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Smart Meter Radiation – Live Blood Analysis

Utility companies all over the world are replacing electricity, gas and water meters with wireless “smart” meters at an unprecedented rate.

Many people are already experiencing devastating health effects from the 24/7 radio frequency radiation exposures that these smart meters inflict. Many more people are sure to follow the same route.

“Somebody” has to do something about it.

Awareness needs raising on this issue so that lots of “somebodies”, all acting together, can bring about change.

Josh Del Sol is one of these ‘somebodies’.

He decided to make a film, a public awareness documentary to investigate the safety of this smart meter program. He interviewed researchers, insiders, doctors, politicians and concerned citizens. He questions corporations’ right to abuse our privacy in the name of ‘green’.

Below is a trailer from the film.

The trailer uses a darkfield microscope to do live blood analysis on 3 people comparing normal (unexposed) cells with those that have been exposed to smart meter radiation (EMFs).

At a distance of 1 foot from the smart meter, with just 2 minutes exposure time, the difference in blood samples between people that have been exposed to smart meter radiation and those that haven’t been exposed is remarkable.

Here’s the video so you can see for yourself.