Sensitivity- The path to tread”. This was probably the most influential reading that I did to get me out of danger zones and my body into a “safe” place where it could start to heal itself. Personally I listened to the audio book because I find it easier to digest information like that. Now I have implemented many of the suggestions in the book and my health is steadily improving although I am not fully healed from EHS yet.

I believe that EHS is not the actual disease and in Lloyds book it also says that this is a combination of many things, Since my teens like many EHS sufferers gradually I have found that I have been sensitive to certain foods first then many chemicals before experiencing my first sensitivities to EHS when I noticed that a sat nav was giving me a thumping head and nausea about 4yrs ago. What I like about Lloyds book and what attracts me is firstly the title because it is positive and focuses on solutions. And secondly it is inspiring to hear from others that have succeeded in getting over EHS as it builds belief in our minds that we too can heal opening up the doors to the avenues that we need in order to heal (a very important part of getting over any illness).

Recently (only 9 days ago) I was introduced to MMS (Master Mineral Solution) by Jim Humble and can honestly say it has been the best thing I have found for combating pathogens, viruses, parasites, heavy metals and the like. Already I can cook on gas with no symptoms where previously it also used to give me the same symptoms as EHS, flaky scalp gone, athletes foot gone, eczema in ears and on some parts of body gone, and there is a test where you spit into a glass of water to find out if you have an overgrowth of candida, this also has shown that candida is more controlled.

Of course it is difficult to test for heavy metals, although before taking MMS I did have kinesiology testing and it showed lots of mercury in my head particularly around brain and jaw area, I am looking forward to going back after a month on MMS to see the results and the Kinesiologists face when these have improved dramatically because he told me by conventional candida diet and heavy metal detox this could take up to 5yrs.

I am not fully healed yet from EHS but I know for certain that I am on the right path. I hope that this also gives others hope, because it can be done.

I forgot to mention that I also changed my diet to a lot of what Lloyd suggested in his book and conventional detox procedures. I eat a vegan diet and find it very light and healthy with as many organic products as possible.

Thank you for taking the time out to read this, good luck to those of you currently suffering with EHS and I wish the very best of health for you and your family….

ps if anyone would like to contact me please reply at the bottom of this post (with Lloyd's permission) and I will do my best to serve you the best I can with anything I have talked about.

Thank you Steve for sharing your story. If you’ve got an EMF or electrical sensitivity story you’d like to share, please send it through to me.

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  • Steve said,

    I just wanted to add to this that since writing I have seen a naturopath. She was amazing, and personally used to suffer from EHS. Her name is Emma Jones here is her site..www. healthyjones.co.uk/.

    She introduced me to many different detox and cleansing processes along with proper hydration and an increase in omega 3 and 6 oils. This has also made a profound difference to my symptoms.

    The book “Cellular Awakening” also by Barbara Wren talks of the science and why these changes make such a difference (for those that are interested).

    One more thing to add is that Emma advised me that MMS is very good but should be taken at certain times and at certain doses because it is very powerful and first thing is to get the liver and detox organs along with the lymph in order to be able to cope with the extra load.

    One thing that has been paramount after seeing Emma is that we are all individuals and all have different stories of how we have got to this chronic health state so also out treatments and healing techniques will also be unique. After my experience with Emma I would highly recommend going to see a quality naturopath preferably trained by Barbara Wren.

    I hope this helps… Hare Krishna. 🙂

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