Electromagnetic Pollution And Your Toxic Tap Water

You might think I'm a bit off subject talking about tap water. Actually I'm right on subject.

You probably remember from your physics classes at school, water is the liquid which is the one of the best conductors of electricity. Our bodies are made up of 70% water. Its probably because of this that electromagnetic pollution can permeate so effectively the biology of our bodies. People often ask me how I went from being very electrosensitive to living normally. There are many things I did and changes I made in my life but probably one of the most important was the day I decided to stop drinking tap water (that includes soups, tea and other beverages).

EMFs, Water And The Blood Brain Barrier

According to statistics from the Environmental Protection Agency there are hundreds of chemicals in our drinking water. Most prominent are chlorine and fluoride, which are added intentionally. In this video Professor Paul Connett tells the truth about fluoride in tap water. You will recall that previously I had talked about how EMFs impacted the blood brain barrier, well so does fluoride according to Professor Connett. Mmm?

Anyway watch this video I guarantee  you will not want to drink tap water any more afterwards.

Fluoride Is Very Toxic

14 years ago Professor Paul Connett’s wife convinced him to enter into the fluoride debate. When he read the literature he was shocked and embarrassed; embarrassed because he had been persuaded that the people opposed to fluoridation were a little strange, and shocked because some of the information was extremely disturbing. Professor Paul Connett specializes in environmental chemistry and toxicology and has 25 years involvement in waste management and the first thing he recognized about fluoride is that it is extremely toxic. It is biologically very active and interferes with many basic bio-chemical processes. Knowing this, it shouldn’t surprise us that there is a wide range of health effects that are attributed to fluoride.

Fluoride Doses 250 Times Too High

There is no doubt that fluoride damages health. Millions of people in India, China and parts of Africa have had their health ruined by fluoride. The argument as far as fluoridation is concerned is; is there an adequate margin of safety between the doses that causes known harm. As documented by the National Research Council in 2006, the indicated Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) safe drinking water standard for fluoride which is 4 parts per million (4ppm) is not safe: it is not protective of health and needs to be lowered. Compare this level of fluoride to a mother’s breast milk, baby’s first meal, an extremely low 0.004ppm. This means that a bottle fed baby in a fluoridated community in the United States where water is fluoridated at 1ppm is getting 250 times a higher dose of fluoride than a breast fed baby.

An Epidemic Of Dental Fluorosis

Dental fluorosis is a major health concern of fluoridation.  Fluoride causes a discoloration on the tooth enamel. When the practice of fluoridating water in the United States began in 1945, the promoters of fluoridation thought that they could limit dental fluorosis in its mild form to 10% of the children. The very mild form has little specks of light opaque patches on the cusp of the teeth up to 25%. They thought that only dentists would notice this and it was an acceptable trade off with what they thought would be a lowering of tooth decay. In November 2010, the Center for Disease Control (CDS) released statistics showing that in children aged 12-15 in the United States, 41% of them now have dental fluorosis. The high incidence was not only restricted to the very mild form of dental fluorosis, but also in the mild form-which impacts up to 50% of the tooth surface, moderate-which impacts up to 100% of the tooth service, and severe-where you not only have the whole surface impacted by indentation, chipping of the teeth and so on. 3.6% of the children aged 12-15 in the United States were also shown to have either moderate or severe dental fluorosis.  So that trade-off, between lowering tooth decay and producing dental fluorosis but holding it only to 10%, was clearly a failure. In the United States, we have 4 times more dental fluorosis as intended and as desired. The contention is that when you see dental fluorosis it means that the child is being over exposed to fluoride and the question is  what other body tissues  have been affected.

Fluoride Causes Bone Fractures And Arthritis?

A study of children in the fluoridated community of Newburgh New York in 1955 showed that they had twice as much cuticle bone defects as the children in a non fluoridated community.  The cuticle bone is the outside layer of the bone and that part of the bone meant to protect against fractures. So the concern is whether we are increasing bone fractures in children. In 2001, researchers in Mexico found a linear correlation between incidence of bone fractures and severity of dental fluorosis, meaning as the  amount of fluoride that the child had been exposed to before permanent teeth had erupted went up so did the bone fractures. And it was quite striking when you went from a lower level to the next of dental fluorosis the incidence of bone fractures doubled: very mild to mild fluorosis doubles bones fractures, mild to moderate also doubles the incidence of bone fractures.  Another concern is, in the United States we have 1 in 3 adults with some form of arthritis. And if you ask a doctor what is causing it, they will say well we don’t really know but we think it got something to do with aging.  Well what also parallels aging is the number of years you’ve spent in a fluoridated community-10, 20, 30 years and so on-the concern is as the fluoride continues to build up in the bone, as up to 50% of all the fluoride that we take in a day bio-accumulates in the bone, the bones get more brittle.  Studies done in China indicate that levels as low as 3miligrams per day, that is 3 liters of fluoridated water per day, may increase hip fractures in the elderly.

Fluoride And The Blood Brain Barrier

More alarming is the effect of fluoride on brain development. Because when the baby is born, the blood-brain barrier is not fully formed. The blood-brain barrier keeps the fluoride out of the brain most of the time but for the first half year of the baby’s life the fluoride can get into the brain. It is the view of many scientists that this is not the ideal time for a baby to be exposed to fluoride at 250 times the level in mother’s milk.  There have been over 100 studies in animals that show fluoride damages the brain. There have also been 23 IQ studies, which show an association between moderate exposure to fluoride and lowered IQ in children.

Fluoride And the Thyroid Glands

Another health concern is fluoride’s impact on thyroid glands. Between the 1930s and the 1950s, doctors in Argentina, France and Germany were giving patients with Hyperthyroidism, over active Thyroid glands, Sodium Fluoride tablets to lower Thyroid function. The doses they were using were between 2.5 to 4.5 milligrams per day which is exceeded by many people drinking fluoridated water, for instance the Institute of Medicine advices people to drink 3 liters of water a day, this daily intake of fluoridated water would contain 3 milligrams of fluoride: in the range for lowered thyroid function….

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  • praveen bhati said,

    can water purifiers help in this problem?

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Praveen
    A good quality reverse osmosis system can remove over 90% of the fluoride present in your tap water. But the best solution to the water toxicity problem is a reverse osmosis system coupled with a good water filter system.

  • Cara said,

    Hi Lloyd
    I heard somewhere (and I can’t remember where) that reverse osmosis water is not necessarily good for people who are electrosensitive. Have you any information on this?
    Many thanks for an excellent website.


  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Cara
    Reverse osmosis removes more impurities than regular filtration, including lead and fluoride. The downside is it can also remove natural minerals in the water. Whats best for you depends on the quality of the water initially….which you should get analyzed before taking the decision to install a RO, to allay any fears about this. I have a RO and I make sure my diet is nutrient rich to compensate for any mineral loss.

  • Cara said,

    Thank you Lloyd for the information

  • Laura Jo said,

    Himalayan Pink Salt or Celtic Salt is a great way to get the minerals we need.

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