This Is Your Most Reliable Instrument For EMF Protection

What’s your most reliable instrument for EMF protection?

Sound like a strange question?

Strange it might sound but there's a very important reason I'm asking you.

This you can be sure of; if you've not understood what your most reliable instrument is, your efforts to deal with EMFs will never amount to much.

So what’s your most reliable instrument for EMF protection?

I’ll give you some clues, here’s what its not:

Your Trifield meter.

Your Cornet meter.

Your Acoustimeter.

No, not even warm

These meters all have their uses.

But none of them are THE most reliable instrument for EMF protection.

So what is it?

It’s you.

You are your most reliable instrument for EMF protection.

If you are your most reliable instrument for EMF protection why should you go to the trouble of buying meters and taking readings and so on?

Let me explain.

Buying the right EMF meter/s is essential for dealing with EMFs.

Basic EMF meter
My first EMF meter

When I bought my first EMF meter this is what it looked like.

Do you know why I chose this meter?

It was about the cheapest meter I could find which could ‘do the job’.

The job was to deal with EMFs so I could get my life back on track.

When I bought this meter I was heavily electrically sensitive.

You’d have thought I’d have gone out and bought something ‘decent’.

Why Didn’t I Buy Something Decent?

I thought it was decent.

I just didn’t ‘get’ the whole measuring EMFs thing.

EMFs had no place in my world and yet they had such a big place in my life I was unable to think clearly because of them.

My mind was caught up in a whirlwind of negative thoughts; what good could it possibly do to buy a meter to show that EMFs are there when I already know they’re there? When the meter does show they’re there, then what am I going to do?

But when I did buy this meter and switched it on and wandered around my home, wow.

The Mealtime Mystery

For months I’d felt unwell at mealtimes.

The headache that just lingered in the background most of the day, gradually got a whole lot worse when I sat down to eat.

When I got the meter, took it out of its box and switched it on, bingo. I immediately realized what was going on at mealtimes.Being a creature of habit I always took my meals sitting in the same kitchen chair. On the other side of the wall to my kitchen chair stood my cordless phone unit. All this I knew.

What I didn’t know was what this cordless phone unit was doing. Like most cordless phones unit it was sending out pulsed digital radiation 24/7.

That’s how little I knew about EMFs.

That little meter improved things for me a lot.

But within hours of taking it out of the box I realized I’d made the wrong choice.

My Preoccupations

You see my biggest preoccupation when I bought that meter was cost. I didn’t want to spend too much.

Because I was so obsessed with cost, I didn’t look at what the meter could actually do, what its functionalities were.

Turns out they were very limited.

I’d bought a fairly blunt instrument. What I needed was a precision instrument something that not only was going to enable me to pinpoint the RF radiation sources in my environment it was also going to allow me to do EMF mitigation (aka to shield). I didn’t know it at the time, but shielding is a waste of time if you don’t have a good enough meter to tell you if your readings are lower after shielding.

All this was a big learning curve. Huge.

The Bigger Picture

And all I was measuring was RF radiation. I still hadn’t cotton-ed on to the importance of magnetic field, electric field and dirty electricity measurement.

And I was even further from understanding that all this direct EMF protection, as important as it is, forms a relatively small part of the overall solution, what I call the bigger picture.

So if I ask you again, “what’s your most reliable instrument for EMF protection”?

Now what’s your answer? Your brain?

Well that is a lot, lot warmer. When I say your brain what I mean is, ‘what you know’. Knowledge. This is very important, hugely important.

That’s why improving your EMF education is my principal concern.

My other concern is getting you to take action.

Because that’s the only way you’re going to get results.

But I’m digressing from what I wanted to say, your most reliable instrument for EMF protection is ….

Your gut.

It goes under different names, your instinct, your internal compass, your electricsense. Anyway, whatever you want to call it this is your best instrumentation. It’s what you need to take heed of. Its what I take heed of all the time.

You need to follow your gut on EMF protection.

You need to follow your gut full stop.

If you think cell phone diodes, stickers, plug-in harmonizers, neutralizers and other gizmos are the way to deal with EMFs then really the best you can do is unsubscribe.

What I’m talking about is precisely aimed at improving your internal compass. Because that’s the other thing, EMF exposures render us less capable of following our gut. They turn us into zombies.

Don’t be a zombie.

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  • David McElroy said,

    I have been hearing an annoying “buzzing” similar to the singing of high tension wires heard along a country road. But I am in a downtown triplex apartment. My utility company, back in November, replaced my old analog meter with a new digital Itron Wattmeter, the Centron model. I was assured it was not a smart meter, and researching it on the web, and talking with a man sent to discuss the issue, I find this meter is one that is upgradable to a smart meter, with interchangeable electronic modules for varying levels of smart metering. But I am told mine is simply digital and is not RFID equipped, that no smart meters are being installed by PNM in New Mexico. Any further information?

  • BobbyBaxter HCVeteran&MarihuanaFelon said,

    Less known, but neurologically our gut is known as our ‘second brain’.

  • Susan Burke said,

    Dear Lloyd, this was perfectly timed, I do believe it is our “gut” that will save us from ourselves. It is the first brain and more important for overall well-being. Out “gut” needs to stay in good shape, healthy, in order to receive the important information, called our intuition. I am in recovery now, and feeling much better, but it took three months to find the culprit, while I was desperately ill; once we found it, a smart meter placed by SCWA, a utility company serving the water in our area, we disarmed the meter, I started to feel better immediately. Had we not had the sense or the “gut” instinct to go to the basement and find in and disarm is, I probably would not be writing to you right now. There were many modalities I used to heal, all eastern medicine, diet and some supplements, along with “still point reducer” (magic). Now I put naked feet to the ground, I pray, have gratitude, write a lot, and am healing. By reducing the electric load in our home, and by hardwiring all systems and using a hardwired phone, I am now able to enjoy my life again, going out and being a part of the world, on a regular basis. You are 100% right, gut instinct and a resolve to find and know what is the culprit. For me, the hand set or cordless was the first thing that gave me the idea to look deeper in my own home for the problem. I am writing a short story, a testimony of my journey. Throughout the illness, I wrote extensively, my dreams were vivid and graphic landscapes of what my brain was experiencing. I think my story can bring light and life to others seeking comfort and restoration from this human experiment called: “technology”. Regards and all the best to all who want to heal and can, Susan

  • Larsen said,

    What emf meter would you recommend for a newbie?

  • Patti Zentara said,

    Lloyd! Iwas shocked I knew the answer to your question. Not that I
    am brilliant, it just makes sense. As I learn more about how this huge EHS effects millions~~~I have to thank you and your loyal family of
    posters that feel like family to me. And also mentors who have taught
    me so much.
    My gratitude to all of you. ✨
    Will not be a zombie and am watching my inbox for the launch!

    Patti on California

  • Scott said,

    I am interested in what you have developed.Anxiously waiting. 🙂

  • Rosemarie said,

    Thank you Lloyd! I shared this on Facebook.

  • Rosemarie said,

    This is in response to David McElroy’s comment: I got the same story from my power company but it is misleading. A digital meter such as you describe, a WIRED DIGITAL METER, STILL PRODUCES DIRTY ELECTRICITY. Only a non-digital analog meter does not produce dirty electricity.

    I had an electrical engineer explain the problem to me. Digital is not the same type of power as analog which is what we have in our homes. Placing a digital meter on an analog wiring system causes Electromagnetic Interference on your home wiring, and I have measured the EMI with a Steterizer EMI meter giving readings of 640 near the meter as opposed to an “average” reading of 50 as suggested by Stetzer maker of the EMI meter. I hope this helps as I have been deliberately mislead by my power company and it took me much longer to figure out what the issues are.

  • sherry z said,

    my “gut” tells me I am sick in this house and most other places in my area. objectively, wireless sources are increasing. knowing this is a problem doesn’t help. needing a “white space” of lower exposure would solve it. most of my life had enough “white space” of no microwave exposures. now, I do not.
    the main thing is finding where to live and not get sicker. I would do it via machine, gut or brew. I want to have the life I had before microwaves. plain and simple

  • Sylvia Ruth Gray said,

    I know our gut is our 1st brain, the result of the microorganisms which inhabit it. Is there any documentation of the concept that EMFs EMRs impact gut bacteria?

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