How I Cured My Electrical Sensitivity

I think I was electrically sensitive since my childhood because I could hear strange noises with the television and I could feel something strange in houses, it was not outside’, admits Marine.

She had a cell phone around 2000 and remembers that, ‘already it was burning my head when I was using it’.

But it was bearable. So like many people, she just continued what she was doing.

Then in 2007 she had WiFi and a DECT phone installed at home.

She says, ‘I used WiFi a lot so I could download films on my computer while working. I thought it was really wonderful’.

Then she began to experience problems with her memory and cognitive problems in general.

I really couldn’t think. For my work it was a problem, because I was a writer and a radio producer’.

At that time, she didn’t really understand what was happening. It was a friend who said to her, ‘you seem confused and you seem to begin to have headaches and problems with your memory. Maybe it’s WiFi. You could just turn this off and see if you are better.’

So she took her advice and turned it off. She immediately felt better.

So I understood that I had a problem with these technologies. I turned it off for a while and it was okay.

In 2010 with the arrival of 3G, the new generation of cell phones, life suddenly became unbearable.

She began to have headaches, very bad headaches. ‘It was really, really unbearable. It was not only holes in my memory, it was just that – I don’t know how do you say it in English – my short-term memory was absent’.

I was really confused. For example, if I parked my car somewhere and I was going shopping and when I came back, I couldn’t remember where my car was parked, things like that.’

Then I began to have heart problems and a lot of other…… I think it’s the same panel of symptoms as all high sensitive people experience’.

Marine decided to take action.

The first radical step she took was to move out of her home, which was engulfed in EMFs from 15 different WiFi networks and 13 cell towers within 200 meters…..

Interview—Electrical Sensitivity

Thursday, 20th July at 1:00 p.m. EST (10 AM PST or 5 PM GMT) I’m interviewing former EHS sufferer Marine Richard.

electrical sensitivity cureShe’s been electrically sensitive and chemically sensitive since childhood and became electrically hypersensitive in the winter of 2010. In 2011, she co-founded the first French Association of Electrosensitive People and in 2015, she was awarded a disability grant by a French court for her condition. She now considers herself cured.

She’s the author of two books on the subject ‘Sous l’Ondée’ and ‘Sans mobile’ and she is the founder of the website

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  • Dave Thorne said,

    Thanks for sharing!
    Marine’s story is like a duplicate of my own (except for the disability grant)…makes one wonder how many are suffering in silence out there
    Dave Thorne

  • jude said,

    Thank you This one resonates with me I am beginning my search for a better place to live. I believe in energy medicine, Qi Gong, yoga and homeopathic remedies, diet works all bring relief. Must relocate to heal though….. beginning search. Such hope ….. from disability to cured….I be listening……

  • simon craigie said,

    I think I’m chemical and electric sensitive, I just moved into an apartment for the first time in my life when I’m already super sensitive and this is the worst accomodation I have ever found myself in, and stupidly I signed a contract with a break clause in 6 months. But I think I have to move out immediately or shield the apartment from the neighbours wifi in the apartment just below me and next to me. Tension around the head, I feel a tension, and a ring in the ears when here, didn’t notice this ring before! Anything else? Yes I noticed I am itching the back of my neck, and other things. I wish tenants had more rights and were better informed about how they can protect themselves when staying in another persons house.

  • Kirei said,

    I got very sick last summer with the usual host of symptoms. Luckily I recognized what was happening and was able to take action. I broke my lease with an inner city home in Calgary Canada that was inundated with wifi and cell frequencies. I moved to the country did qigong daily in bare feet by the river and recovered well. I choose to remain living in the country and protect my precious sleep. (I also love it out here). I have been forced to (blessed by) changing how I run my business and how I use my devices. I am far more productive now working only 20 focused hours per week instead of 40+ mediocre hours.
    Not an easy path but I am living a higher quality life for it.

  • Carol J Murto said,

    There is some solace in knowing that there are others out there who are struggling with this reality/truth. The process is remarkable in and of itself; symptoms; identifying the source; the struggle of the reality; coming to terms with the reality and the changes required to survive; from survival to healing. I am in process. This is the beginning of a massive health epidemic for our entire world. Truly we are the canaries in the coal mine…

  • Sharron said,

    What would be the best form of protection in bed from WiFi and a DECT phones if you have no control over them being in the vicinity?
    Faraday type netting cage?

  • Gail YOUNG said,

    To Kirei, I don’t know if u will see this msg, but I want to speak w u abt HOW u use ur devices during those 20hrs of PRODUCTIVE wrk per week. I must find a way forward and the country living plus wise use of devices seems like my answer, but I need direction in HOW! I’m preparing my home for sale NOW. Also taking significant steps of healing, I even have a work idea but must find better methods of connecting wisely to the internet and to communicate w folks internationally. Can u help me w this? Gail

  • tanja said,

    Hello. I was diagnosed with EHS around 4 years ago. Marine Richard is a good friend of mine who has helped me enormously. I really can’t say enough about her. I’m now implementing a lot of things she did to get better. I still have a way to go, but I’m feeling a lot more positive these days. There is hope. And I now believe in angels, because Marine is one of them. XO Tanja

  • Dennis said,

    I am also electro sensitive and notice it through headaches, throat pain and chest pressure (more powerful exposure).

    Curious about the remedies.

    I’ve read about some people hear ringing in the ears but I am sure that is electrons spinning up (upgrading fabrics of space a.k. personal acsension)

  • ellie said,

    Dennis, I thought the ringing in my ears, and humming vibration I felt in my body, was attributable to ‘personal acsension’ as well. However, since changing my diet, adding back animal protein, balancing mineral ratios, and reducing heavy metals, mainly copper, (highly conductive), my EHS/MCS symptoms are reducing. For instance, 4 months ago my copper level was 7.8, normal is 2.5, now my level is 5.8. Like Marine, I do a daily meditation that helps ground my nervous system. I’m no longer ‘stuck’ in fight/flight mode.

    I am also a highly sensitive person (HSP). According to Elaine Aaron, 20% of population has a highly tuned nervous system. Many HSP have symptoms of EHS/MCS. I believe all sentient beings are highly sensitive. Our extremely toxic world is creating many canaries in the coal mine who can’t help but inform the rest about invisible toxins.

    Thanks to Marine and Lloyd and others, who share their stories to help inform and heal.