Are Microwave Oven Dangers Real?— Insights From Microwave Technology Researcher

Are microwave oven dangers real?

Below is an interview with Walter Graham, British speaker and researcher on microwave technology.

microwave oven radiationWhat you will learn in this interview:

– microwave ovens were originally designed to operate at 900 MHz, but because the microwaves came through the sides of the oven the frequency was changed to 2.45 GHz

many cell phones operate at the 900 MHz level, precisely that frequency which was considered to be too dangerous for microwave ovens

– though there is a lack of studies carried out on the effects of cell phone antennas on buildings have been known for a long time, in the 1950s the US Embassy in Moscow had two ambassadors die in a row with tumors, and other staff fell ill with cancer, joint pains, headaches, sleeplessness and other symptoms. Investigators found that 3 microwave antennas were pointing at the building.

Update April 2019 – Unfortunately this interview has been removed from Youtube. You can still read the transcript of the interview below.

Walter Graham Microwave Oven Dangers

Interviewer:  The higher up in the gigahertz frequency we get, the more dangerous it is to our bodies.  Or is it a kind of specific frequency that actually is more dangerous to us than another one?

Expert:  Each frequency has its own characteristics.  For example, the original microwave oven was designed at 900 megahertz.  And, whenever they tried using the 900 megahertz, it actually came through the sides of the oven and would cook the people in the room.  So they had to move up the frequency letter to 2.45 gigahertz because at that frequency it would do the maximum damage to the hydrogen molecule and cook it, but it wouldn’t penetrate the steel sides.  So, therefore, it could be contained more easily.

But, whenever you think that a lot of people are walking around with cellphones that are at 900 frequency, the one that could penetrate the steel sides of an oven, and you only have a quarter inch of skull, an eighth inch of skull, it’s bound to be penetrating into your brain.

Interviewer: Right, but even microwave ovens leak, don’t they?  They leak out the microwaves.

Expert: I have testing equipment, and I haven’t found one that doesn’t leak.  They all leak – even brand new ones.  Because it’s very hard to contain microwaves with a door.  If you have a door, the seal is usually a rubber gasket; that means nothing to microwaves.  And, they do apparently all leak, I haven’t come across one that doesn't.

Interviewer: So, what happens with the microwaves?  This could create hot spots if there’s metal in there?  But, let’s say it’s in a kitchen room, or whatever, do the microwaves kind of bounce around?  Or do they just disappear out the walls?  What happens with them?

Expert: No, they bounce around.  They bounce off of any metal objects in the room, even walls themselves.  They’re bouncing all over the place, mirrors, everything that’s metal, they reflect it, so all of the kitchenware and so on.  Everything in the room it will be bouncing off of…

Interviewer: Now, you had an interesting story about one of the banks in regards to wireless, and what they did to prevent what they claimed was internet coming in from the wireless.  But, then they want to prevent people from accessing their signal.  Tell us that story.

Expert: Yes, it’s quite interesting.  I actually had heard, or read, on the internet about 3M, a company who makes plastics, and that they had designed a plastic with a coating of lead on it.  And, they made it sticky so you could put it all over your windows.  I wanted to prevent WIFI from coming into the house and into offices and so on.  When I called them up, I asked them who’s buying their plastic shielding and they said, “Oh, banks and lawyers.”  And I said, “Why would a bank want this shielding?”  And they said that it’s actually to prevent all of their secrets going out the window.  Whenever you have WIFI, apparently someone sitting in a car outside the window can pick up all of your account numbers and every transmission.  So, they were actually having to seal the buildings off.  All the windows having to be covered in banks and so on. What they’re doing, is they’re creating a microwave oven out of the room, because now there’s nowhere for this to escape.  So the levels in the room are going to escalate.

Interviewer: Now, you told me that the schools in the Northern Island now are all getting brand new laptop computers, and as you mentioned, this is obviously very dangerous.

Expert: There’s different ideas of why they’ve done this, but mainly on the surface, it appears to be easier.  Children from a secondary school can move from room to room with their laptop and continue classes from different professors or teachers.  But, that doesn’t hold up to examination, because they have it here in primary schools, and these children don’t move classrooms.  So, why are they bothering to give them wireless?

To learn more about the microwave oven dangers and what to do about it click here.

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  • Howard said,

    I have a WiFi contractor who wants to put a motorola Canopy System in my yard. Apparently my ground is a high point and he wants to place a multi access point on my property. He tells me the equipment is of low wattage and presents no danger, where it will be placed in a tree in my yard. I think it runs at 900mhz but it may be higher. Do you think the system could present a radiation danger?

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Howard
    The studies tell us overwhelmingly that WiFi is dangerous. 900Mhz or 1800Mhz or 2.45Ghz its still pulsed radiation that has been shown to have adverse biological effects. There is a wealth of evidence to that effect on this site. I would not allow this kind of installation on my property.

  • Howard said,

    Thanks for the help.

    Best regards,

  • Sofia said,

    I live in a beautiful, rural area. Since moving here, I have been bombarded with ELF’s, booming ELF’s that have altered my daily life and health on a variety of levels. I viewed the map via your website and see that there are antennas and cell towers (13 and counting) scattered around within a 5-7 mile radius.(and power lines 2.5 miles away)… Also,one of the wi-fi antennas for the only available wi-fi service is a stone’s throw away on top of a building, and the other for the same service is about 3 miles away in the other direction. The cancer rate is pretty high here too, which I cannot validate with numbers and percentages, only from a basic observational perspective. When I first came here, it was my first experience with being able to detect and be knowingly assaulted with ELF’s. I posted something, asking questions on my (alternative health) Facebook page and funnily enough, the owner of this company was instantly concerned and basically introduced himself to me, etc. He showed authentic concern, as if he wanted to ‘help me solve the riddle; it was actually odd behavior.He even offered to come and use some sort of detector… but it never happened.
    It’s a small town and the people are pretty nudgy, so I don’t want to rock the boat (meanwhile I am losing it). BUT, I have copied and pasted the info from the homepage below. Is this a lot of ELF’s bombarding me? It’s explosive. Sometimes I feel as if my ears are crackling, like with static electricity, but it is actually a little difficult to pinpoint.
    I feel generally spaced out and have a great deal of difficulty concentrating. I also have trouble sleeping. I sleep with earplugs and a fan and take melatonin. Ugh. The same old complaints as the countless others who sense/ hear this. to me it is more of a vibration than an outright sound.
    I tell people, “just because I ‘hear it and you don’t’ does not mean that it isn’t affecting your health. People who ‘hear or sense it’ are canaries in the coal mine. I want to move to an island in the middle of an ocean somewhere and allow my natural energy to be without all of this disruption. Is it possible? I WILL go there.
    I am wondering… where are the safe places?
    The Mission – Death Sentence – My local Wi-Fi service
    “It is our mission to provide high speed reliable wireless internet access to the residents and businesses of xxxx and surrounding towns at a reasonable cost. The topography of the area is perhaps one of the most challenging hurdles we face. The terrain is hilly and trees are almost everywhere, making it difficult and all too often impossible to provide line of sight connections. With the addition of 900Mhz access points on xxx and at the xxx Church, we will be able to provide service to those people who were previously unable to connect.”

  • Sofia said,

    PS… the additional 900 Mhz is on top of the previous 2.45 GHz. There are antennas and towers on the small town office buildings, PD, etc. as well. It’s toxic soup.

  • Sofia said,

    I just received a notice from our new “Electric Company,” Eversource, that informs me that within the next few weeks they are going to be installing AMR to all of their customers in New Hampshire.
    I already had (and so far won) this battle at my winter residence with the “Smart Meter.”
    The very sick thing is that they have very detailed lies on the bottom of the notice stating HOW SAFE THESE METERS ARE and that “WE ARE NOT USING SMART METERS…” and more propaganda.
    I am beyond angry. I’m going to call them this afternoon. I will strap myself to the side of the house and barricade them from doing this. I would go solar if I could afford it.
    I guess it’s time to go live somewhere in the deep woods… in a cave like my ancestors did.

  • Samuel Rock said,

    I am a network engineer and I agree you are getting bombarded guys. But you need to come to the understanding it is not only from cell towers and access points. Satellite services use C-band this is 2ghz to 8ghz and it don’t matter where on earth you are at you with be hit by them. The iridium satellites use L-band for it satellite phones this is 1ghzs to 2ghz and covers from pole to pole. About every 2 degrees going around the equator there is a communication satellite working on any thing from vhf to W-band. In the central part of the us you have a view from about 40 deg to 130 deg that is 45 satellites beaming you with RF!

  • John said,


    The longer the wave, it’s easier to cross materials (like walls). But I think even if 900 Mhz are still microwaves, life cells are more prone to resonate to 2Gh than 900 Mhz. Is it a bioinitiative study that compare both frequencies ?

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