Can Chronic Diseases Really Be Treated Without Drugs?

What if chronic diseases like obesity, diabetes, heart disease, blood pressure, arthritis and electrical sensitivity could be treated without drugs?

Imagine that these diseases could be treated simply by therapeutic lifestyle changes….

This might seem hard to believe given all the billions that are spent on drug based conventional treatments around the world.

But this is what I believe and this is what Dr Robin Bernhoft, President of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine believes. Not surprisingly Dr Bernhoft does not mince his words on the subject of EMFs and cell phone radiation, he says:

People who live near cell towers and antennas are in jeopardy. The science is increasingly clear that there are biological effects from both acute and chronic exposures to non-thermal microwave radiation. It is essential we have a government that puts the public’s health above commercial interests.

Here is a short presentation by Dr Bernhoft, in it you will learn that:

– chronic disease is about three-quarters of the health care budget in the United States, and yet it is given a very poor run for its money by the health care system

– the fatalistic idea that illness is linked primarily to genetics is a total fallacy

– proper detoxification is the key to good health

Here is the video:

Chronic Illness

Robin Bernhoft: “ Hi, I’m Dr. Robert Bernhoft. Welcome to my website. You know, we do an amazing job in American medicine with acute diseases. An acute appendicitis, a gunshot wound or pneumonia, we can fix that and we do it better that probably anybody else in the world. But what we don’t do such a good job of is treating chronic illness, which is really ironic because chronic disease is about three-quarters of the health care budget in the United States. What has happened, over the last 50 years or so in medicine, is we’ve taken this acute care idea, in which one-bug one-drug works great, and applied it to chronic illnesses, which are way more complicated. Many environmental factors, in fact experts agree that about 75% to 85% of chronic diseases are caused by environmental factors that impinge on the genes that you have been given, and push them in the wrong direction.


A lot of people are very fatalistic about genetics. They think that gosh my parents had heart disease, my grandparents had heart disease; I’m going to get heart disease. It doesn’t work like that. What we're learning from the human genome project, is genes are suggestions more than fates. We can change the way genes are expressed by changing diet, lifestyle, exercise, exposure to pollutants in the air, water and food, and make a big difference. So somebody with a bad set of genes, put in the right circumstances, can actually do really well, because those bad genes never get expressed. Conversely, somebody with good genes, who treats them badly, can get stuff they shouldn’t have got-just because they didn’t treat themselves properly. What we're doing in this clinic is focus entirely on chronic illness.

My own Personal Experience

I used to be a surgeon. I used to deal with acute illness. I was a liver and a pancreatic surgeon, as a sub specialist. I also did a lot of general surgery, appendicitis and gun shoot wounds, and stuff that I was talking about. But I got sick. I used scrub solution on my skin 600 times a year, which absorbed an enormous amount of toxic material: antifungal, disinfectants, antibacterial, preservatives etcetera. This stuff eventually overwhelmed my liver's ability to clean things out. It started to accumulate. Other things that should have been cleaned out started to accumulate. I got really sick: it started out with skin rashes, then my lungs gave me trouble, I'd started waking up in the middle of the night chocking for air, I started having trouble with my intestines, I lost 35 pounds over 4 months. It was only when I learned about from modern clinical medicine about how to detoxify properly and scientifically; how to avoid the things that make you sick; how to basically regain health by giving my genes the proper diet and exercise and the environment that they need, that I regained my health. I’m now 60 years old. I run 20-30 miles a week. I’m currently training for the San Diego marathon, and I do Karate 5 days a week. Which isn’t bad for age 60, especially for an old burnt out surgeon.

Therapeutic Lifestyle Change

I want to share what I have learned, in the last few years from my own personal experience, with people who come into my clinic; because just about anybody with any chronic illness can be at least made better. Maybe we can’t cure him, in fact we definitely cannot cure everybody, but we can help an awful lot of people. Medical experts keep talking about therapeutic lifestyle change. We've been trained on how to do that. We know how to help you eat a healthy diet, and actually enjoy it; how you could exercise in a safe and effective way; how to change your lifestyle; and how to release stress etcetera. Therapeutic lifestyle change is recommended as the first treatment for obesity, diabetes, heart disease, blood pressure, arthritis, you name it. We know how to do it. We invite you, if you have a problem of this sort, to come and see us. Most likely we can give you some help. Thank you very much.”

So the message is clear, electrical sensitivity just like so many other chronic illnesses is not a fatality, lifestyle changes, often very significant ones, are the key.

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  • lynette mayo said,

    l have a complex problem.16 months ago whilst having a massage l was told l had lumps in my arm, hard pea sized.
    They began to spread and when pressed really hurt.36 HMO doctors later with no diagnosis l was on the computer day & nite, l’d just got the computer a few months before.l found “Darkfield Microscopy”, miracle test diagnosed the possibility of Dercums Disease. This was unimaginable, l’m a health nut since my 30″s, in our retirement we walk many hours a day walking dogs. l found Karen L.Herbst, MD, Ph.D near me in San Diego, she diagnosed me with Dercums Stage 11, Systemic Lymphedema (caused by a botched biopsy), Lipedema and my mild Osteoarthritis became agressive. 3 nutritional doctors later l’m knowhere. Jacob Shilling, Ph.D at Know Your Options did me great harm, l gained 60 lbs. in 7 months on his protein drink every 3 hours, for what he called my catabolic state, no help getting it off, he said it’s waterweight. Weight gain is the worst for DD, it makes limpomas grow more. Options l’ve been given, Autohemotherapy by Frank Shallenberger in Reno. Student Center in Conneticutt for Right for your blood type diet treatment center, lt’s to far, l’m 69 and have animals l love. Shallenberger’s is $500.00 a day, l might need two weeks or more, we can’t afford it. Dr.Herbst is wonderful, but she is not a nutritionist.There’s several nutritional doctors around but after three failures and thousands of dollars out of our retirement nest egg were frightened to take a chance on another one, Shilling told me he knew about Dercums, it was untrue, he didn’t.
    You mention genetics being altered with diet etc. this disease is possibly genetic, knowone is really sure. l don’t have much of a life anymore, my knees are bad, hard to exercise, l’m l84lbs, the highest l’ve ever been in my life, that’s making me ill.Being ill is now a full time job, hardly any time for friends.l did buy the earthing sheet but a chiropractor friend said its a risk if you have dirty electricity.Three months prior to getting sick l had to have two weeks of anti-biotics for H.Pylori with gerd, despite massive probiotics l really do believe this threw my health into a catastrophic state and allowed Dercums which might have remained dormant.We live near the ocean in San Clemente, theres a lot of telephone poles in our street, one at the end of our driveway.Also it seems l got sick after we moved into a different apartment in the same building, and began using my new computer a lot??
    Any feedback would be much appreciated, l want my life back this isn’t living anymore.
    Lynette Mayo

    My favorite quote right now:
    “While there are many different roads that we take in life, lt is those who walk with us that make the journey worth while.”

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Lynette

    Here are some ideas:

    Earthing sheet; try it and see. It’s easy to find out if you have dirty electricity with a GS meter (you can buy one on Amazon, if the GS levels are low just send it back for a refund).

    The telephone poles don’t strike me as being a problem, but are they telephone poles or electricity pylons? Even if they are pylons its unlikely that they would be carrying much power and so unlikely that they would be impacting your health unless they are within a few feet of a room where you spend any time.

    Try keeping a journal of the time you spend on your PC and your symptoms to see if there is any correlation. There are lots of ways of reducing the EMFs from your PC – see my article on computer radiation.

    Also, if your illness is linked to your computer use chances are you also reacting to the other EMFs in your environment, cordless phones, microwave oven, CFL lights, WiFi router etc

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