Use Infrared Sauna To Switch Off Your Symptoms?

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Here are some timestamps from the full version of this interview to support you:  

  • [05:01] The science-backed benefits of using a sauna
  • [08:29] How Relax Saunas far infrared (FIR) wavelengths mimic nature’s healing frequencies
  • [14:13] INNOVATION* The mirror-effect – how Relax Saunas bounce the light all around at 360 degrees (unlike any other infrared experience)
  • [18:13] How Relax Saunas are designed to be ‘low EMF’ – by virtue of a reconditioning of the waveform
  • [24:29] A quick simple (and free) test you can do to check your levels of heavy metals & other toxins
  • [28:04] 3 situations where you SHOULD be cautious about taking a sauna
  • [36:40] Which Sauna is for you? (+ the budget)
  • [43:16] 4 strategies to help you get the most benefit from your FIR Sauna in the least time
  • [45:40] Get in with your clothes on – will it really work? (you’ll be surprised!)

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What People Are Saying About The Relax Saunas


"I bought the sauna last year. I use it every night five nights a week."

“I even have a cedar sauna in my home. That’s for the weekend. That’s an event. But for every night before I go to bed this is it… it helps me sleep. It helps my joints sometimes. It helps sometimes when I go and do an Ashtanga yoga and my muscles are killing me (but I know it's good for me). It helps my muscles. And the biggest thing, it helps my mental health and my emotional health so I can do the same thing the next day. I have three small children. They all love it. 11, 12, and 16, they all go in with me.”

– Dr. Lauren Child M.D., Verified Customer


"I am much more impressed with this little box"

“I want to say for the record, that I spent several thousand dollars on a very large wooden medical sauna and I am much more impressed with this little box I am sitting in and I am going to replace, in my clinic, this little silver box. And, I am impressed with the integrity of Phil and the company and I've looked at a lot of products.”

– Theresa, Doctor, Firefighter, EMT , Verified Customer


"Improves nerve conduction and neuropathy"

“In terms of efficiency, there is no comparison. If you feel you want to take good care of yourself and you respect your health and you want to maintain a steady, balanced state of energy, this is what you want.”

Dr. Earnest, Verified Customer


"Last year at this conference I bought one of these units."

“It was easy to put together. The Relax Sauna. It’s the best money I ever spent because it nips everything in the bud. If I feel a cold coming on, I get in there. I get a sweat going. I wake up fine the next day. Anything hurts, fine the next day. My husband has degenerative nerve damage. He has toxicity issues. He started using this daily. He’s no longer using a cane. And, he’s no longer using his leg braces. We tested everything with him. And, he’s just getting better and better. So, I highly recommend it.”

– Dr Joan, Verified Customer


“I love these. I think they’re one of the most powerful healing tools in this country right now."

“And, I think that because particularly new studies indicate a more than 60% reduction in dementia. If you use it four times a week for 20 minutes, it significantly decreases your risk of heart attack and stroke. It increases the collateral circulation of the heart, increases ATP synthesis. It’s fantastic for increasing circulation, for gently detoxifying the body and all kinds of other things. Check it out and get yourself one of these Relax Saunas and you can see and experience far greater health than you might have now.”

– Dr. Nelson Bullmash, Verified Customer


"I sweat. I’m leaner. I’m fitter. I’m healthier and my skin has improved dramatically!"

“So, it’s making the liver work much more effectively and it’s making your whole lymphatic system work much more effectively. It’s improving your health. It’s getting those toxins out. And, that’s what we all need to do, get the toxins out, get the lead out, get the mercury out, get the waste matter out of our body and in so doing, that’s when true health really happens.”

– Dr. Tony – Naturopath & Herbalist,Verified Customer


These are the most powerful and transformational teachings out there. Mary Ellen’s teachings are direct, clear, aligning and her methods when you practice them will propel you forward faster than you can imagine. I feel truly blessed and I am so grateful to have you as my mentor and guide.


For anyone who would like to connect with their higher self, intuition and/or get out of their heads and into their heart, this is for you! Mary Ellen has crafted a way to align you with your true self. She is passionate, patient, and gifted in being able to help you discover true intimacy with your soul. Her teachings, empowerment, and skill set have helped me tremendously in my life!


I cannot put a price tag on how my work with Mary Ellen enabled me to navigate a huge life challenge from a place of calm instead of chaos and the ensuing feeling of freedom that comes from learning how to live an authentic life from the heart of my true essence …golden!


This program connected me to such a deep understanding of self. It gave me such amazing tools to stay in alignment. Mary Ellen’s wisdom was so cleansing and clearing. It felt like a channel of clarity. I was able to move out of energy that felt stuck and stagnant and move forward with confidence! I noticed a big shift in my energy and felt very in tune with my intuition after doing this.


Mary Ellen is a master healer and teacher, she will help guide you towards alignment and enlightenment with your higher self and soul’s purpose.


A: NO. Please do not place your hair sample in any plastic material. This will result in a rejection. Please place your hair sample in the provided (A) Paper Envelope.  

A: 1 FULL TABLESPOON. You can also use a larger soup spoon to measure your sample. This will ensure that the lab will have enough hair to test. 

A: We accept treated hair. It does not disrupt the key minerals we are looking at, it is much more important to have the test done sooner rather than later – because doing so means you begin to act on better information about your health as soon as you can. Please include as much information as you can about what type of dye was used. You can also use hair from other areas of your body, as explained in the test kit.

A: YES. Please email care@upgradedformulas.com the name(s) of the individual(s) that will be taking the test.

A: YES. Please understand all information will be tied to the original purchaser email. Please email care@upgradedformulas.com the name(s) of the individual(s) that will be taking the test.

A: It's recommended that you test quarterly, every 90 days or 3 months after you receive the lab results to stay consistent with changes.

This enables you to implement an action plan to address any issues that are identified in the test. The retest enables you to track progress. Repeat this process until you are satisfied with your results.

A: Yes. Many studies have shown that hair tests will show mineral and heavy metal levels. One study showed that hair tests reflected supplements taken by pregnant women.

In fact, some researchers have used one of Beethoven’s hairs to learn more about him and the time he was alive. While most labs wash hair (and thus the minerals), our labs do not do this. 

A: Human hair contains the following nutritional elements. Additionally, each of these nutrients and heavy metals provides nearly 1000 more data per element than blood testing:

  • Calcium (Ca)
  • Copper (Cu)
  • Magnesium (Mg)
  • Molybdenum (Mo)
  • Sodium (Na)
  • Potassium (K)
  • Zinc (Zn)
  • Phosphorus (P)
  • Iron (Fe)
  • Manganese (Mn)
  • Chromium (Cr)
  • Selenium (Se)
  • Sulfur (S)

Heavy Metals

  1. Mercury (Hg)
  2. Lead (Pb) 
  3. Cadmium (Cd)
  4. Arsenic (As)
  5. Aluminum (Al)
  6. Beryllium (Be)
  7. Antimony (Sb)
  8. Uranium (U)

Other important elements such as Vanadium can also be found. Your hair can show you the entire periodic table.

A: As you can tell from above, we can identify a lot! The test results will show your mineral deficiencies and imbalances. They’ll also show the presence of any potentially harmful levels of heavy metals in your system. The test can be a great wake-up call for the kinds of minerals and nutrients you should be consuming. You will receive insight into your metabolic activity, adrenal function, thyroid function, and parathyroid activity.

A: Our tests and consultations are often reimbursable by your health savings account. Check with your HSA and get ready to upgrade your health. You can always pay directly here on the site and check on the status later.

A: Your Hair Test can help you and your doctor find and use targeted supplementation to in response to major deficiencies of VITAL minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Copper, Manganese, Germanium, Chromium, Potassium, Iron, Vanadium among others and take action with our minerals or another brand whom you trust to take action and make changes

A: NO. The test will not reveal any drugs in your system.

A: YES. The results of the lab test are known only to you and are not saved by the lab. Your health information is completely private to you. The personal information collected is for test verification only. You can opt to share it with a certified nutritionist, dietician, doctor, or anyone else you trust with your health information.

A: Patients in the US can expect results in about 10-14 business days from when you send your hair sample off to our lab.  

The travel time to the lab is usually 5 days unless in Canada or outside the US. The time to process your results once the lab receives the sample is 4-5 business days, after which you will receive your results via the email you provided at checkout.

Once ordered here on the website, your hair analysis kit should arrive in 4 to 7 business days if shipping to the US.

Once you receive your kit watch the above video and mail in your hair sample with hair that has been freshly shampooed and dried. Dyed hair is acceptable, please include as much information as you can about what type of dye was used.

The test results are then sent via secured PDF electronically, so it's vital that you follow the instructions in the kit to activate it and provide all the right contact information.

Thank you to our sponsor Pain Free For Life – the leaders in microcurrent therapy.

FAQs - Supplied By Relax Saunas

Toxins are absorbed daily from breathing air 24/7 with vehicle and factory pollutants. The EPA lists 187 toxins discovered in the air we breath. Once in the lungs, they likely accumulate in the body and affect body chemistry and may reduce vitality a tiny bit each year for 20 to 60 years. These chemical toxins accumulate over the years into sometimes a substantial toxin load on the body that disrupts body chemistry, vitality and and can cause serious diseases.

Using a sauna enables you to sweat out a lifetime accumulation of environmental and other chemical toxins that may be reducing wellness, vitality and causing symptoms.

Infrared is part of the beneficial rays of sunlight. There are three types depending on the length of the light wave, ….near, medium and far. Far penetrates the most and is the most beneficial. It's the heat you feel on a winter day coming through your jacket. Or hatching turtle eggs buried in the sand.

A far infrared sauna heats the body from the inside raising core temperature that causes the body to sweat to cool itself off. This sweat brings out toxins from the tissues and dumps them into the urine also.

The most commonly used method to generate far infrared in saunas is with one or more carbon panels hung on the side(s) of the sauna. A carbon panel is a large piece of fabric impregnated with carbon. It is electrically heated up and emanates a mild amount of infrared. Normally carbon panel saunas, small ones up to large wood ones, take 10 to 20 minutes to fully heat up, and up to 40 -45 minutes for full sweat.

The inventor of the Relax Sauna said it took him ten years to figure out how to generate larger amounts of far infrared, He developed a semi-conductor like chip that filters out near and medium infrared, and concentrates the most beneficial far infrared. And then he placed the chips in front of a motorized generator that pushes through energy that is converted to far infrared by the chips instantly. And in large, therapeutic volumes for fast benefits and sweating sessions of only 15 to 20 minutes saving time over traditional carbon panel saunas.

The Relax Sauna is the only known sauna that can raise core temperature as much as 3 degrees in about 25 minutes.

Relax Sauna is one of the few companies which has done certified, independent testing on their sauna and publicly published the results.
You can view the report here.

In the test, the maximum level of EMF recorded was 46.510 mG at 2 centimeters from the heater, which is much closer than your body is during use.

The American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH®) standards for occupational exposure to EMF is 10,000 mG(milligauss).

Most saunas use large panels to generate the infrared. These panels have many wires of electric current and surround the body, thus creating a magnetic field around the body.

Relax Saunas have two far infrared radiators down below the feet. The electric current does not go near the body and thus EMF levels are low near the body and head when using.

Relax Saunas are built from quality materials such as inert nylon and silver. The saunas are packed in clear plastic bags for shipping and may have a slight “new car” smell when first opened. We suggest running the sauna for 30 minutes when you first set it up. This will disperse any remaining new car smell. After this, there is no off gassing or plastic odor. The materials in the sauna use materials with minimal off-gassing. Far below the levels of government standards and most carpets.

Yes, the Relax Sauna is a personal use portable sauna. This portable dry sauna delivers a safe, complete sauna experience from its compact, high-tech design. Using patented and award winning technology, it achieves positive therapeutic outcomes for a variety of conditions, at a fraction of the cost and effort required from other types of treatment.

No, it's very easy to set up. Literally you can set it up in 5 minutes. And all sit-up saunas come with chair and carry bag. The chair is currently rated by the manufacturer for about 220lbs. Over that, use your own weight-rated metal chair or stool and cover with a towel. (Some owners over 220 lbs up to 345lbs tell us they use the chair.)

Not really. It’s actually very compact, the dimensions of both the Silver and Black Saunas are 32″ x 32″ x 46″. The carry bag weighs 18 lbs., chair separate. For airline travel, everything can fit into an oversize hard suitcase. Or a smaller suitcase, and then you can borrow a metal chair or stool.

All orders come with a 30 day money back 100% satisfaction guarantee.
And all Relax Sauna products also include a 1 year warranty. If there are any problems with your sauna within 1 year of purchase we will replace or repair it free of charge.

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