Are Heavy Metals Making You A “Magnet” For EMFs?

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Dr Wendy Myers

7-Minute Excerpted Video Interview

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Listen to my interview with Dr. Wendy and discover:

  • How our everyday lives expose us to a BARRAGE of toxins – over 140,000 chemicals & dozens of heavy metals are present in our air, food and water

  • How EMFs & heavy metals potentiate each other, and why everyone isn’t affected by EMFs to the same degree

  • How to know if you’re suffering from heavy metal toxicity and toxicity in general – the signs & symptoms that your body just can’t keep up

  • How a simple test can help you identify what heavy metals you have, what deficiencies, what minerals you need, and the supplement which can purge heavy metals from your body

  • WARNING: if you don’t have enough minerals in your body, you will attract and retain more heavy metals (thereby keeping you in the cycle of hyper-sensitivity).

  • Dr. Wendy’s N°1 detox protocol – it’s easy and very effective (it increases your body’s metabolisms, gets toxins mobilized, moving, and excreting up to two to three days after)

  • How an infrared Sauna can help with your body’s communication, improve your flow of blood through your body, and reduce your blood pressure – a great detox tool

  • The most bang-for-your-buck detox you can do for your liver – if you are looking for inexpensive and highly effective, this is it!

  • Dr. Wendy’s top 5 foods for natural detoxification – food CAN be the best medicine

  • How looking at your health from a holistic approach (nutrition, detox, EMFs, exercise) is the best way to support your body’s natural systems, and stay as healthy as possible

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