Cell Phone Radiation Destroys Sleep and Threatens Immune System

Electromagnetic Radiation from your mobile phone dramatically reduces the production of melatonin, an important hormone produced by your brain, studies show. This phenomena has been observed in dozens of studies, one of the most frequently cited being that of Abelin and Altpeter (1999, 1995) in Switzerland.  A significant melatonin level reduction was demonstrated in the victims at the Schwarzenburg transmitter when it was in operation.  When the transmitter was turned off, the levels became positive again.

Radio frequency emissions, like those produced by cell phones, Wi-Fi, and cordless phones, may limit the production of this sleep-cycle regulating hormone. Melatonin makes it possible to reach deeper levels of sleep where our cells are repaired and important immune responses are allowed to function.

Many of us have cordless phones next to our beds and many young people leave their cell phones turned on, perhaps on the nightstand. Could this be contributing to future health problems…or worse, even cancer? I am sure it is.

When the natural sleep cycle is interrupted, we produce more cortisol and less melatonin resulting in hormonal imbalances that lead directly to disease. Studies have shown that women’s risk of breast cancer and men’s risk of prostate cancer are significantly increased if they work night shifts.

Cell Phone Radiation Causes Lowered Melatonin Production: A Precursor to Cancer

A 43 % higher risk of breast cancer has been reported in women who are exposed to electromagnetic fields at work, like those given off by mainframe computers. Even worse, all women who work around electrical fields like: electricians, phone installers and power line workers have increased risk of contracting fatal breast cancer. A direct link to the higher rate of mortality has been associated with lowered melatonin production due to EMFs.

Men are not exempt from this risk. In fact, studies have shown that more exposure to electromagnetic fields at work cause men to have up to a 6x greater risk of developing breast cancer.

A deficiency of melatonin leads to the formation of free radicals in the body. Free radicals are disease-causing molecules. Melatonin is one of the body’s natural antioxidants which fight free radicals. It also potentiates killer lymphocyte production and Vitamin D efficiency –further boosting the body’s immune response.

Melatonin also limits the release of estrogen. Most breast cancer has an element of estrogen sensitivity. Too much estrogen, rampant free-radicals, and lowered immune response, when added together form a “cocktail for breast cancer”.

A Japanese research study, looking at breast cancer cells, found that diseased cells that were treated with melatonin would start to grow again as soon as they were exposed to electromagnetic radiation. Our body’s cells need to communicate with one another for proper immune function. When cells are exposed to radiation, this communication is impeded and our immune system is less able to fend off diseases…like cancer.

Boost Melatonin:Your Bedroom and Workplace Unplugged and Unpolluted.

Sleeping in a room with electromagnetic emitting gadgets and devices, perhaps an electric blanket, the neighbors wireless internet router, a nearby cell phone tower and, of course, cell phones, seriously suppresses melatonin production–a substance needed by the body and the brain to sleep and to fight cancer.

If you work around power lines, mainframe computers, or other jobs with high-electrical exposure, you are further subjecting yourself to conditions that interfere with melatonin levels. Without full functioning of this cancer-fighting hormone, you are exposed to serious health risks and higher threat of developing a malignant breast tumor…whether you are a man or a woman.

Electromagnetic radiation definitely does not belong in the bedroom. Get cell phones and gadgets out of the room you sleep in and turn radio frequency emitting devices off whenever they aren’t in use. If you have a high-EMF job, you should take this issue even more seriously and consider an occupation with less exposure to electromagnetic frequency radiation.

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