Consulting Via Telephone

I do paid consulting via telephone or Skype/Zoom subject to availability.

My rates for a 45 minute consultation are as follows:

1. Consultation on Skype/Zoom: $197

2. Consultation to a landline (normal) telephone: $217

Please note I offer these consultations in my capacity as a medical intuitive. If you are just looking for EMF advice I recommend you consult an EMF consultant.

What People Are Saying About Me

testimonialAfter spending some time (many hours) trying to learn what to do and what not to do about EMF issues and protection I decided to stop reinventing the wheel and do a phone consultation with Lloyd, I made the right choice. I found Lloyd to be a solid, knowledgeable honest person, very comfortable to talk with.  
Lloyd was able to take my specific situation and lay out a plan that would give me the most effective results for my efforts. Also he was able to help me avoid a couple shielding mistakes that saved me allot more than the cost of the consultation. When you venture down an unknown path it helps to have an experienced guide. Some people give more than they take, Thanks Lloyd for being one of those people!

– Steve Stapel, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


My skype consultation with Lloyd was eye-opening! Initially, he gave me some very helpful steps to take to minimize the EMF exposure in my office space. But it was when we talked about my bedroom that I had a big ‘ah hah moment! I have had trouble with nerve damage in one of my legs for about five years. The doctor didn't understand why my leg hadn't healed itself more. Every night I would go to bed and my leg would feel like there were hundreds of miniature cell phones in there on vibrate. It made it very difficult to relax and get to sleep! When I told Lloyd that I have not only a metal frame on the bed, but also an electric pump that sits under the bed and throughout the night comes off and on to pump air in and out of the baffles as my body position changes, he helped me to see that my bed was not the healing place I had thought it was. This simple and yet profound information for me is truly life changing. I am so grateful for his knowledge and suggestions. Thank you so much Lloyd!

– Marcia Breitenbach, Tucson, Arizona.


Thanks a bunch Lloyd and thank you for sharing everything you have learned. I have been on a quest to find the truth in all things. The information you have is great. Keep up the good work and thanks again!

– Joshua Malan, American Fork, Utah, USA


My consultation with Lloyd was simply superb. His depth of knowledge has opened my eyes to the many and oftentimes bewildering avenues one runs into when trying to sort out these electrical issues.
Lloyd not only provided a wealth of information, but helped to drastically narrow down the wrong turns one can make – thus saving me time, money, and frustration!
Thank you Lloyd.

– Paul, Denver, Colorado-USA

The first thing that Lloyd told me to do in my one-on-one session consultation with him was that I needed to get off my cell phone. So here I am on my cell phone giving a quick testimonial and then my cell phone will be given to my next living relative. The session totally pumped me up as I endeavor to reduce the EMS in my life. First of all, Lloyd is a great listener. He offered very efficient solutions that I can work on in an order of priority. Secondly, it was so refreshing to know that Lloyd's priority was in my health and not in opening my wallet to non scientific solutions. He has been there, therefore, he has a lot of empathy as he knows how we feel . He has found affordable solutions that will fit in my budget.

Marie-Claire Thauvette, Ontario, Canada


How To Book Your Consultation

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