EMFs In Your Car – How Dangerous Are They?

EMFs and cars don't mix well. Here's why.

Using your cell phone in your car is dangerous. Not just because you become distracted which can cause an accident. There's also a direct effect on your health.

The radio- frequency (RF) radiation from your cell phone reflected back by the cars metallic structure magnifies the radiation. It's called the Faraday cage effect. Would you consider sticking your head in a microwave oven when its turned on? I don't think so.

But using a cell phone in a car works on the same principles as a microwave oven. Both cars and microwave ovens are essentially metallic enclosures where RF radiation is magnified. This radiation from your cell phone bounces around your car and is absorbed by your body at a much higher level than would otherwise be. Besides this there are other concerns….

Toyota And Renault And Electromagnetic Fields

Toyota has recently been in the news because of problems with the accelerator pedal which is said to jam on certain models and also break problems on Toyota Prius models.

In France there have been a number of high profile problems with the Renault cars cruise control system. March 2005 the magazine L’Auto Journal collectors in 11 testimonials where owners of Renault cars had found themselves in the situation of being unable to stop their car due to a malfunction on the cruise control. Of course Renault refuted any such accusations that the cars in any way were dysfunctional. What's interesting to note is that subsequent to this Renault announced that it was building the biggest laboratory in the world to test their cars for EMFs disturbances.

Cars And Electromagnetic Fields An Internal Or External Problem?

Clearly there is an EMF issue with cars. Many electrosensitives don't travel well, when they are in a car for a long period of time their EMF symptoms re-surface.
No doubt part of the problem come's from EMF sources external to cars. Not just cell phones but cell phone transmitters, broadcast stations, WiFi, overhead power lines etc. But in terms of exposure levels, cell phone use inside the car is the biggest offender.
Whats the best advice I can give you on this subject? I'm not saying don't buy a Toyota or a Renault, because pretty much all modern cars are subject to this phenomena. The more time goes by, the more electronics there are in cars and the more internal and external sources of EMFs disturbance exist.
For an analysis of EMF transmissions in certain models of car see this website.

To deal with this issue you need to measure the EMFs in you car. A multi-function EMF meter will enable you to measure the magnetic fields and RF radiation in your car and indeed in your home.

Click here for some tips on reducing your exposure to electromagnetic radiation in your car.


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  • linagee said,

    Never keep a cell phone on in a car or a basement. Once you get an EMF meter, you’ll know why. For some reason, even when I put mine in airplane mode, there are still sporadic transmissions. (Yours may differ, maybe the manufacturer was just dumb on mine.)

  • Michael Simmons said,

    I drive ten hours a day for my job. The new company that recently purchased the company I work for is planning to install computers on the dashboards for the purpose of dispatching trips. They are using a “dispatch software” program through http://www.ecolane.com . The plan is to install 7 inch Androids on the dash. This sounds like a really unhealthy idea for the drivers. What are the dangers of being exposed for ten hours a day, 50 hours a week, to the EMFs a foot away from my chest? Thanks for the help.

  • Lloyd said,

    Much depends on how the technology is installed. If the software runs on a computer with external antenna (placed on the outside of the vehicle) then your exposure will be minimal. But if, as I suspect, it runs on a 3G dongle or similar which means its transmitting and receiving inside the vehicle then your exposures could be significant. Using a cell phone inside a moving vehicle is more dangerous than when stationary because the cell phone has to up its signal…up its radiation….to maintain contact. It will be the same with your android, perhaps worse….1 foot from the body is not a safe distance for prolonged exposures in a vehicle. Speak to your colleagues/employer about this….taking readings with an RF meter would help you better understand what your exposures are and help you show and explain the problem to your colleagues, so you can get some support.

  • Angela said,

    Does a GPS system work the same as a cell phone in a car? I.e. is it emitting radiation as it communicates with satellites to detect your position?

  • Donna said,

    Re: EMF’s — I am also wondering if GPS NAV systems installed in cars (or portable) work the same as a cell phone in a car as far as emitting radiation? Also, how about heated seats & steering wheels, LED headlights, trailer tow & HD electrical groups, safety groups (blind spot monitoring, park assist, backup cameras, forward collision warning, etc), and anti-spin differential rear axle package. (Specifically for a Jeep Wrangler). Looking at new (2019) vehicles.

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