Electrosensitivity – The Magic of Massage

Can massage be used to treat EMF sensitivity?

Sounds a bit far fetched?

Massage gets quite a lot of bad press. There are those that associate it with seedy goings-on in a Bangkok hotel.

There are those that consider it an indulgence and something that best belongs in a luxury spa or private health club.

But did you know that massage is used in the treatment of cancer? Did you know that it is used to manage anxiety and depression?

Scientists are now finding that massage can boost the immune system, reduce blood pressure, dampen harmful stress hormones and raise levels of mood-elevating brain chemicals such as serotonin.

For me massage is medicine. It's about tapping into and stimulating the body's natural capacity for and self repair. It’s about healing.

For electrosensitivity my own favorite is craniosacral therapy (CST). This involves gentle movements of the spine and skull which are thought to optimize the spinal-cord and realign bones to their proper position. You don't even need to take your shirt off to have CST. Craniosacral therapy is being used increasingly as a treatment for fibromyalgia.



Types of Massage Therapies and their Benefits


Jen Hilman Austin: “I am a massage therapist and Yoga teacher here in Austin Texas. There are about 1 million different types of massages, but today I am going to talk to you about some of the modalities that I practice. First, I am going to begin with talking to you about Swedish massage.

Swedish Massage

This is the traditional type of massage and the most popular performed massage in the West. Swedish massage is characterized by: it is practiced on a table; the receiver is undressed and the massage therapist uses drapes to cover the body; the massage therapist uses oils or lotions to lubricate the skin and physically manipulates the muscles.

Swedish massage has many benefits, the key benefits being:

  • improvement of blood circulation and joint mobility
  • helps to reduce stress and tension throughout the entire body
  • helps to bring oxygen to the muscles and into the blood cells
  • helps to carry toxins away from your muscles to be flushed by the heart and the lymphatic system
  • an excellent way to relieve mental and emotional stress

Deep Tissue Techniques and Swedish Massage

Deep tissue techniques are also utilized during Swedish massage. Deep tissue is a valuable way to break up specific points of tension in the body. If you have those golf ball size knots around your shoulder, or in between your shoulder blades, or around your neck, deep tissue techniques are going to help to break up those knots of tensions and they are really really key in relieving headache tension as well as muscular tension from sitting at a desk, working, or driving; all of these activities that create a sedentary lifestyle and build tensions in the body. Swedish massage as well as deep tissue massage helps greatly in reducing this tension and managing that stress.

Sport Massage

Another great type of table massage is sports massage. This is a more vigorous type of massage that helps to increase the blood flow. It is great to use sport massage before or after your sporting event. Sports massage is an extremely effective way to:

  • flush lactic acid from the muscles and reduce and deal with the soreness and tightness that comes after an event
  • re-oxygenate the muscles and improve the circulation through the heart and through the lungs

Thai massage

Another type of massage is Thai massage. There are two key differences between Thai massage and table massage, those differences being: (1) Thai massage is practiced on the floor, on the mat; and (2) the receiver remains fully clothed during the treatment. Thai massage utilizes active and passive stretching as well as physical manipulations of the body to achieve:

  • a deep state of relaxation as well as increased joint mobility and flexibility
  • increased blood circulation throughout the entire body by carrying blood which is extremely important as it delivers vital oxygen and nutrients to all the muscular and organ systems
  • increased production of synovial fluid which lubricates joints and keeps those bony surfaces from rubbing against each other. Synovial fluid also delivers important nutrients to the joints. Thai massage is a great way to increase the production of this synovial fluid and improve the overall health and condition of the joints.

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage is another important massage for the mother to be. During pregnancy, the body goes through numerous and very dramatic changes. Pregnancy massage is very important in helping:

  • to relieve stress in the lower back, in the hips, in the shoulders and all throughout the body as it changes and expands making room for the new baby
  • pregnancy massage is also important after pregnancy, post natal massage is a great way to help the body as it returns back to its normal state of being

There are myriad forms of massage, there are so many to choose from. Among them are lymphatic drainage, craniosacral massage, Lomi Lomi massage, zero balancing, reflexology, the list goes on and on.”

If you are electrosensitive give massage a try.

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