Anna Knows That Her Tumor Was Caused By Her Cell Phone

Today I would like to share with you Anna’s story.

At 27, she should be planning her future, instead she’s in a life and death battle preparing to have surgery to remove a brain tumor the size of a lemon.  Now, Anna and her doctors are convinced the tumor, a glioma like that of Alan Marks and Ted Kennedy, was formed because she was a heavy mobile phone user.

Listen to Anna’s story, I am in no doubt about the dangers of cell phone radiation. Anna is telling her story because she wants people to know the truth about the dangers of cell phones. If you have someone in your family or one of your friends who is a regular cell phone user, show them this video. It could be the wakeup call they need to protect themselves from cell phone radiation.

Anna: Finding out that you have a brain tumor is really hard to take.  That dark patch there, that’s the brain tumor.  As you can see, it is quite large.

I think they (telecommunications companies) should take a little more responsibility.  I mean, I don’t want to go pointing a finger or anything, but I guess they’re making a lot of money out of these mobile phones.

Interviewer: Anna Tarrant’s story is a chilly one.  At 27, she’s about to undergo life-threatening brain surgery to cut this large tumor out.

Anna: It’s positioned right behind the ear lobe.  I’m always using my right hand, and my right ear, so it’s pretty much positioned right behind where I’ve used my phone.  You put terms together and it’s pretty much pointing in one direction.

Interviewer: Four weeks ago, after suffering a seizure, Anna spent five days in hospital.  She was eventually diagnosed with a glioma, an aggressive brain tumor.  Since the diagnosis, she’s been researching how and why she has the tumor.

Anna: I really have used the phone, the mobile phone, for at least a minimum of three hours a day, for five to seven years.  And, my tumor is placed about my right ear.  I find that to be quite coincidental.  I’m not a scientist, I’m not an expert, but all things are leading to mobile usage.

If there is some way that we can make them more accountable, or have warning signs put on every single mobile phone package, maybe we will be able to save some lives.

Interviewer: Even our top epidemiologist in Australia, Dr. Bruce Armstrong, believes the research is now strong in terms of mobile use and tumors.

Dr. Armstrong: What was found, there was evidence of a two fold increase in risk of tumors.  I would not want to be a heavy user of mobile phones.

Anna: It’s very scary.  I’m pretty good at putting on a brave face, but the thought of leaving the people I love behind is very daunting.

Interviewer: The neurosurgeon, the world-renowned Dr. Charlie Teo, is worried that yet another young person has come to him with a tumor near their ear.

Dr. Teo: We’re seeing an increase in the frequency of tumors in the insular region, which is this region right here – the temporal lobe, the frontal lobe.  So, it’s right where you hold your phone.

I’m not the world expert on mobile phones, nor am I the world expert on electromagnetic radiation, but I do keep up with the literature.  I personally feel there is a link between mobile phone usage and the genesis of brain tumors.

Interviewer: Dr. Teo rates Anna’s chances of surviving the operation as good.  But, her long term prognosis isn’t.

Dr. Teo: You can’t take out all the cells.  In other words, it’s going to grow back again.  But, with radical surgery, you’re hoping to extend the survival to ten years or more.

Interviewer: In the days leading up to her surgery, Anna’s mission is to get the message out.  Particularly to parents who issue mobile phones to their children.

Anna: I just hope that in some way that this interview can make people think twice before they answer their phone without using a hands-free.  And maybe parents think about the responsibility they have to their children.  Wouldn’t it be better to take that precaution and avoid something like that happening to your child or you.

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