Cell phones and kids, the world’s gone crazy

Of all the subjects which I talk about on my blog this is the one that disgusts me the most. This is the one where I say to myself where are we going how can we be so dumb as a society to inflict electromagnetic radiation on our children.

As a parent I think you'll agree your number one responsibility is to safeguard the interests of your children. This manifests itself in lots of very simple ways like asking your child to give them your hand when you cross the road, making sure they get three square meals a day, making sure they brush their teeth at night before they go to bed, making sure they go to school and do their homework etc. All the classic stuff.

But no one ever seems to talk about protecting your kids from electromagnetic radiation. In fact more and more parents rather than protecting them from this “evil” they are unknowingly inflicting it upon them.

I won't mention the manufacturer or the brand, because I don’t want to give them credence, but this week a new cell phone came out specially designed for kids, with just five keys. The company that is marketing this new cell phone says that kids can call mom, call dad, call grandma or grandad just by pressing a button, great eh? What they forgot to mention is that further down the road, the electromagnetic radiation given off by their new toy will probably kill them. Research from Sweden clearly shows that people who start using cell phones before the age of 20 are 25 times more likely to get certain tumors than those who don't .

Parents in succumbing to their children's fantasies about owning a mobile phone are in fact putting them at great risk of contracting a brain tumor in adult life.

When will this stop? I can't see it stopping for a long time. Kids just love playing with mobile phones, the ring tones the game downloads, the little dinky screen. They want to be like their friends, connected.

If you are a parent take heed, the evidence is there, the writing is on the wall. Put the interests of your children first do not buy them a cell phone!

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