EMF Protection and 80/20

You're reading this because you're looking for answers.

Something's tweaked you about EMFs.

A news article or something on TV. Maybe it's that tingling feeling you get when you've been on your cell phone for a while. Perhaps it's that new smart meter the utility company just installed.

You want answers about EMFs. More than answers you want results. To get results you need to take action. But what action?

What if I said there was a right way and a wrong about of going about this?

What if I said there was a very effective way of getting these results?

Sounds too good to be true?

You see EMF Protection like many things in life obeys the 80/20 rule.

To get these results, to effectively deal with EMFs, you need to focus on those actions which will yield the results you are looking for.

Why does it obey the 80/20 rule?

Because it's a law of nature.

The 80/20 Principle

Vilfredo Pareto discovered 80/20 at the beginning of the last century. It boils down to this: 80 per cent of results flow from just 20 percent of causes. Sounds simple but its actually very profound.

80/20 can be applied to many spheres. 20 percent of the Earth's surface provides for 80 percent of the Earth's mineral wealth. 20 percent of criminals account for 80 percent of crime. 20 per cent of your leisure time is responsible for 80 per cent of your happiness. 20 percent of the energy in an internal combustion engine gets to the wheels, 80 percent is wasted.

What about EMF protection? The same thing applies. You can leverage your action in just the same way. An 80 percent improvement can be obtained from 20 percent of action.

You need to know what 20 percent of action to take to get the 80 per cent improvement.

The best way to deal with EMFs is protection and avoidance, right ? Yes and no.

There's more too it than that.

You see if you want meaningful results you can't ‘play' at EMF protection.

Most People

That's the mistake most people make.

They only really have a passing interest in the subject.

They don't understand that to get anywhere with this you have to apply rigorous direct EMF protection.

If you don't apply rigorous direct EMF protection you'll be stuck in first gear.

This is where most people are, stuck in first gear.

When I first became electrically sensitive back in 2002 I spent a long time in first gear.

In fact sometimes it felt more like I was in reverse.

Sure, I was doing things to deal with my electrical sensitivity, they just weren't the right things.

I eventually realized I had to buy an EMF meter.

Do you know what I bought?

I bought the cheapest RF meter I could find.

This meter was so insensitive and inaccurate I could walk round and round a cell tower in ever increasing circles and still not get a reading.

I tried lots of other things, but it was all very haphazard.

I'd read this, buy that.

I didn't have a strategy.

I couldn't see the point in trying to understand EMFs and health.

What good would it do?

I soon realized my condition wasn't improving. In fact it seemed I was getting worse.

I had to do something.

So what was the solution?

The Solution

It was lots of things.

It was understanding the different form of EMF pollution that were present in my environment.

It was having the tools to measure them.

It was knowing how to use those tools.

It was mitigating the EMF hotspots in my home.

In a word or a few words: rigorous direct EMF protection.

Most people don't do all this.

They don't know where to start.

They don't have a tried and tested strategy.

I have developed a strategy.

If you're serious about EMF protection you can carry on following my website and reading my emails. It might become clear what you need to do, eventually.

Then again it might not.

On the other hand if you want to fast track your progress I recommend you buy my ebook, for the money its by FAR the best resource I know of on EMF protection.

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  • linda laing said,

    I have been looking at apartments and they all have multi smart meters on the side of the building……..the one I am now living in has 9 against one wall of a bedroom……..since this apartment is temporary I have used this bedroom to store my furniture and packed boxes……. one apartment I looked at and almost rented has 15 or more on the dining room/kitchen wall. where can I find something to put on the wall inside the apartment to block the radiation. I have watched videos but cannot find where to purchase anything. can you please help me……….thank you so very much. linda

  • Lloyd said,

    I have an Amazon store which lists all the EMF products I recommend, see https://www.electricsense.com/emf-protection-store/

  • Rachel said,

    How do we protect our children at school? Every room is wireless…the kids use I-pad’s and so much of their work is digital. My 5 year old is around it for 7 hours a day 5 days a week! He gets headaches and it drives me crazy. Obama is trying to phase out textbooks completely to enter fully into the digital/wreless realm. I feel so helpless 🙁

  • Lloyd said,

    Talk to the head of school about it, write a letter to the school board, talk to other parents….organize a petition, that’s what I would do if my 5 year old was being exposed to WiFi in this way. See, https://www.electricsense.com/4608/how-to-stop-wifi-from-being-introduced-into-your-kids-school/

  • Gwen martin said,

    Hi & apologies if you’ve answered about this before. 1) I ve been looking at purchasing something called a QuWave Harmonizer as i ve just relented & got an Android phone. Can you comment please? 2) I am also looking for protection against new neighbours’ wifi ( i myself have wireless connection upstairs but don’t think it is as bad as wifi from my neighbours?)I’m sure something is affecting me as I feel like sleeping all the time & brain not so alert.Many thanks, Gwen

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Gwen
    I don’t recommend any EMF gizmos….artificial harmonizers, resonators, neutralizers….these devices can be dangerous. WiFi goes through walls and ceilings so the first point is to deal with your own WiFi, see https://www.electricsense.com/3544/wifi-radiation-how-to-protect-yourself/ My EMF protection free report can help you with all these questions.

  • linda said,

    Thank you for your information and posts. The challenge I have with the possibility of reading your ebook is, I can’t be on the internet via computer for more than about 5 minites at a time. And to be on the cell phone is getting to be just as problematic. Any suggestions?

  • Lloyd said,

    The idea behind the eBook is not to read it on the screen…its to download it and print it out. You also get a copy of the book in audio format so you can listen to it on an MP3 player if you prefer. If you are reacting to your cell phone, see my cell phone radiation protection tips https://www.electricsense.com/775/how-to-protect-yourself-from-cell-phone-radiation/

  • Lottie said,

    What can I do. two years ago I purchased and now own and live in a condo in an area where they are widening the street and building a Light Rail electric train in Phoenix Arizona. Now I see the SRP electric/ Valley Metro company is placing like 3 huge transformers like 5ft x 6ft each on the back side of my patio wall not 20 ft from my kitchen and also they want to place one in my front yard not 15 ft from bedroom window. I know this is extrememly dangerous. I have 3 little granddaughters and some small chihuahuas and 4 cats. We dont want to get cancer or Alzheimers or ALS or leukemia. What can I do I cant move I have no money. And probably no one would buy my condo anyway. Is a transformer worse that the high voltage power lines as far as EMF goes. How can I measure now and then again after they power these up? I wonder is anyone in Phoenix area can help me with exact measuring etc both now and later. I am lost and scared.

  • Lloyd said,

    The only way to know for sure what your EMF exposures are is to measure with an EMF meter. You can contact the train company, explain your concerns, they might have someone they can send out and take some measurements.You can contact an EMF consultant to take measurements for you, see https://www.electricsense.com/3125/emf-consultants-list/ But the best is really to buy your own EMF meter…..that way you will be sure of the readings and you can monitor them over time. Transformers are a source of magnetic fields and electric fields but the magnetic fields pose the biggest threat because they traverse most materials….however these fields fall off very quickly….your bedroom may be at a safe distance….only an EMF meter will tell you this. For this kind of measurement the Trifield 100XE is a good buy – see my review here https://www.electricsense.com/1336/is-the-trifield-100xe-the-best-emf-meter/

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