Brain Cancer Survivors Angry Over Cell Phone Subterfuge

Cell phones – Are we being used as guinea pigs?

David Smith sold mobile phones for 10 years. At the ripe-old age of thirty, he was diagnosed with a golf-ball sized tumor in his brain that had formed around his acoustic nerve. He now harbors anger towards the cell phone manufacturers and telecommunication industry that he holds responsible for his cancer.

Frankly I can sympathize. I never got cancer but using cell phones has impacted my health significantly, and for some years I did lead a rather lame existence because of it.

Brain cancer survivors like David and sufferers like myself are suspicious and are asking some very pointed questions:

  • With the cancer connection becoming increasingly established, why are cell phones marketed without any regulation?
  • Why are cell phone manufacturers ignoring or blocking attempts at effective safeguards against electromagnetic frequency radiation?
  • The telecommunications industry must be aware of the growing body of evidence showing a link between cell-phones, towers, EMF radiation and Wi-Fi. Why isn’t vigorous research being conducted to address the problem?
  • Are we being used as guinea pigs?

David said that he used his mobile phone for around 1 or 2 hours each day over a 10-year period. He is convinced that the level of radiation exposure he experienced from using his phone during that period of time was sufficient to cause the development of his tumor. Cancer has virtually ruined his life. Complications from the surgery to remove the tumor caused additional nerve damage that left David with diminished facial muscle control.

Mr. Smith is not alone. Enrico Grani, also attributes his heavy mobile phone use to the development of a benign tumor. A meningioma formed in the right parietal lobe of his brain. This a slow growing non cancerous brain tumor growing from the meningines,which in time presses on the brain and can cause a stroke. The operation to remove it did cause him to suffer a stroke that left him lying in hospital in a three-day coma.

“I blame the cell phone industry blinded by greed, they’ve known about this for many, many years but they still deny it,” said Enrico. *

Brain surgeons aren’t surprised. In fact, seeing the rise in cell-phone related brain cancers and tumors, many of them are starting to severely restrict their own cell phone usage. Some concerned physicians are also calling on government and industry to stop fence-sitting and admit the link.

There is an obvious and frightening similarity between what happened with cigarettes and the Big Tobacco Cover Up and cell phones and the Telecommunications Industry Censure.

Big corporate interest groups certainly don’t want their products sanctioned. But we all know what happened with Big Tobacco. The fiasco over cigarette-caused lung cancer and a long series of private lawsuits culminated in the Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement. In that agreement, the four largest tobacco companies were forced into paying $206 billion in settlement fees. **

Like me, David and Enrico are angry. Its obvious that the telecommunications industry knows about cell phone's implications in brain cancer –just like the tobacco companies knew about cigarette smoking and lung cancer. Its one big cover up.

Maybe mobile phone manufacturers should take a lesson from history and do the right thing before an epidemic of brain cancer forces their hand.

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References: *Doyon, P., Mobile Phone Tumor Fears, submitted via emfrefugee, published in EMF Journal, accessed: Apr 23, 2010

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