EMF Protection Practicalities – How To Measure Mitigate And Shield

The cornerstone of dealing with EMFs is measurement and protection.

My next interview guest has been selling EMF products for over 20 years.

From humble beginnings he now run’s the biggest EMF protection on-line store in the US.

He's also acquired a solid knowledge of EMF meters and shielding products.


Emil DeToffol Less EMFThursday, 8th September at 1:00 p.m. EST (10 AM PST or 5 PM GMT) I’m conducting a LIVE interview with Dr. Emil DeToffol.

Dr. DeToffol has a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Chemistry from SUNY at Stony Brook and a Doctorate of Dental Surgery from SUNY at Buffalo.

After retiring from the practice of dentistry, and volunteering at the Option Institute in Sheffield MA (a resource for families with Autism), Dr. DeToffol set about looking for a way to apply his engineering and health science background to help the growing number of people concerned about the adverse effects of electromagnetic fields.

He created Less EMF in 1996. Less EMF now offers over 300 EMF safety products from around the world including EMF meters, specialist shielding products, and books on the subject of EMFs.

Man-made electromagnetic field pollution of our environment has escalated to the point where effects on our delicate biological systems are a certainty. This has been well documented in the scientific literature, but not well publicized, ” says Dr. DeToffol.

In our bodies charged particles come in the form of electrons, ions, ionized molecules, such as the amino acids that form our DNA and all of those polarized molecules that form the cell membrane of each and every cell. When you expose those charged particles to a magnetic field, the magnetic field makes them want to move. If they can't move it makes them want to twist. This twisting, while it's not the same as hitting it with a very high energy like an x-ray where it breaks the molecule apart or tears electrons away, it causes the size and shape of the molecules to be different, as they are moved or twisted in this field…….

If you change the shape you change how that DNA functions. The cell membrane is the same……You will change the permeability of that cell membrane……. Our muscles operate with charged particles, our nervous system, our digestion, our thinking our heartbeat, all of our cell communication……

It's all chemistry in one sense but in the other sense all this chemistry is related to the interaction of the electrons in the atoms and molecules. If you change the way the electrons behave you change the chemistry.'

In this interview we will be talking about:

  • What are EMFs?
  • Why are they dangerous?How/where do I begin?
  • Most popular/best EMF meters
  • Strategies for mitigation: distance, turn off, shield
  • How to shield/what to shield
  • How to avoid overwhelm when you first realize EMFs are impacting your health
  • How to speak with family/friends/neighbors to get their help or cooperation
  • And much more

This interview has now been broadcast.

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  • Nancey Kinney said,

    I have been told that any wearable device also harms our own protective energy field by diminishing it. Are there any devices which can help protect us from the damages of EMF’s?
    No place to sign up for the webinar…..

  • Karen said,

    Are crowns with metal dangerous for those with EMF sensitivity?

  • Bonnie Twiss said,

    I am grateful for your site and the expert speakers you bring forward. Thank you.

  • Lee said,

    1. The explanation above regarding how magnetic fields affect electrons was helpful! From that excerpt, I’m guessing that Dr. DeToffol communicates clearly and excellently. If so, that goes a long way towards towards fostering a great interview.

    2. I love the Less EMF site!

    3. Nancey Kinney, in answer to your question, look just above where your comment is posted. There you’ll see this notification: “*****To access this interview make sure you are signed up to my newsletter.***** (If you received notification of this interview by email you don’t need to sign up again.)” Because you’ve already responded to this announcement, most likely you’re already a newsletter subscriber (but if not, you know what to do!). 🙂