Cell Phones Cause Cancer – its official!

According to an article I found on the CNBC blog this would appear to be the what the State government in Augusta, Maine is working towards. The state legislature is holding hearings on what will be, to my knowledge, a first not only in the US but in the world, on a bill that proposes putting warning labels about potential brain cancer on cell phones sold within the state boundaries.

The bill, entitled ”An Act to create the children's wireless protection Act” will call for the following words to the put on every cell phone sold in the state and all related packaging “warning, this device emits electromagnetic radiation, exposure to which may cause brain cancer. Users, especially children and pregnant women, should keep this device away from the head and body.” Additionally the bill proposes to put a color graphic of the brain of a five-year-old to show the effect of cell phone microwave emissions on the neck and head.

This is all very good news but chances are the bill will never pass into legislation. You can bet your bottom dollar right now the cell phone lobbyists are throwing big-money into certain legislator’s pockets to make sure that the bill gets buried. Even if it does pass into legislation it will remain relatively small-time and Maine would obviously be chastised by the cell phone lobbyists and put down as being a rogue state. Nevertheless just the fact that it is being seriously considered, to my mind means that it is only a question of time before such a bill gets adopted either at state or national level in the US or in Europe for that matter.

Letting small children and pregnant women use cell phones is completely irresponsible and I salute the legislators in Augusta Maine in their action.

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