How Cell Phone Gizmos Undermine The Truth About Cell Phone Radiation

“NEUTRALIZE HARMFUL RADIATION.” The subhead calls the button a “shield,” gives its brand name, and calls it “award winning and clinically approved.”

Brief text at the foot of the page calls the “shield” a “silicon based micro processor that neutralizes harmful radiation” and explains, “The device is distortion and noise free to communication devices, effectively neutralizing electromagnetic radiation of the device it is applied to.”

The Federal Trade Commission’s “Cell phone radiation scams” web page says there’s “no scientific proof that so-called shields significantly reduce exposure from…electromagnetic emissions.” It links to the National Cancer Institute’s page “Cell phones and cancer risk,” which says there’s “no evidence from studies of cells, animals, or humans that radiofrequency energy can cause cancer.

The above words are not mine they’re taken from a website called Physics Today.

cell phone diodeThe piece in question is a full-page color advertisement published in last weeks “Science Times”, the scientific supplement to the New York Times.

This is the world we live in. Unfortunately.

Let me explain.

On the one hand we castigate a product that relies on highly questionable technology combined with slimy marketing to cajole customers into buying. We even cite the FTC “Cell phone radiation scams” web page to drive home just how dubious these gizmos are.

Now here's the clever bit.

The Clever Bit

Watch closely as we make a smooth transition from a gadget which claims to ‘neutralize harmful cell phone radiation” to a link to the National Cancer Institute’s website which says there’s “no evidence…..that radiofrequency energy can cause cancer.”

Do you see what I'm saying?

We start by criticizing something which is eminently ‘criticizable', the dubious cell phone gizmo, then before you know it the bombshell has been dropped. Cell phone radiation is deemed safe.

Of course they don't actually say cell phone radiation is safe.

They just let you think it.

Subtle but effective.

Effective because this is exactly what most people want to hear.

What Do You Want To Hear?

Do you want to hear about the research that links a myriad of serious health effects, including brain tumors, cancer, cardiovascular disease, autism, ADHD, damage to DNA and infertility to these exposures?

Do you want to hear about the thousands of peer reviewed studies, conducted in laboratories and field studies from around the world, that show these EMFs to be harmful?

Do you want to hear about the numerous warnings issued by scientific and medical experts based on the evidence before them?

Do you want to hear that these EMFs penetrate walls made of wood, metal, and even concrete? And that they also penetrate our bodies?

OK, you personally, I know you're prepared to hear all this.

But let's face most people are different from you. They don't want to hear these facts, these inconvenient truths.


By associating a cell phone gizmo with an ambiguous statement about the effects of radio frequency energy we hit the bull’s-eye. To reinforce the idea that the cell phone gizmo is a scam but cell phone radiation and associated EMFs are safe.

Am I exaggerating? Hardly. Because this is exactly what the average unsuspecting Joe will read into all this.

So where does this leave you?

I know where it leaves me.

I've been clear on all this for a long time.

The dangers are real. A diode that you stick on the back of your phone may or may not offer protection from EMFs.

But, this is NOT the way to go about effective EMF protection.

If you want to dip your toe in the water on EMF Protection, then rigorous measurable mitigation is the way to go – my Free Report and newsletters give guidance on this (see top right of your screen for the download).

Cell phone chips, diodes, neutralizers, pendants, amulets may offer protection from EMFs. But this should not be your primary focus. Make sure, first and foremost, you practice rigorous measurable EMF mitigation.

(Do not insert links or cite the names of cell phone gizmo's in your comments. Thank you.)

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  • J Harvey said,

    I’m experiencing very severe EMF sensitivity. I can’t afford to buy a meter, but I can’t afford NOT to either. I have blood sugar spikes and poor circulation. The problems I have come FROM EMF, but the doctor(s) think my eating habits cause the blood sugar spikes and neuropathy when in fact it’s the other way around. Very few doctors know about the type 3 diabetes. Ironically when I’ve tested my blood sugar in an area with little EMF pollution, my sugar numbers are generally normal. I feel the effects even from my car engine, the towers (which weren’t up when I moved here 11 years ago), my own cell phone, even the earth’s magnetic lines – and when my car is stopped at traffic lights from the wires overhead. And it’s getting worse. I keep my cell phone off most of the time, and use the speaker when I’m using it. I stay off the computer as much as possible, even though it is hardwired and has no wifi peripherals. Since most people don’t believe this is going on with me and other sufferers, I’m on my own, except for those like you. People don’t want to give up their electronic “toys”, so they say it’s all in our heads. If they can’t see it, it can’t hurt them, but just like second-hand smoke, it does cause major problems.

  • Patricia Seaward, CN, CET said,

    After reading much research and my experience, I also do not advocate chips, diodes, neutralizers, pendants, amulets or other devices. Am excited to find out that you are working on effective protection method hopefully not too expensive. 🙂


  • David said,

    Hi Lloyd
    The sugar industry and all its ‘front’ organisations use the same tactics. It can be quite amusing reading a puff piece and thinking okay, where’s the twist. Often it’s conflating sugar (bad) with ‘sugars'(good) leaving the appearance that sugar isn’t so bad after all.

  • Helen said,

    I’m right there with you. We hired an EMF consultant, who came with meters. Some people pick up more electricity on their skins than others (I register 1/3 more than my husband). And the consultant told us EMF exposure is cumulative – that is, more exposure makes a body more sensitive. He, who has become hypersensitive, said he and I (and you) are not only the canaries, but the future.

    Things to do now to protect yourself: get rid of, or screen completely, any ‘smart’ meters; unplug wireless routers and portable phones at night (disabling still allows radiation); screen all windows, turn off all circuits to your bedroom at night (when the brain repairs itself). Purchase a brain cap and hooded tunic with metallic threads to sleep in. And hang in there. You’re not crazy, not alone, and are being very brave.

  • Patti said,

    Dear J Harvey,

    You are not alone in your pain. I know the experience of speaking to
    those who have no listening for you or for me. Keep posting here and
    you will learn a lot. Read all you can at this site. This site is not only a
    family but a University on EMF’s in my opinion. You cannot make people believe you. But you can enroll them in the possibility of the dangers of EMF’s.. I try to start there. It is then their option to choose
    the validity of evidence. And even the evidence of the dangers will not
    convince them. All you can do is present your case, give them the link to this site and pray or hope they open their minds.
    And do not discredit the MD’s. Certain foods spike sugar levels . Plenty of great sites on line that list foods that spike glucose levels.
    All the best to you~ Patti

  • sebastian said,

    FANTASTIC article Lloyd! You clearly exposed important glaring contradictions that people need to become aware of. Like you, I have personally tried many of these devices & I still had my EHS pain. The important fact to remember is – pain is an indicator something is wrong. Even if something removed the pain factor – we still would need in-depth studies to definitively prove actual cellular/DNA & biologic damage is still not occurring in the absence of “pain”. Just because you shield the pain, doesn’t mean damage isn’t happening. These are the studies that need to be done! Also, where are all the epidemiology studies that should have been done BEFORE half a billion cell towers & WiFi in all Bldgs & Schools were rolled out?? People need to realize that THEY are the lab rats & they are being bathed all day long in a radiation WITHOUT any epidemiology studies being funded by their Government.

    Lloyd, I was very encouraged to see some awareness recently in the mainstream Media. See this link to an article FINALLY recognizing some of the very crucial Scientific data that is daily becoming more & more difficult for the “Mainstream” to ignore:

  • Carl said,

    Lloyd, How does the earth shield it self from cosmic rays, sunspot and coronal hole radiation…Magnetism! right?
    Maybe what we need to do is come up with a way to surround ourselves with a magnetic shield, one that would be regenerated by the vary thing we wish to be shielded against…just like the earth.

  • Kirk said,

    It is just another stress, another irritant. If your inner resources are maxed out avoid other stresses as well. A lot of household products present a heavy load of toxins.
    Reducing one stress may help another. Holistic.
    All the best.

  • Shari Perkins said,

    You should look into Earthing or grounding. You could test it by standing or walking barefoot on the damp ground to see if you notice a difference since you are severely EMF sensitive. Usually at least 30-40 minutes is required to feel a difference.

  • J Harvey said,

    This is just a personal theory, but we’re breathing nano-aluminum and other metallic salts every day from what’s called “chemtrails”. Just intuition here, but our bodies are full of metal and metal is a conductor, right? Has anyone done any research on this phenomenon? Please look at the youtube documentary video “Chemtrails: What in the World Are They Spraying?” For anyone unfamiliar with the geoengineering operations, this will blow your mind.

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