EMF Protection Through Cellular Awakening: A New Path To Health And Healing

“There was something about her energy that was instantly likeable.

She talks very seriously about health and healing, but always with a twinkle in her eye.

cellular awakeningWhat is so wonderful and refreshing about her teaching is that it connects you with a deep inner knowing. There is a consistency and sense to everything she says that resonates with certain feelings that we have all had in the past but perhaps dismissed.

She speaks with integrity because she lives her philosophy day to day.

Although when I met her I already had a deep knowledge of health and healing, her discussion of how we hold and utilize light inspired me to study with her. Over the course of two years I learned about the body and its connection to the greater universe in a way that took me deep inside myself.

Barbara’s basic philosophy revolves around personal responsibility and empowerment, and it is this that makes her work so appealing. She invites everyone she teaches to take control of their lives and to embark on a journey to deeper levels of health, happiness and freedom……

I tested out her teachings, I researched the many eminent doctors, scientists and philosophers who inspired her, and the journey it took me on has been truly life changing. I have had so many shifts in consciousness and have made so many new connections in my understanding of health and healing that I continue to be both thrilled and amazed by the power of the process.

Barbara not only shares her philosophy but also has over three decades of deep experience of helping people become whole and empowered in their lives. Over that time she has accumulated a wonderful medicine bag’ of tools that she uses with great efficiency to facilitate positive change in her own life and the lives of the many people who have over the years sought out her wisdom……

Their simplicity and power make them life changing. Imagine owning a wonderful car and suddenly discovering that you had inside you all the knowledge you ever needed to maintain that car in perfect running order. Add to this all the tools you need to achieve this and you’d never need to take it to a mechanic again. Barbara likens the body to a vehicle and shows each of us how we can uncover the knowledge that is hidden within each and every one of us to keep that vehicle in the very best of condition.

Barbara also has a philosophy that is so pertinent to the times in which we are living. She helps people to connect with who they really are and to feel truly empowered. What she says makes sense and presents a new way of looking at health and healing.…..

Barbara does not ask you to believe what she says but to feel for yourself the resonance of truth. We are each born with an inner knowing of who we are and what our purpose is, but so many of us have forgotten this and become side-tracked by life. Barbara challenges each of us to take full responsibility for our own lives and to remember just how wonderful and amazing we really are. We are beings that thrive on light and have the potential to hold light within and around every cell in our bodies. This gives a whole new meaning to the idea of enlightenment and opens the mind up to new possibilities.”

These excerpts are taken from the foreword of the book “Cellular Awakening”.

Barbara Wren EMF ProtectionThe Barbara in question is Barbara Wren.

Besides being an accomplished author Barbara Wren is also a teacher and lecturer.

She's been teaching and lecturing for over 30 years, showing people a different approach to getting well through nutrition and healing techniques. And she is also the founder of the College of Natural Nutrition.

She describes health as a “deep emotional connectedness to who we are and our place in the universe”.

When I stumbled across her book one day in Waterstones in Piccadily (London) I was literally drawn in by her penetrating insights. I'd never heard anyone explain so simply and clearly how the body works, from the cellular level outward and how health problems develop, from lesser to severe, from exterior to deeper/interior.. Her perception of the links between seemingly unconnected body symptoms is nothing short of revelatory.

We’re all connected, everything is connected. You’ve heard this before.

Barbara Wren shows the connections between seemingly unconnected symptoms such as pH and blood sugar imbalances, with dehydration, with colon and liver impairment, with low body temperature.

Her first book Cellular Awakening has now been translated into 14 languages and she published a second book Our Return to the Light: A New Path to Health and Healing on a similar theme last year.

The Solutions

Besides being inspirational and enlightening both books are also very practical. They talk about solutions. They give detailed explanations of tried and tested alternative health techniques.

Techniques that are very relevant to chronic health conditions like Alzheimer's disease, autism and chronic fatigue syndrome.

One technique she teaches is how to strengthen the blood brain barrier, of particular relevance to people suffering from electrical sensitivity.

Which is why I'm delighted to welcome Barbara Wren as my next interview guest. I'm also delighted because many of the techniques she advocates I've been using for a number of years, and they've been working.

Free Teleseminar

I'm interviewing Barbara next Thursday August 7th at 1:00 p.m. EST (10 AM PST or 5 PM GMT).


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