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Strategies To Deal With Our Harmful Technology

In 1996 Lyn volunteered to help out a local environment center.

One of the ladies in the center had created a little group called the “EMF Alliance of Australia”, because Lyn loved writing she was happy to put together the newsletters for the group.

I thought, electromagnetic radiation [1], yes, perhaps it wasn’t really quite my thing but I started to read about it.

Then she came across Dr. Robert Becker’s [2] books and his experiments with electricity and salamanders.

I just found that so fascinating. It was the beginning of my love and my passion for this issue‘.

This turned out to be a pivotal moment for Lyn in her career, because she also came into contact with a group of people in Australia who were having trouble with their sensitivities around EMFs [3].

Lyn felt compelled to help them. 

25 years have passed, and Lyn continues to help them and the growing number of people who are beginning to join the dots on EMFs. She is the author of 4 books on EMFs, and helps people with strategies to understand and reduce their exposure.

Interview – Strategies To Deal With Our Growing Technology

Lyn McLean headshotThursday, 10 June at 12 noon EST (9 AM PST or 5 PM GMT) I’m interviewing author, educator, and EMF pioneer, Lyn McLean [4].

Lyn has been helping people understand and reduce their electromagnetic exposures for over 25 years and has participated in the major developments in Australia over this time.

She is the author of four books on electromagnetic radiation, co-author of the paper Measurement and Analysis of Power Frequency Magnetic Fields in Residences, and has published regular newsletters since 1996.

She established and ran the EMR Association of Australia and is founder and director of EMR Australia PL which has been running since 2003.

Listen to my interview with Lyn McLean and discover:

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