Cell Phone Lobotomies – Proof That Some Journalists Just Don’t Get It

My position on electromagnetic pollution is pretty cut and dried. This does actually come fairly easy to me. So while there are all these scientists, journalists and learned people from all walks of life trying to decide if electromagnetic radiation from wireless devices is dangerous, I, because my body seems to work like a giant EMF detector, can say with complete certainty that it is.

The reason I am sharing today's video is because Nathaniel Rich, who is a contributor to Harper’s Magazine, editor at the Paris Review and the author of “The Mayor’s Tongue” is just one of those learned people. He doesn't get it.

He’s written the cover story of the May issue of Harper’s Magazine entitled “For Him The Cell Tolls”. He says he's confused by the research. Of course he is. He has not realized that most of the conclusions in this research were bought and paid for by the cell phone industry. Is Nathaniel just innocent or has his article also been paid for by the cell phone lobbies?

Interviewer: So Nathaniel you just did an interview with the Brian Lehrer Show on WNYC. How did it go?

Rich: It went well. I had to study all the numbers before going in there to make sure that I had the statistics in order, but I think I passed the test.

Interviewer: There’s a lot of data. You did a lot of research. So, I was wondering, now that you’re much more aware of the dangers, or possible dangers, of using a cell phone, are you more cautious about your phone? Or do you use it less?

Rich: I am. I use a headset, which sometimes makes it look like I’m talking to myself when I’m walking down the street. But, I’m probably not someone to go by, because I’m terrified of taking airplanes. And, I even walk up stairs instead of using elevators. Have you ever been in a free-falling elevator?

Interviewer: No, have you?

Rich: No, but it sounds really scary, so I try to avoid that.

Interviewer: So, now when you use your phone, say you don’t use the headset, do you wonder if you’re lobotomizing yourself?

Rich: I feel like I’m lobotomizing myself less than I was in the past. The strange thing about the science is that the more I read about it, the more confusing it got, and the more contradictions I found. And there’s not any really good test that you can point to, or study, that tells you whether or not there’s harm. The different ways that this type of radiation can harm you are so manifold that it’s extremely hard to cast or quantify, but it certainly gave me more things to worry about than I had.

Interviewer: So, now are you a subscriber to “Microwave News”?

Rich: Well, they stopped publishing the print edition, but I go on the website, which they update. Well, it’s this one guy, named Louis Slesin, and he updates it pretty regularly. And, he covered the story about a year before it was even published. So, he’s pretty clued into anything happening in the world of electromagnetic radiation. And, has been since the early 80s when he started publishing this pamphlet.

I went to his house and visited him during the course of the research, and it’s like a museum to EMS science – the last 25 years, it’s pretty incredible. There’s a poster on the wall of grey garnets, they’re moving about these two older sisiters who live in a house crowded with papers, and that there’s an element of that going on in his apartment as well, but he’s been on top of this for a long time.

Interviewer: Cool. Thanks for your report, the cover story of the May issue.

Rich: Thanks.

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