Is 5G Dangerous Or Safe?

Like most kids, Pawel didn’t know what he wanted to do with his life.

When he was 13 or 14 years old, there was a big change in his native Poland. A state of war was declared and radio stations were not allowed to broadcast.

Kids being kids, Pawel erected a very simple FM radio transmitter and broadcast music to his friends.

He went on to study electronics formally and graduated with a Master’s degree in electronics and telecommunication engineering.

But seeing all the opportunities, after the revolution as Poland moved over to a free market model, instead of going into electronics he went into the business world and set up his own company.

Within a very short time he moved into big business and was appointed CEO of a Norwegian investment fund.

When mobile telecommunications arrived in Poland he jumped on the bandwagon both as a user and in the business sense.

He found himself using technology very intensively.

He became a self-confessed ‘technology freak’, was using it very intensely and his screen time was significant.

“I was living a really intense life at the time and using a lot of technology which as you can imagine, was a part of my problem just a few years after.”

Pawel came down with a very strange and very debilitating disease.

The most profound symptom was severe chronic fatigue with severe immunodeficiency.

But also a lot of viral infections, Lyme disease and some auto-immunological problems, with some of the symptoms of Sjogren’s Syndrome, systemic lupus and rheumatoid arthritis.

But the lab results were inconclusive.

So he went from doctor to doctor, after seeing about 25 of them he was broke financially.

He’d used all the funds he’d earned in the previous part of his life and was still no better.

“I decided that either I heal myself or I kill myself because it was unbearable. Frankly speaking, it was unbearable to live life like that, for me.”

Fortunately, the first option turned out to be possible.

He went on-line and started studying everything he could find on different health approaches and diagnostic tools.

All the time, the question at the back of his mind was, “how can I apply this knowledge of biology, to my own biology, at the very beginning because this was my goal. It was to bring my health back and be able to really function, somehow.

Thankfully today, Pawel admits to being, “95% fit by my standards”.


Thursday, 7th March at 12 noon EST (9 AM PST or 5 PM GMT) I’m interviewing electrical engineer and EMF consultant Pawel Wypychowski.

Pawel Wypychowski emf expertPawel Wypychowski has a Masters degree in electronics and telecommunication engineering and his consulting practice combines autonomic response testing diagnostic tools, biophoton physics, quantum biology and the regulatory processes of living organisms in relationship to the electromagnetic environment.

In this interview we focus on 5G radiation dangers. Learn about 5G radiation dangers here.

Listen to my interview with Pawel Wypychowski and discover:

  • how frequency, wavelength and signal strength are 3 of the main parameters which explain the health effects of EMFs but Pawel explains a 4th parameter which is just as important
  • what 5G is (and what it’s not) Pawel does a good job of clearing up the confusion
  • how the 5G roll out will be implimented in 2 stages – this is two completely different worlds but they will be mixed in one electronic component (your smart phone)
  • the 2 reasons why from a human health standpoint 5G may be more dangerous than previous generations of cellular technology
  • how measuring 5G is completely out of the scope of most electrical engineers – let alone Joe Public
  • why the new WiFi routers which people are installing in their homes are as dangerous as the 5G networks
  • 3 ways in which modern cars are already using MMW (i.e. 5G technology)
  • how the telecoms industry is using frequencies which were not used before – except for military – and are escaping the control of government and agencies because they don’t have the means to measure them
  • how 5G will likely increasingly trouble our connection to the all important life-sustaining natural EMFs
  • Pawels solution for reducing radiation exposures and it’s effect on our bodies – he uses it for air travel
  • why the high frequency 5G will affect the skin – and why this is a particular concern
  • 2 main ways you can protect yourself from the high frequency 5G
  • Pawel’s top 3 tips for achieving health and vitality in our electromagnetic world

I’ve chosen the teleseminar format so that you can follow via your computer or using your telephone.

If you’re not sure what time it’s on where you live you can check your local time here

The interview will last approximately one hour and it’s FREE to listen to.

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  • Tim said,

    Isn’t the technology used in the Airport body scanners also utilizing MMW?

  • Wendy C said,

    I would love to follow up with you as I have the same symptoms you were describing and also feel it’s from our electronics and power lines I used to live by. Thank you for all your research. I’m looking forward to living a healthier happier life.

  • david said,

    Anybody there? Only 2 comments. Nobody will tell me how to listen.

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