Ellie Marks Campaigns – Husband Dying Of Cell Phone Radiation Related Brain Tumor

You or someone in your family may have already started to exhibit the signs of a cell-phone-radiation-caused brain tumor and you may not even know it.  Here is the story of one family's struggle with brain cancer caused by using a mobile phone.

Brain Tumor Came On After 20 Years Of Cell Phone Use

Ellie Marks began ringing the warning bell over cell phone radiation dangers after her husband suffered a seizure caused by a brain tumor.  Her husband, Alan–56 years old, had used a cell phone for over 20 years in his real estate business.  He began to exhibit personality changes a few years prior to the incident, but was not diagnosed with a brain tumor until after his seizure. The tumor was in a part of the brain related to empathy, and reason.

Mrs. Marks began to suspect that the tumor was caused by her husband’s cell phone use after her son commented on the similarity between his father’s and Senator Ted Kennedy’s mobile phone use.

“My oldest son came to me..,” said Ellie, “Zack was an intern for Sen. Ted Kennedy who suffered a grand mal seizure 11 days after Alan’s that was also the result of a glioma. My son said, ‘You know, Mom, Sen. Kennedy was on the cell phone all the time and so was Dad.’” That got Ellie's attention.

Wife Begins Campaign to Place Blame with Cellular Telephone Industry Association

Mrs. Marks began contacting researchers and scientists about her husband’s case.  Alan Marks became known as the “poster boy for cell phone glioma” and has appeared on TV shows like: Larry King, Dr. Oz, and The Fox Report.

“There was no doubt the problem was with cell phones,” Ellie Marks said. “They found that people who put cell phones up against their ears got brain tumors, those who put them in their bras got breast cancer; and those who put them in their back pockets got rectal cancer.”

Mrs. Marks initiated a civil suit against CTIA (Cellular Telephone Industry Association) for product liability, failure to warn of product dangers and personal injury. She was referred to her attorney by the famous Erin Brockovich, who pursued and won the P, G & E water-poisoning case.

Ellie Marks has commented of her frustration with CTIA for its lack of participation in objective research into the effects of cell phone radiation.  She cites the Interphone Study, in which the U.S. did not take part, preferring to conduct its own, industry-funded research. Although the multinational Interphone Study was not without its flaws, it reported with some certainty, that use of a cell phone for 10 years, for 30 minutes a day, would increase brain cancer risk by forty percent.

U.S. CTIA-funded research claims that cancer risk from cell phone radiation is inconclusive.
I continue to maintain that this research is overtly biased due to a blatant conflict of interest.

Your Family: The Cell Phones Next Victim?

Alan Marks has undergone surgery for his tumor, but continues to suffer from the side-effects caused by his tumor.  His health is still in grave jeopardy and he still has behavior issues. His family has been profoundly affected by the ordeal.

Countless other individuals and their families are, even now, silently suffering from similar hardships due to the effects of brain cancer or other serious illnesses caused by cell phone radiation.  You or someone in your family may be CTIA’s next victim.

Will we continue to sit idly by, while more and more individuals develop brain tumors or other cell-phone-radiation-caused diseases?  Are we not yet fed up enough to demand resolution to one of the most pressing technology-caused disasters of our time?

No you don't want your wife or partner campaigning against cell phone radiation, subsequent to the ill effects you have endured, do you?

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  • adnes said,

    Woohhhhh is this Brain Tumor Came On After 20 Years Of Cell Phone Use, do you have a proof of this happen?? i’m afraid of this co’z im also user….

  • Lloyd said,

    I’m not sure how much “proof” you need? This website is crammed full of it. Anna didn’t need 20 years of cell phone use to get the tumor, hers came on when she was 27 years old see: https://electricsense.com/1270/anna-knows-that-her-tumor-was-caused-by-cell-phone-radiation/

  • Gregg said,

    First time I have utilized this site. I am another example of EMS. Benign brain tumor surgery 2010. Will always believe cell phone usage was main causation.
    Since surgery, I only use hands-free.
    My main issues these days are from laptop usage.
    I look forward to this blog.

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