Overcoming EMF Sensitivity – A Functional Medicine Approach

Dr. Libby qualified as a doctor of chiropractic and functional medicine practitioner in 2010.

With her husband they set up business together in the same premises in the Chicago area.

To compliment her functional medicine and chiropractic work she invested in a ‘biomeridian machine’ to do energetic testing of her clients frequencies and meridian pathways.

She loved what she was doing, but in the early years she was just starting out so she was pretty much living, sleeping and breathing her work

She was drawn to the biomeridian machine because it offered a nice, non-invasive, low-level way of testing someone for things like chemical sensitivities.

With the O’Hare and Midway airports nearby there was no shortage of patients, with her device she was able to easily detect a sensitivity to jet fuel or EMFs.

The machine was doing it’s job, just great.

Such a good job that she used it on all her patients.

What she didn’t realize was that it was putting out it’s own frequency.

Some day’s she’d be sat in front of the machine for 12 hours a day.

At this point she had no idea what EMFs were.

Then very slowly, it was slow but it was daily exposure, she began to notice some changes.

Usually she’d be up before her alarm, singing the joy’s of spring literally the moment her feet hit the ground.

That slowly stopped.

She had major fatigue.

She would do a day’s work, go home and sleep as long as she could, then drag her body out of bed for work the next day, feeling like she’d slept five minutes.

It escalated to where she was getting really bad headaches and it was always her left temple – to this day her left temple is her EMF detector.

It got so she couldn’t think clearly.

She couldn’t articulate the thoughts in her head to her husband or her patients.

“I was supposed to be taking care of people and I did not feel like myself.”

And then literally her personality totally started changing.

Her whole being changed.

“I was going nutty.”

She admits, “had I not been in the healthcare field, especially in the natural health care fields, I would have totally been on psychotropic drugs and who knows, maybe institutionalized”.

She started to call every healthcare professional she knew and saying, “this is what I’m going through….”

Eventually one of them said, “You are electromagnetically hypersensitive. You can’t be around that kind of stuff.”

“It was like getting hit with a brick”.

Dr. Libby started looking back at what she’d been doing, sitting next to the biomeridian machine 12 hours a day but also she’d recently moved into a new home.

She renovated her home to make it into a ‘smart home'.

Not smart.

With the help of power expert Dave Stetzer she started doing EMF mitigation work to deal with not just the dirty electricity problem but all the other EMFs she was being exposed to in her daily life.

Gradually through her EMF work and by applying to herself the functional medicine approach she’d been applying to her patients she got her life back.


Thursday, 25th October at 1:00 p.m. EST (10 AM PST or 6 PM GMT) I’m interviewing Dr. Libby Darnell.

Dr. Libby DarnellDr Libby Darnell EMF expert is a Functional Medicine practitioner, Doctor of Chiropractic, wife, and mother.

She has written various nutrition programs, taught hundreds of one-on-one workshops, and won Illinois Top Ten Chiropractor in 2016.

She’s an expert in EMF safety and has advocated for EMF awareness for a number of years after experiencing it's damaging effects personally.

I’ve chosen the teleseminar format so that you can follow via your computer or using your telephone.

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