EMF Conference 2019 – With Dr Lyn Patrick

As a college undergraduate Lyn wanted to pursue a graduate degree in biochemistry at Cornell University.

Her undergraduate professor was a gentleman called Dr. Jeffrey Bland.

You might not have heard of him but he’s considered the father of functional medicine—a huge branch of medicine related to nutrition and biochemistry which uses non-harmful substances to address health conditions.

Dr. Bland took Lyn into his office and said, “You know, I just don’t think you’re going to be that happy in a laboratory with a bunch of rats.”

He said, “I have this friend who’s coming to talk at your college. His name is Dr. Joseph Pizzorno.”

Fast forward 30 years, he’s now one of the most well-read and published naturopathic physicians globally.

“He gave this pretty stunning lecture to the 20 of us that were in the room and I thought, I have to learn what this man knows.

It turns out that Dr. Bland was correct.

The next year Lyn ended up entering the second-ever class of John Bastyr College—the major university in naturopathic medicine in the United States of America.

The other part of Lyn’s personal history which is relevant is that Lyn was not always a healthy person.

Her father worked in an explosives factory where they made napalm for Vietnam and brought a lot of that material home on his work clothes.

Environmental medicine doctors are now taught that in such cases exposure is not just for the person who’s working in the factory, it’s for the whole family.

Lyn was exposed to many things as a young child.

In 2000, she had been in practice since 1985 and she took a class with a naturopathic physician named Dr. Walter Crinnion on environmental medicine just as an introduction.

She found herself whispering to her colleague, sat next to her.

They were both saying the same thing; while many patients got better, some of them did not.

“The reason they did not respond to our therapies was because we were not looking for the cause of the problem. We didn’t know where to look. We didn’t know how to look, and we certainly didn’t know how to treat toxic exposures.”

So Lyn, with her doctor colleague rushed up to Dr. Crinnion at the end of the program and said, “You must teach us everything you know.”

They convinced him to begin a clinical training program for physicians and primary health care providers in environmental medicine.

In the training program, all the doctors as students, did fat biopsies on each other and sent them into the laboratory so that their toxic load could be assessed, and blood, and urine.

When the results came back, Dr. Crinnion took Lyn aside and said, “You know, you’re really right up there. I think you’re the second or third most toxic person in the class.”

This was no surprise to Lyn because she had had multiple illnesses including chronic fatigue syndrome and she was unable to handle low-level exposures that most people could, like a hotel room for example.

She got to work, and it took several years.

“There are no magic pills, as you know. It’s a process.”

She says, “I consider myself a recovering environmental medicine patient. By that, I mean that I do continue to avoid exposures.”

Interview—EMF Conference 2019

Thursday, 25th July at 12 noon EST (9 AM PST or 5 PM GMT) I’m interviewing naturopathic doctor, Lyn Patrick.

EMF conference 2019

With 35 years experience in private practice as a licensed naturopathic physician, Dr. Lyn Patrick is the author of numerous articles in peer-reviewed medical journals.

She speaks internationally on various topics, including environmental medicine, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, endocrine disruption, and metal toxicology. She’s currently a faculty for the Metabolic Medicine Institute Fellowship in collaboration with the George Washington School of Medicine and Health Sciences, and a member of the board of directors of the American College for the Advancement of Medicine.

She’s also co-chair of the EMF Conference 2019 in Santa Cruz, California, September 6 to 8th 2019. The EMF Conference 2019 is a major conference for health care providers (it’s aimed at professionals but it’s open to the public too) which brings together nearly 30 speakers on all aspects of EMFs.

Listen to my interview with Dr. Lyn Patrick and discover:

  • the four toxic metals you MUST get tested for—this is a standard (approx $60) medical test that can be done by just about every lab in the world
  • how if you live in a home that’s built before 1978 you're at risk of being lead exposed (from 2 sources)—how high doses of just one vitamin can allow the body to excrete it naturally
  • how environmental medicine is being used to successfully treat people with electrical hyper sensitivity in clinics in the US
  • why some people become EMF-sensitive and some don’t
  • how studies on the blood of people who are sensitive has identified indicators—we call them indicators because they’re not diagnostics—but they indicate a certain type of damage in people who are EMF sensitive
  • how our detox systems are are overwhelmed and undernourished and what vitamins and minerals we need to boost them
  • how deficiency of one major antioxidant is being a lot of modern ‘diseases' including EMF sensitivity
  • how the 5G rollout in Dallas has caused a significant increase in the number of EMF sensitivity cases being reported (information shared by Dr. Lyn's colleague in Texas)
  • how people with high levels of toxic metals in the body are the people that are the (EMF) sickest—and the single biggest contributor to this intoxication
  • how water from a very deep well can critically expose you to another toxic metal
  • how anti-oxidant supplementation can effectively combat free-radical damage caused by EMFs (the metal toxicity needs to be dealt with also)
  • note: all these issues will be covered in detail during the EMF conference

You can learn more about Dr. Lyn Patrick here https://www.facebook.com/DrLynPatrick/

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  • Eileen said,

    Diversity (cross disciplines) enable us to connect dots which obviously illustrate that we are suffering from Nature Deficit Disorder. The cause of separation from Nature, I believe, is a lack of conscious awareness and attention; the downstream effect of intergenerational collective trauma. (I. Velikovsky). Beyond EMF Satellites, GeoEngineering, Glyphosate, Retroviruses, Vaccines, A.I., etc. we must embrace a non-zero sum game paradigm shift . (Yuval Hariri). Awareness is critical. Thank you Lloyd Burrell for “Awarenessing” the planet.

  • Eve said,

    There is a high pitched sonic sound in my home, especially in my bedroom. It keeps on waking me up at night, headaches tension ect. There is no TV or radio and or cell phone (only landline in my home. I am unable to locate the source. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks. Eve