Cure Premature Aging – Live In An EMF Free Environment….

Electromagnetic radiation is dangerous. This will be no revelation to many of you reading this. But just how dangerous is it?

I believe we are just beginning to grasp the magnitude of the problem.

Today I would like to share with you an interview with the Canadian researcher Dr. Magda Havas.

One thing that particularly caught my attention in what she said was the notion that exposure to EMFs can cause rapid ageing syndrome. That's to say there is a growing percentage of the population which are suffering from all sorts of aches and pains, backaches, headaches etc and putting it down to just getting older. But when they are taken out of an electromagnetic radiation environment their symptoms go away.

In a world where we have an increasing level of electrosmog I think you will agree that the ramifications of this are massive. Imagine the savings for our national health services, and all of our pockets, if the issue of EM radiation was dealt with effectively. Imagine, there would be no need for all those vitamins, for the anti-ageing creams, for the botox and the facelifts that people to resort to to fight off the effects of ageing, all you have to do would be to live in a EM radiation free environment!

In this piece you will also learn:

– that many of society's illnesses ADD, diabetes, asthma, cancer etc are caused by exposure to EM radiation

– that 35% of the population may have symptoms of electrical sensitivity and yet be totally unaware that they have the illness

– that an estimated 3 to 5% of the population already suffer from severe electrosensitivity, that's 1 in 20 to 1 in 30 people

– that RF radiation causes DNA damage which is a precursor to cancer

– that cell phones are particularly dangerous because they use an omni directional antenna- that's to say the radiation goes in all directions

– that energy efficient light bulbs (CFLs) are making people sick

Listen carefully there is a lot to learn here. If you are worried about your personal EMF exposure take my EMF exposure test.

Enjoy the video:


The Issues With EMFs

” (Magda, what are the issues are we talking about here?) Well we're talking about several issues. One of them is microwave radiation coming from wireless technology. Another is power quality that flows along the wires. A third is low frequency electromagnetic energy associated with power lines and some electronic and electrical equipment, and the last is ground current that's a problem in certain areas.

Radiofrequency Radiation

(The first one you said is microwave and radiofrequency radiation. Can you just tell us what that is in terms people can understand?) Sure, people use radios, they listen to the television, they watch TV, they use cell phones and all of that uses radio frequency radiation to get the message from an antenna to a receiver and the receiver could be your television set or it could be your radio. In the past, we had very few stations that carried the signals and now that we're using cell phones there are more and more antennas being erected and more and more people using the technology, so basically sending this radiation through the air constantly.

Radio Stations

(So the things are, for example, if there are 10 radio stations in your community or city all of them are beaming out radiation in order to send out their message. Is that what we’re talking about? ) That's correct and the radio station call sign is the frequency that they are using to send the information. (So for example here in Victoria we have 1070, which is CFAX, so they are beaming on that radiation frequency?) Exactly, that's right. (Is that harmful to us in any way aside from politically?) Well, if we have very little radiation that's better. We weren’t brought up with this form of radiation. We just started using it when radio was first invented and we've added more and more frequencies to it. I think that’s the problem, a little bit of radiation is probably okay; but if you start having more and more and more then eventually people who are sensitive to this can’t tolerate the radiation exposure. (And there’re AM stations and FM stations. Is one better or worse than the other in terms of radiation?) Well an AM station has a lower frequency than an FM stations and we don’t know enough about it as to whether that’s harmful. We are less concerned about radios unless the antennas are within a community. We're more concerned about cell phone antennas because they're popping up absolutely everywhere. We are concerned about Wi-Fi antennas because they are popping up everywhere and the more antennas you have, the more exposure you have.

Radio Tower Radiation

(Where we are now is in Triangle Mountain in Victoria and we’re doing this interview in a home and there’s a very very large tower outside that has, I know FM radio on it, and a lot of cell phone transmitters as well. Can you tell us something about all of that in relation to the homes that are all around here?) The problem with that particular antenna or tower is that it’s far too close to homes. There’re homes at the base of it, there’re homes all around it. The people who live in this community have become ill. They have a variety of symptoms from cancers to chronic fatigue to sleep disorders. Many of the symptoms that they are experiencing are the ones that we have labeled electrohypersensitivity. The symptoms of electrohypersensitivity could very easily be called rapid aging syndrome because it feels as though you are a lot older than your chronological years. That's one of the ways that people explain away their symptoms, they have chronic back pain, they have headaches that they never used to have before and they say “well I’m just getting older and so this is perfectly normal.” The thing is, when they go into a clean environment those symptoms disappear and if it was really due to aging then they wouldn’t disappear, they'd be chronic illnesses. (So what you are saying is that exposure to these towers which are so close to homes is a health concern?) Very much so.

Are The Guidelines Sufficient?

(On what basis do you say that? What's your background in this field?) One of the basis I use is that we've actually measured the radiation in this house and it exceeded the Federal guidelines, so that's a real concern. (And the Federal guidelines are not low. Federal guidelines are very high.) Federal guidelines are not low and they are not even protective. So the fact that the levels have gone up beyond the federal guidelines is very disturbing. Industry Canada should be out here basically reducing the radiation from the antenna so they are not exceeding the guidelines. But even without those guidelines, other countries use much lower guidelines and the question is why. The answer is that our Federal guidelines are based on a heating effect. The assumption is if the radiation does not heat your body, it's assumed to be safe. That was a fair assumption 40 or 50 years ago when we didn’t have the science. It's no longer a fair assumption because the science is showing us that we are having non-thermal effects, non heating effects that are adversely affecting the lives of people who live near these antennas.

Effects of Radiofrequency Radiation

(This is microwave radiation, right? That's what we are talking about?)No, from the FM radio it's lower than microwave. (From the cell phones?)From cell phones it's microwave. Microwave radiation is high frequency radio frequency radiation. So that’s one of the ways to sort of think about it. (So Health Canada says if it doesn’t have the effect of being inside a microwave oven, where you're being actually warmed up, there is no effect from this microwave radiation or any other. You’re saying that there is an effect at a much levels than being actually heated?) Exactly, studies have shown damage to DNA which is a precursor for cancer. Studies have shown changes in the blood brain barrier which becomes much more permeable so things can get into your brain that normally would be kept out. There are enzymes that are affected that are absolutely fundamental for a healthy functioning of the body. There is movement of Calcium between cells that have been affected and all sorts of studies documented around the world and Health Canada is choosing to ignore these studies.

Second Hand Radiation from Cell Phones

(Now I live in a part of that isn’t close to too many of these cell phone towers and I don’t have a cell phone. But I know that anybody who does have a cell phone you’re always in contact with every other cell phone in the world, which means that the radiation is everywhere that I am. There is always that radiation. Is that an issue like second hand smoke from tobacco smokers?) Very much so, if you are in the same room with someone using a cell phone you are exposed to a certain amount of that radiation. Obviously, the person using the phone is exposed to the highest level because it's coming from the antenna, but it has to communicate with another antenna and hence that radiation is going through the air and it goes in all directions. There is an Omni directional antenna at the top of a cell phone because it doesn’t know which way the antenna is so it has to go in all directions. So anyone who's close to anyone using a cell phone, anyone who lives in a community where there are cell phone antennas is being exposed to the levels of radiation that are lower but not necessarily harmless.

(But even if I’m not in a room with somebody using a cell phone, the cell phone radiation must be there from the tower, because if I have a cell phone and somebody phones me my cell phone will ring, which means that radiation is coming all the time, 24 hours a day?) It's coming through the wall and everything else, thats right. Possibly 24 hours a day, in built up communities definitely 24 hours a day. If you go out to rural regions where the population density is lower it wouldn’t be on a 24 hours basis.

How Many Illnesses Are Caused By EMFs?

(Can you just tell us on what basis you have an expertise in this field? Have you written or?) Well I have yes. When I first started doing research it was in chemical toxicology and I was interested in what chemicals are toxic to organisms in the environment. I did research in air quality, water quality and metal pollution that type of thing. Then in the early 1990's I became interested in electromagnetic energy purely out of curiosity and partly because I wanted to teach about it in the course that I was teaching called pollution ecology. As I began to learn more I realized that this radiation was dangerous and there was relatively little research being done. It was something that was politically not an attractive area to do research in because there is a lot of industries who rely on this radiation and certainly don’t want the information to get out. I just began to work with people who were electrically sensitive and were coming up with the most amazing results with people who were diabetic for example. It affects their blood sugar. We have worked with people who have multiple scoliosis and it affects their symptoms. Their symptoms become worse when they are exposed. Similarly if we clear up their environment their symptoms disappear. So I think a lot of the illnesses that we are experiencing in society today, whether it’s attention deficit disorder, asthma, some of the cancers are directly linked to this form of radiation.

Diabetics and Electrohypersensitivity

(That's quite a remarkable statement because it's the kind of thing I would say absolutely never hear about anywhere in our media which of course a lot of it is radiation based, so we don’t expect to see this on TV. But maybe you can just say a little bit more, maybe give some examples or people you've dealt with?) Well we've worked with diabetics and when I found out diabetics were sensitive to this energy I became quite intrigued because we can measure blood sugar in a very objective manner. Blood sugar is not something that you can control consciously and one of women we worked with was an 80 year old who had Type I diabetic, which meant that she took insulin twice a day, in the morning and in the evening after measuring her blood sugar. We put filters in her home and measured her blood sugar before and after the filters. Went in and cleaned up dirty electricity and improved power quality in her home. (So the filters are there to make the radiation in her home less.) Exactly, they reduce the radiation. The levels were reduced and her blood sugar dropped from an average, I’m trying to remember the numbers, about 9.7 down to about 6.8. 7 is the level that it should be below if you are a diabetic. When you wake up in the morning this is fasting plasma glucose, so the first blood sugar that you measure in the morning. One of the interesting things with her, she would measure her blood sugar in the evening as well. Whenever she went out of the house, I could tell if she was away from the house because her blood sugar would spike. The two things that this 80 year old like to do was go shopping and gambling. So whenever she went to the casino or whenever she went shopping she would come back with very high blood sugar levels. We think that's because she was in a dirty environment. The amount of insulin she took with and without the filters, so on a dirty versus a clean environment, dropped from 36 units a day to 9 units a day. She just didn’t need the insulin because her blood sugar was fairly low. How many diabetics could reduce the amount of insulin they take if they cleaned up their environment, the environment they are living in?…… “

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  • Jennifer said,

    I have fibromyalgia-a nervous system disease, and am sure the increase in number of cases is due to RF. I’ve seen it posted places. Mine got worse from wireless and so did my other conditions.

  • Premi said,

    In your article, you wrote “people with multiple scoliosis” is that a type-o? Did you mean scoliosis?

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