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Alternatively you can use the free online resources as explained below.

EMFs And Health – Free Online Resource

ElectricSense is intended as a resource on EMFs and health. There are 2 ways you can avail of this resource:
Use the search box at the top of the page to find information on your subject of interest. Information is ordered by topic which you are free to use. You can then interact by using the comment boxes at the bottom of each article.
You can use the forum to comment.

With this in mind here are the rules for commenting:
1. Comments are welcome. Don’t be offended if I don’t answer – I can’t answer everyone.
2. Please be nice and treat others with respect.
3. Do not litter your comment with links, a link to a non commercial website to illustrate your point is acceptable.
4. Do not type using all CAPITAL LETTERS. This means that you are shouting and is not necessary.
5. No swearing or abusive behavior.
6. Repeated off-topic exchanges with others via the comment box will not be accepted – please use the forum to converse with others.
7. Do not display your email in the comment box. Use the forum to share your email and other personal information.

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