Cell Phone Radiation and Nutrition – Are You Being Deliberately Mislead?

I know I've said it before but I'll say it again, you are what you eat. It's worth repeating because so few people seem to realize this fact.

I realized it several years ago when I became electrosensitive. In my search for solutions I radically changed my eating habits, moving over to more organic foods, more natural foods, less meat, less dairy and more starch.

One of the people who also realize this is Dr John McDougall. Dr McDougall does speak a lot of sense which is why I wanted to share this particular video with you. It’s worth watching for two good reasons:

1. because of the inherent message about the importance of good nutrition for a healthy lifestyle, particularly given our increasingly electromagnetic home and work environments

2. because of the parallels that can be drawn between the media manipulation and propaganda put out by the food industry and that put out by the cell phone industry

Dr McDougall makes the point that such is the power and talent of the food industry in the US in getting its message over (the same also applies for most other western democracies) that even if people wanted to eat healthy they “wouldn't stand a chance”.

Cell Phone Radiation – Scientists Have Already Acknowledged The Dangers

This got me around to thinking about the cell phone issue. Isn't the same thing happening? In November 2009 a Scientific Panel comprised of international experts met to discuss the biological effects of EMFs in Norway, Seletin. They reviewed all the scientific evidence to date and found that even at low-intensity adverse health effects are demonstrated with EMFs, called non-thermal bio-effects.

So the scientists are absolutely crystal clear as to the dangers of wireless devices like cell phones, WiFi, cell phone towers etc and yet everybody is carrying on as if EMFs are perfectly harmless. Why? Because that is the message that the cell phone industry is succeeding in getting over.

Dr McDougall argues that if insurance companies were to put their foot down and refuse to insure people where blood tests showed they were living on a poor diet, we would be sure to see some action.

This might just prove to be the best way forward on the cell phone radiation front. A recent CBC report claims that about 60% of underwriters now refuse to cover cell phone companies for health care claims………

Food in America

Dr McDougall: “I think Americans haven’t really been challenged to think about what they eat. I don’t think they even think about it. They have been taught a well balanced diet, they hear all the commercials on TV advertising the meat and the dairy rich food and you know the message is so well financed that it is rare that somebody has correct information.

As a consequence, most people don’t stand a chance even if they wanted to be healthy. For those people that want to be healthy and are willing to make the change because the information that is counterproductive to good health is so prevalent they don’t stand a chance. Therefore, I think the only help is for those few people who do care, you know who just say to themselves ‘hey I got a great family, I got a great job, I got this fat belly and I am sick, I want it fixed.’ Those people you give them the information they will go for it. But the I think the bulk of the population really doesn’t feel motivated enough, they are not sick enough to make necessary changes even though I would think they are sick enough, they don’t think they are sick enough and I think also the bulk of the population really doesn’t think they have any really control of their future. They don't think food is important, they don’t realize the profound impact that a dietary change will always have on them and if they realize that they would make a huge difference but nobody is telling them that. The industry is not telling them, the doctors are not telling them, the dieticians aren’t telling them, nobody is telling them.

The statistics are; two thirds of people are overweight in Western countries and maybe a third are obese and it is due to what they eat. It is really not due to lack of physical activity, I think that is secondary. Secondary in the fact they don’t feel well enough to exercise and secondary in terms of its impact on health and personal appearance.

Forcing Change

We got to get that food right first. But, I really don’t think people will choose that on their own, many like rich foods. They like the fact that they can eat like the richest people that ever lived on this planet. They are really comfortable with these kinds of foods, so expect for a small percentage of the population that really do care about their health and personal appearance, the bulk of the population is not going to change on their own. So they are going to have to be forced to change. This may occur due to changes in our economics, if we develop a worldwide depression, and that all that is available is well some rice, some sweet potatoes and fruits and vegetables the health of the world will change overnight. If we had some forced rules that made people change like for example insurance companies, like they do with smokers and alcoholics and drunk drivers, they say: ‘hey we are not going to insure or we are going to charge you a huge premium for your abusive behavior.’ Now if that happened if the insurance companies made those kinds of rules then people would pay attention and change, it is money out of their pockets if they end up doing the wrong thing. So insurance company says: ‘ok if you eat this rich Western diet and we can see in your cholesterol and your blood pressure and your body weight then you are going to be charged 3 times as much as somebody who doesn’t.’ People will change.

McDougall Diet

The human being is designed to live on starch, with the additional fruits and vegetables and animal products do not add to better nutrition. I mean that is basically the way to look at it. When I stated to put together the McDougall diet, as a lot of people refer to it, about 30 years ago I started with the premise: what would be the best diet for people to eat to be in good health and look their best? I came up with a starch based diet, rice, corn, potatoes, beans, a starch based diet with fruits and vegetables and then what I would do is I would play these mental games. I would say, but what if I added dairy, would that make an overall positive impact and the answer was it made a negative impact. Well what if I added chicken, or fish or beef and they all came down to well I’ll be adding things like calories and maybe some vitamins and mineral that maybe in large amounts but the harm that I added by making their addition to a starch based diet far outweighed any benefits. So the simple answer is that people not only do not need animal products to be healthy if they consume them in significant amounts they will be sick just like Westerners are. They are sick and fat.


People are always telling me that they are going to be saved by their hereditary good genetics and they point out that grandma and grandpa lived to be 85, 95 years old while eating bacon grease on their bread and you know that maybe in part true. I mean genetics are an important issue but grandma and grandpa didn’t live the same way that we do. I mean pesticides and all of these environmental chemicals only became an issue after World War II and also they ate out of their garden and they worked hard all day long, they spent time out in the sunshine, which is very important for good health. So it isn’t really the same and people when they really look at the overall picture they are not being saved by their genetics, so I certainly wouldn’t count on that. “

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  • Linda N said,

    Oh God, McDougal again! This guy is just as bad as the extreme paleo people! MD’s designing diets should be banned! Having studied nutrition for 13 years now, and having gone back to school to study Holistic Nutrition, including biochemistry, A&P, and more to save my own life, and this guy is not my idea of any kind of guru that should be followed diet wise. If you follow this fad diet for the long term, you will lose weight, but you will also loss your health!. It is severely deficient in essential fats, protein, and B12 just to name a few. If you are insulin resistant your metabolism will go bananas in a very bad way! People want someone who has some sort of degree after their name to tell them that can eat carbs up the wahzoo and their health with be better for it. Well, sad, but true, this is not the case.

  • Adam P said,

    I echo Linda above. This is along the same vein as the China study, etc. Most of these “gurus” are well intended but have bias that they just cannot get over. In science, bias doesn’t work. I believe McDougall to be very similar to Campbell is that their bias and misinterpretation of the literature (i.e. correlation = causation, another big no-no). Simopoulous, Cordain, even Ornish have some decent literature that is ever evolving based on updates in the understanding and progression of science. Where there are some good suggestions in the article, I would avoid following the advice above strictly. Every person is unique and a cookie cutter approach won’t do. My flags always go off when diets approach extremism and recommend cutting out animal products (in the absence of relevant pathology) especially without commenting on wild game and grass fed/finished animal products.

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