Cell Phone Radiation – How to Stay Safe

Like many people, Lloyd Burrell loves gadgets. But when cell phone use compromised his health, he decided to share his story with the public. He feels people need to know the truth about EMF exposures and cell phone radiation.

In this episode of ElectricSense, Lloyd and host Kimberly Henrie discuss the dangers of cell phone radiation and the best ways to protect yourself without going off the grid to do so. Just because Lloyd doesn’t use a cellphone does not mean you have to give up yours!

Are Cell Phones Really Dangerous?

Tune in now to hear why, despite the fact that 99% of the population uses them, cell phones are a big threat to human health today. Lloyd takes great care in explaining without getting too technical what makes cell phones a threat, including:

  • The type of radiation that your cell phone gives off
  • Effects of radiation exposure on cells inside the brain
  • Health symptoms and disorders related to EMF exposure

Despite claims from cell phone companies about the safety of wireless devices, studies are showing otherwise. Lloyd has personally suffered from electrical sensitivity, and if you have shared these symptoms then you probably know using a cell phone can make it worse.

Why Are People Still Using Cell Phones?

Listen to the entire episode to hear Lloyd explain why the results of industry-funded research are vastly different from those of independently-funded research. You will also hear valuable tips about how you can use your cellphone for optimal physical and mental well-being.

If at the end of the episode you have more questions, you can ask your question below or https://www.electricsense.com/ultimate-emf-protection-g/ for more information on how to get a copy of Lloyd’s book.

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  • Alan said,

    My small home office has a MacBook, back up drive, T.V. Cable Modem, cable DVR box, Copier/Scanner, Two phone chargers and a 3rd Tel/ans. machine, my new ED-85EXS meter readings bounce around between 1 and 6 V/M. The colors on the right are constantly yellow and Red about 50% of the time. Is there somthing that I can use to cover up all these gadgets when I’m not using them? The signals go right through the wall and effect my wife’s bathroom which she spends hours in a day.

    Is there something that is made that we can cover up these devices when not in use? We are in process of looking for land to build a new house.



  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    It might sound obvious but the safest and most effective thing you can do to protect yourself from EMF exposures from these devices when you are not using them is to unplug them.
    Nicole Bijlsma has written a book on creating a healthy home (I’ve not read it yet) – there’s a link in my Amazon store, top right on this page.

  • Dwight said,

    for my work i am on a cell phone several hours a day conducting webinars to educate clients about health insurance. I have tried blue tooth speakers but the quality is lacking. same with the air tube head sets – quality lacking, no noise supression and very bulky.

    How about a wired head set with a a ferrite bead? I am hoping if I can find a headset with noise suppression I can get quality an still lower emf exposure.

    suggestions appreciated.

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Ferrite beads are said to reduce intermediary frequencies and RF noise that may be picked up by wiring…..worth trying.

  • margie said,

    Lloyd I recently have been getting a reaction to my cel phone and my lap top, every time I use them my hands my face or where ever the phone or lap top touch’s my body it’s becomes very painful and a burning sensation . This is what made be Google about cell phone radiation and found your info. I went to the Dr.and of course she wants to send me to a psychiatrist because she said its depression ok so why does this only happen when I use my phone??? Also I have been SICK since jan 2013 and have complained of muscle spasms headaches, chronic fatigue tinnitus memory loss depression no energy and the list goes on the Dr told me I have MS fibromyalgia depression etc So for the past week I have noticed this happing and went again yesterday and was told there is no medical proof that cell phones are dangerous to our health and wants me to go see a psychiatrist Really????? I am taking precautions and learning a lot about this issue from you and would like to thank you for sharing.

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Margie
    Don’t be fobbed off by what your doctor says….he might mean well but unfortunately many doctors are totally clueless about the effects of EMFs on health on how to treat it. My free report is a good source of information…keep doing your research and act on it…..you’re on the right track here.

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